The Chancellor’s Life After Death

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has a strange political resilience. There was a time when antics such as hers would have long since driven a political leader from office, but Mutti Merkel just keeps going on. And on, and on, and on…

JLH, who translated the snip below, sends this explanatory note:

The following brief quote is from the regular feature by Henryk Broder, Broders Spiegel, which begins with “Mirror, mirror, on the wall” (what’s new this week?).

The translation from Die Achse des Guten:

Broder’s Mirror: The Chancellor’s Life After Death

I have nothing more about the chancellor. I have written myself out, talked myself out, thought myself out, cursed myself out. Nothing more there. And then this speech at Harvard. The epitome of nothing. Hans Dieter Hüsch [cabaret performer, songwriter, author, etc.] would have said: Nothingness is running full speed ahead. And this thunderous applause for it. I have no words.

7 thoughts on “The Chancellor’s Life After Death

  1. Nativity and stupidity with no borders , and this “highly educated people “ stand by this old rug , who destroyed own country and most of the Europe, speechless..

  2. Women like incompetent and socialist leaning women in power. That explains Hillary, ms May, Sturgeon, Aldern and the Frau. Since women are the largest voting block and men are demeaned 24/7 across the West…it’s dismal.

  3. Our Eastern European politicians tend to go on and on and on… That’s one part of the “great post-communist eastern culture” that the westerners took in – in the name of dieversity I guess.

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