ISIS in Nicaragua

The following video shows a press conference by the Nicaraguan police about the apprehension of four suspected mujahideen for the Islamic State, who were arrested attempting to cross the border with Costa Rica. Two of the suspects were Egyptians, and two were Iraqis. The case has a Mohammed Coefficient of 100%.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Gateway Pundit has a report on this incident (hat tip Reader From Chicago).

Video transcript:

00:11   Good afternoon, Nicaraguan brothers and sisters, and the media who are with us.
00:16   We are going to address press release
00:20   #24 2019, which reads as follows:
00:25   Press release number 24 2019 “The National Police
00:29   report to the Nicaraguan community and the international family.
00:34   Today, Tuesday June 25, at 10 in the morning, members of the
00:40   Nicaraguan army, who carry out duties of border security,
00:44   captured four subjects believed to be linked to
00:48   the terrorist organization, ISIS,
00:52   the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, who illegally entered,
00:56   coming from the Republic of Costa Rica,
00:59   crossing the border at an unauthorized point known as
01:02   La Guasimada in the municipality of Cardenas, Department of Rivas.
01:08   The Nicaraguan army delivered these four subjects to the National Police
01:12   to carry out corresponding police investigative proceedings.
01:16   To that effect, they were transferred to the office of the National Judicial Auxiliary.
01:23   On being inspected and interviewed, the subjects displayed entry and transit permits
01:29   for immigrants issued by
01:33   the authorities of Immigration and Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Costa Rica.
01:40   One: Mohamed Ibrahim, nationality Egyptian, 33 years old,
01:44   Immigration Document number 187542 019,
01:50   dated June 9, 2019.
01:54   Two: Mahmoud Samy Eissa, nationality Egyptian,
01:58   age 26, immigration document number 187552 019,
02:05   dated June 9, 2019.
02:08   Three: Ahmed Ghanim Mohamed al Juburi,
02:13   Nationality Iraqi, age 41, immigration document number
02:18   187562 019,
02:22   dated June 9, 2019.
02:26   Four: Mustafa Ali Mohamed Yaoob,
02:30   nationality Iraqi, 29 years, immigration document number
02:34   195652 019,
02:38   dated 13 June 2019.
02:43   Concluding the police investigative procedure, they were transferred
02:47   to the office of Immigration and Foreign Affairs of the governmental ministry
02:51   for deportation and delivery to the Costa Rican authorities.
02:56   I repeat: For their deportation and their delivery
03:00   to the Costa Rican authorities at the Penas Blancas border post control.
03:06   Our police institution reiterates its commitment
03:09   to continue guaranteeing the security and tranquility
03:14   of Nicaraguan persons, families and communities.”
03:18   Managua, Tuesday 25 June 2019,
03:21   Division of National Police Public Relations, Thank you very much.

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  1. They are only looking for a better life. It is not a criminal act; we need to decriminalize the border. Cary Booker.

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