The Greens Will Build the PRC in Germany

On two recent occasions German Chancellor Angela Merkel has displayed severe and obvious whole-body tremors — what you might call the Rattlesnake Shake.

The first video below shows video excerpts from both those shaky occasions, particularly the most recent one. The second video uses the first incident as a jumping-off point to speculate about the possible ascendancy of the Greens — who got the largest share of the vote in the recent European Parliamentary elections — after the all-but-inevitable ouster of Mrs. Merkel and her replacement by a palatable CDU cardboard cutout such as AKK. This clip uses excerpts from an interview with Robert Habeck of the Green Party in which he explicitly declares his goal to be the establishment of a People’s Republic of Germany along the lines of the one in China.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling.

Video #1: The Shakes

Video #2: The Greens

Video transcript #1:

00:02   More shaking and tremors for Angela Merkel
00:07   It occurred during an event at the Bellevue castle…
00:11   …Thursday morning. The Chancellor began shaking with tremors over her entire body.
00:19   As soon as she moved, it got better. A photographer said
00:23   she refused the glass of water that was offered to her.
00:28   Eight days ago Merkel had
00:32   tremors while receiving the new Ukrainian President Zelensky.
00:36   The Chancellor later explained that she hadn’t had enough to drink.

Video transcript #2:

00:00   “No one has any intention of building a wall” — Walter Ulbricht 1961
00:03   “We can do it. We can do it and if anything stands in our way, we must overcome it”
00:09   “Because we need people here who will feel at home in our welfare system” — K. Göring-Eckardt/Green Party
00:16   “I give you my word of honor that the accusations made against me are unfounded” — Uwe Barschel 1987
00:25   “The German people” — “You can write it down, the pensions are secured” Dr. Norbert Blüm 1986
00:56   Simply a lack of water? A result of year long medication abuse? Symptoms of a nervous breakdown?
01:06   Or undeniable signs of Parkinson’s disease? We don’t know.
01:12   Has something like this already happened to Merkel?
01:16   The suspicion is unavoidable that the greatest chancellor of all time will be removed from the line of fire
01:23   with the hasty enthronement of Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer (AKK) in order to avoid scenes like these.
01:32   In any case, an uncontrollable tremor of the whole body is not one of the typical symptoms of acute water deficiency.
01:43   It can no longer be overlooked; the inevitable time has come for this chancellor to be replaced.
01:53   Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer (AKK) could, as planned by Merkel, become a de facto successor. Regardless of whether AKK takes
02:01   over the job or if Friedrich Merz asserts himself to take the position or some completely different chancellorship
02:09   aspirant captures the limelight, it is still unlikely that this will substantially change German politics.
02:18   Thanks to Murphy’s Law, it will probably be something completely different. (Time for a Green transformation)
02:24   The Green Party continues to soar in the polls. The probability increases on a daily basis that Merkel’s successor won’t
02:33   come from the CDU/CSU, but from the Green Party.
02:38   Here is the next potential chancellor of the republic. Robert Habeck.
02:44   During a TV show with philosopher Richard David Precht, Robert Habeck proverbially let down the green colored ideological pants
02:51   and revealed which goals he and his green party were aiming for as soon as they were in control of the government.
03:00   Listen carefully to what the media’s highly acclaimed “Future Chancellor” Robert Habeck has in store for Germany and the EU.
03:05   We have to admit this is how it is, then we have to decide. Do we want to hold onto a democratic system, which at the core
03:11   is committed to self-determination and also participation of people. In order for that to have a chance,
03:16   politics will have to take rapid and radical steps now.
03:20   Or we give it up and then move toward more centralistic systems, which are of course faster.
03:26   That’s was your bridge-building example… China. There is no opposition and no co-determination,
03:31   and if they make mistakes, then they still can’t be voted out of office. Maybe there will be a revolt in China at some point,
03:36   but for now it is the most efficient system. Do we want this or don’t we?
03:40   And I believe that… the decision cannot be made economically. You can only make that decision based on shared values,
03:44   and say… yes, so I would say, yes we want that! — WHAT???
03:48   In CHINA, there’s no opposition and no co-determination, so I would say, YES, THAT’S WHAT WE WANT!
03:53   (Germans want Green Party chef Robert Habeck as Chancellor) and if they make mistakes, the can’t be voted out.
03:58   YES, THAT’S WHAT WE WANT! And then move toward more centralistic systems, which are of course faster.
04:05   YES, THAT’S WHAT WE WANT! Then there isn’t any opposition and no co-determination.
04:11   YES, THAT’S WHAT WE WANT! (Headline: Germany’s next Kennedy) and if they make mistakes, they still can’t be voted out.
04:16   So, I would say, YES, THAT’S WHAT WE WANT! Do we want this or don’t we?
04:20   (He’s the pop star of German Politics: Robert Habeck) — Then there isn’t any opposition and no co-determination. I would say,
04:27   I would say, YES, THAT’S WHAT WE WANT!
04:30   It is hardly possible to say it any more plainly. The Greens party want radical changes for Germany.
04:36   They are striving for a neo-Marxist dictatorship with China as their role model, and it is all of course hidden
04:44   behind the pretty facade of environmentalism and saving the climate.
04:48   Politicians will no longer be elected. They will be unimpeachable, infallible and impossible to remove from office.
04:59   The citizen becomes a work slave. His opinion does not count. Criticism is dangerous. Whoever rebels
05:07   is threatened by punishments within the “Social Scoring” framework and is publically shamed on the high-tech pillory.
05:13   The citizen becomes completely the property of the ruling class. And his thoughts?
05:20   That means this isn’t about different legitimate political opinions; there is only one legitimate mind set.
05:26   His entire work performance, even his entire body, no longer belongs to him, it belongs to the governmental machinery.
05:35   For Robert Habeck and his Green Party, elections, citizenship, human rights, the entirety of democracy
05:40   is a superfluous, obstructive, even dangerous gimmick. That’s what Robert Habeck said on philosopher’s show called “Precht”.
05:51   Not implicit, no. It was in quite explicit terms.
05:58   But Krethi and Plethi (Tom, Dick and Harry) won’t be able to recognise that.
06:02   How high is the probability that the sleepy German sheep will understand Habeck words?
06:08   Will they understand what is floating in the green water on their forced-paid-by-fee TV show that is so bluntly revealed?

