Manhunt in Passau

We posted yesterday about the fake news of a “manhunt” in the German city of Chemnitz, where an Antifa group made up a story about foreigners being chased down by right-wing “racists”. The mainstream media and politicians — including Chancellor Angela Merkel — accepted the confabulation at face value. The imaginary incident was widely used as a bludgeon against the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland Alternative for Germany).

More recently, an actual manhunt occurred on the campus of the University of Passau. A member of a local political group was chased down and badly beaten, as confirmed by eyewitnesses and medical personnel. However, since the victim was a member of the Bavarian chapter of the AfD, and the assailants were leftists, the story didn’t gain much traction. I doubt Mrs. Merkel will ever stand up in front of a microphone to denounce the left-wing extremists of Passau.

Many thanks to JLH for translating this article from Philosophia Perennis:

Hate-Hounding of Dissidents on the Premises of the University of Passau?

June 13, 2019

It is reported that a member of the Young Alternative of Bavaria was subjected to overwhelming verbal abuse by partially masked left extremists. And after being pursued across the university property, received substantial injuries of the upper body and neck caused by blows and strangling grips (injuries attested by a doctor). The attackers gave way only after the subject’s escape into a large group of students.

The person attacked had before this intended to attend a presentation by the higher education group LUKS (so-called “List of Independent Critical Students”) in the facilities of the university. The incident mentioned above occurred when the member was identified as a critic, even before the beginning of the presentation. Criminal complaints against the attackers are being filed.

The Young Alternative for Bavaria is demanding a complete clarification of the situation and follow-through of all necessary steps by the university administration, which can only end with withdrawal of recognition of LUKS as an academic group. The state chair of the Young Alternative of Bavaria, Sven A. Kachelmann, adds: “The link of LUKS with the violence-prone Antifa scene is evident not just in this case. Academia will lose nothing by losing something that can only be regarded with revulsion by defenders of free speech.”

While the Campus Alternative — affiliated with the Young Alternative — continues to be denied use of the facilities of the University of Passau, leftist academic groups make use of taxpayer monies to use the same facilities in order to wage partisan warfare against those who think differently.

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