Fighting the Fascists With Eggs

In the Wilhelmsburg district of Hamburg, the redoubtable anti-fascists of Antifa engaged in their usual mischievous antics at an information stand run by the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany).

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   You don’t like foreigners! You don’t like muslims!
00:03   And who are you!? Go ahead film me! Do it! Do it!
00:10   S***ty fascists! —This is our AfD infostand today in Wilhelmsburg (Hamburg),
00:15   which was attacked by Antifa. They threw eggs.
00:19   The finest form of food-wasting. —Film it, film it, film it!
00:23   Yes, everything was filmed! Unfortunately, I missed filming the attack.
00:41   These are our leftist “friends” who are trying to block our view.
00:44   —Hey, don’t touch me, ok!? —And you don’t need to hold that thing in my face.
00:47   —I’m not. I’m putting it in front of the camera.
00:50   Our leftist friends who are blocking us from filming.
00:55   They came throwing eggs at our info stand. We’re a democratic party, by the way.
01:18   Here are all the leftist ticks, with umbrellas.
01:22   They are standing around here, hiding their faces, because they are afraid to show them.
01:25   They don’t show their faces. They just hide.
01:29   In complete contrast to the AfD. We show ourselves openly.
01:34   We never hide ourselves.

One thought on “Fighting the Fascists With Eggs

  1. If the muslims get their wish and take over one day, it will be fun to watch them deal with the “anti-fascists” as Khomeini did back in the early 80s. But after that, no fun, no art, no joy. Just Islamic totalitarianism.

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