Culture-Enriching Domestic Violence in Nordhausen

The following news story doesn’t say whether the victim of the Algerian migrant’s knife attack was an ethnic German or a fellow culture-enricher. However, since their child is just a year old, I suspect that this was a romantic “Welcoming Culture” relationship, of which there have been many thousands in Germany and Austria since the summer of 2015.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   This morning in Nordhausen, the forensic team is at the crime scene securing evidence
00:05   on Stolbergerstraße. Every small detail is recorded, photographed and secured.
00:11   The police received an emergency call from neighbours yesterday evening around 9:20 p.m.
00:15   The police travelled immediately to the apartment building and find the severely injured
00:19   28-year-old women in the stairway.
00:24   The woman had several knife wounds and was brought immediately to the hospital,
00:29   where she underwent an emergency surgery. Because the suspect fled the scene,
00:35   police began an extensive search with deployment of special search dogs and a police
00:42   helicopter. Around midnight a police patrol car seized and arrested the suspect in the
00:49   Nordhausen district. —It appears that a fight occurred in the apartment that evening.
00:56   The woman was trying to escape, but in the stairway the 26-year-old suspect stabbed her
01:02   multiple times in the upper torso and legs. The police had been called to the apartment even
01:09   before the stabbing. —On May 22nd police officers came to the woman’s apartment along
01:16   with special forces from the Thuringia state criminal police agency on suspicion that
01:22   the man was holding the woman captive against her will. This could not be confirmed
01:29   that evening. —Following his arrest, the asylum seeker from Algeria will be interrogated.
01:36   The public prosecutor’s office wants issue an arrest warrant today. Their nearly 1-year-old
01:41   child that was in the women’s apartment during the assault remained unharmed,
01:45   but was admitted to a hospital as a precaution.

One thought on “Culture-Enriching Domestic Violence in Nordhausen

  1. I’m going to bring back my idea of partition. Apparently, there are still many, many Germans who cling to the altruist claim that Germany has a responsibility to shelter migrants. This is in addition to the strong identity groups exerting political pressures, such as the Turkish workers imported decades ago and now serve as a fifth column.

    It doesn’t seem possible for any point of view to attain enough predominance to carry out a dramatic program like repatriating all non-citizens, or consigning them to a region that will accept them. A peaceful solution could be to break up into autonomous regions of enough homogeneity to make their own rules of exclusion. Probably, the cities would form their own autonomous region, with the bulk of the migrants and the liberal altruists.

    I have been listening to history, and it turns out that Jefferson’s concept of self-governing republics limited the size and population of each republic to an average of about 300,000 to ensure true representation and self-governance.

    Some might say they will not give up German territory to sub-Saharan invaders. But, the train has already left the station. The problem is not potential but real, and the question to ask is, what is a possible exit strategy?

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