Alice Weidel Confronts the Lügenpresse

The AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany) scored major victories yesterday in local elections in two German states, Brandenburg and Saxony. The success of the party was not due to its surpassing the two traditionally dominant parties (the CDU and the SPD), but to its increase in voter support at the expense of those parties (see the graph at the top of this post to get an idea of the dynamic in Saxony).

The fact that the AfD could post these sorts of gains in the face of massive state propaganda, the hostility of the Lügenpresse (“lying press”), and being blatantly labeled as “Nazis” is evidence of the political shift that is currently underway in Germany. In a consensus culture such as that of the Bundesrepublik, the results are nothing short of astonishing.

In the following video Alice Weidel, the co-leader of the AfD, discusses these results with a hostile interviewer from German mainstream media. Ms. Weidel acquits herself with aplomb, and retaliates against her interviewer at least as strongly as he tries to sabotage her.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   The AfD had very strong results in Saxony and Brandenburg,
00:03   but you have not achieved your ambitious election goal
00:06   of becoming the strongest party. How do you assess the election results?
00:10   So, I think it’s not the prognoses, but the results that count.
00:15   We have achieved a phenomenal, outstanding result, and
00:20   we’re celebrating that. We have reached an historic high in Brandenburg and Saxony.
00:27   Above all, it means that in Saxony, 60 percent of the voters voted conservatively.
00:33   The CDU will have to ask itself
00:38   whether it would like to maintain this blockade attitude after all.
00:43   The CDU has clearly stated here in Saxony and, of course,
00:47   in all other federal states: No cooperation with the AfD.
00:52   What do you want for your party and for your voters, if no one else
00:57   works with you? —I’ll return the question. I believe
01:01   that these parties will no longer be able to manoeuvre around us strategically.
01:05   As a conservative force, they will
01:08   have to speak with us. That’s exactly what has landed at the feet
01:12   of the SPD and CDU parties in government. The way we are dealt with
01:16   as a party, that we are permanently put in the extreme right corner and defamed.
01:19   The voters can understand this, the citizens can see what’s happening
01:22   very clearly. If the CDU, especially in Saxony,
01:25   were to decide to continue its course of putting us in this corner, and really,
01:28   they’re ignoring more than a quarter of the voters,
01:31   not involving them, that would be a serious mistake.
01:34   In that case, the result for the CDU will be far more catastrophic
01:37   in the next state elections than they have been this time around.
01:41   One might see that differently. The AfD should distance itself clearly
01:45   and unambiguously from the right-wing periphery.
01:48   Then you could get out of your dirty corner. —What do you mean by “right wing periphery”? This is
01:52   an example of something I don’t understand at all. —I mean, for example,
01:56   the AfD in Chemnitz together with right-wing radicals.
02:00   Another example: the AfD appearances at Pegida.
02:04   A further example is the statements by many AfD members and officials.
02:09   So that’s your definition of right-wing radical? I just asked you
02:13   for an example, a concrete one, but you couldn’t give me one.
02:17   You’re calling Pegida a right-wing radical movement. A movement
02:20   in which thousands of ordinary citizens who have had it up to here go out onto the street
02:23   and protest so their voices can be heard. I wouldn’t call that
02:26   right-wing radical. I would be very careful…
02:29   But at Pegida demonstrations, right-wing extremist speakers gave speeches.
02:32   The same was true for the demonstrations
02:35   in Chemnitz. There’s no point in repeating this debate. The question is
02:39   clear, do you want… —You’re interrupting me… You’re interrupting me. —Of course.
02:45   You aren’t even allowing me to answer. —I’ll finish the question to the end. Then it is your turn.
02:49   Wouldn’t it make sense for the AfD to distinguish itself clearly [from right-wing radicals]
02:53   so it would be accepted by the other parties?
02:57   So here’s the real point: You asked this question twice.
03:01   You interrupted me three times. I gave you my answer.
03:04   The writing is on the wall. There has been a pure defamation campaign against the AfD.
03:10   We’re permanently put in a right-wing corner, so eventually the citizens no longer believe that.
03:14   This evening you’ve proved that the media play a major role in this,
03:18   and that’s why citizens have lost faith in you.
03:22   I wish you a pleasant evening. —We’re just trying to do our job. —Goodbye. —Heartfelt thanks.

6 thoughts on “Alice Weidel Confronts the Lügenpresse

  1. The second video is put out by an organization called the RAIR foundation. But does not say what RAIR stands for. Is it a successor of CAIR, maybe the Renegades on American-Islamic Relations?

  2. typical cheap rhetoric kind of “did you stop beating your wife?”
    What I never understood well is: why the interviewees never rebuke by the same tactics, like “I did not hear one word of yours in which you clearly state your distance to the Nazi-Ideology”.
    But helas, it is useless.I was at a party with musicians that all have degrees and age. When you hear them talk, brown-clad hordes will soon be goosestepping through our cities. Just madness. And refering to the Lübcke murder case( the guy that suggested his cocitizens to emigrate if not agreeing with official policy) I asked them which country would probably welcome them should they have to emigrate. They said “The whole EU” . No comment.
    Then I mentioned the US, NewZeeland,Australia,Afghanistan, Tunisia,Cameroun. Silence.

  3. Go AFD !!, don’t let this scums win , this old fart obviously wants let Her down with this interview, but she wan’t let Him ,?good job Alice , Save Germany!!

  4. Good thing they did not win first place.
    Lots of talk about economy tanking in Germany.
    The ruling parties should be holding the bag when things are scooting downhill a bit.

  5. Actually, a very nice interview. It was one-on-one, so Weidel could address biased statements and questions directly, without being ganged up on. Even Tucker Carlson will shout a guest down if some random neurons pop. But, for a mildly-prepared guest, it is quite easy to address hostile assumptions. No one should be afraid of a live interview, unless the video is later edited in a biased manner.

  6. That interviewer utterly lacks male parts.

    Est is klar, dass Er ist ein parfumierte Schwuler.

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