More on the Knife Jihad in Villeurbanne

As I reported last weekend, yet another mentally disturbed culture-enricher went on a murderous rampage while invoking the name of someone called Allah. This time it was with a knife in Villeurbanne, a suburb of Lyon, and the alleged perpetrator (now in custody) is an Afghan.

Below is an update about the incident from the state prosecutor in Lyon. Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Concerning the suspect, lacking any ID documents
00:04   at the moment of his arrest, the elements that we have now
00:08   are as follows: he is a man of the Afghan nationality,
00:12   known under two different identities, with three declared
00:16   birthdays. So he would be allegedly 33,
00:20   31 or 27 years old. He allegedly arrived in France the first time
00:25   in 2009 when he was a minor. Having lived in Italy
00:29   in 2014 and then in Germany in 2015 and finally in Norway in
00:33   2016, he re-entered France in June 2016.
00:37   He has a temporary residence ID, with the obligation of renewal,
00:41   valid until January 31st, 2020.
00:45   With no previous convictions the suspect is also not
00:49   known to the special services concerning radicalization.
00:54   During his first interview, during which he partially acknowledged the facts,
00:58   he said not having a precise recollection of their happening except for
01:02   the early minutes of his murderous itinerary. He indicated that
01:07   heard voices that afternoon insulting
01:11   god and giving him orders to kill. He also thought
01:15   that he recognized in his first victim an individual
01:20   with whom he was in litigation since his stay in England a couple of years ago.
01:24   Saying that he was acting out of revenge, his statements were
01:28   incoherent and confused.

3 thoughts on “More on the Knife Jihad in Villeurbanne

  1. Gee I would have liked to live in all those countries for a free holiday. He’s been bludging on European taxpayers for 10 years and he has committed no crime? He’s a bludger and will never work. Why do they keep giving him money, food and free accommodation?

  2. It’s beyond insanity!!, on top of this they have few different passports and they collect money from different countries, never mind laying about the age , it’s a mess you can’t fixed , it’s just awful..

  3. ” incohernt and confused”? They have a textbook for this with incoherently and confusingly unstructured paragraphs called surates.

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