6 thoughts on “The Greens Will Build the PRC in Germany

  1. It seems like our fearless leaderinens and providerinens are not up to the acting anymore… Hillary lost the plot, Theresa is no longer convincing, and now this shaking Angela? What is the world coming to?

    (My personal opinion is that sensible thing for a human body to do would be to leave work and start rehabilitating, but they are so entangled in their nets that they cannot and it will be their undoing – health wise)

  2. What on Earth is wrong with Germans? Seriously, the way their culture and politics have gone for the last ~120 years has not been healthy or normal.

    • »What on Earth is wrong with Germans?«

      Germany is at the heart of Europe; the routes of east to west and from north to south cross there. So the powers around always were interested in Germany.

      You have to go back to at least 1648 to understand the history. Much of today’s anomalities may be seen as a consequence of too strong dose of re-education after 1945.

  3. I was in Canada a few weeks and spoke to a young couple from Switzerland. I told them I had lived Germany and married a German. I am also part German. She asked what it was like to live there. I said Germans are [orifices]. She was very taken aback. About 15 seconds later as we photographed bears together, she said, “Well, yes, you are right.”

    I should have said that Germans are people who do things over and over again that are not in their own best interests. They also live by the principle that “Germans are often wrong but never in doubt.”

    • German-born British Labour MP Gisela Stewart (married to a Brit) said something similar; once Germans are set on a course, they will not deviate, ignoring contradictory evidence.

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