Empathy for the Devil

Yesterday was Empathy Day. Or maybe today is; I’m not sure.

I was going to post a link to the official Empathy Day website, so I did an Internet search. In doing so, I found no fewer than three different official Empathy Day sites, and no fewer than four different dates for this year’s Empathy Day: March 5, March 29, June 11, and June 12. And probably more.

Evidently the Empathy movement has been by schisms rent asunder, so that there are now multiple sects, each claiming to be the one, the true, the only source of Empathy.

Anyway, the tweet below was posted yesterday by an amusing fellow named Zuby:

Hat tip: Power Line

Zuby’s escapade reminded me of a meme pic we posted a few years ago. I constructed it based on an original (smaller) version by someone else; can’t remember who:

7 thoughts on “Empathy for the Devil

  1. They who exploit our empathy and never empathized with us, deserved no empathy from us.

    • Or, to quote the great Isaiah Berlin (I hope accurately), intolerance of the intolerant is not intolerance.

      Hope the Stones (“Sympathy for the Devil”) don’t sue, Baron!

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