A Day in the Life of Sderot, Parts 1-3

Our Israeli correspondent MC has recorded a series of videos in his hometown of Sderot. All of the footage was taken since yesterday’s rocket attacks from Gaza began. Below are the first three videos; from what Vlad tells me, there are at least two more to come.

In these three installments you’ll see, among other things, a middle school protected by a special armored superstructure to keep students safe from rocket attacks. You’ll see a playground where the brightly-painted play structures — such as a huge caterpillar that children can run through — are made of reinforced concrete so they can double as bomb shelters. And you’ll see the launchers for Iron Dome interceptors, which are able to stop most of Hamas’ rockets before they hit the ground.

This is daily life in Sderot.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for editing and uploading this videos.

Video #1:

Video #2:

Video #3:

MC lives in the southern Israeli city of Sderot. For his previous essays, see the MC Archives.

7 thoughts on “A Day in the Life of Sderot, Parts 1-3

  1. I saw a documentary a few years ago about the playground with the caterpillar. A very cheerful woman explained that this playground was adjacent to a kindergarten and when the sirens sound the adults have only 30 seconds to get the children into the underground bomb shelter below the school. If they don’t think they can get the children there in time they stuff them into the caterpillar…
    Talk about putting the best face on a horrifying situation.

    • 30 swconds is a long time in Sderot, the children practise running for cover, but all the scools are now bomb proof, but playtime/break can be problematic.

      In the old (pre-iron dome) era we were told 15 seconds, but I can remember sometimes it was 4 seconds, there was no hard and fast rule.

      All residences now have an internal shelter as well, the biggest danger is shattered glass, each shard is like a knife. Most of the injuries we have seen a people peppered with shrapnel.

      The warheads are a mixture of explosive, rat poison and nails etc., they are designed to kill and maim indiscriminately.

      If you read the MSM, they usually fail to consider that whilst Hamas (A Muslim Brotherhood affiliate like CAIR) purposely targets civilians, Israel’s retaliations aim at military targets, the fact that Hamas purposely embeds its military in the comunity is what makes collteral damage likely

      • The MSM will never ever report the truth about the predations of the PoorPalis™ – we’re still waiting for them to honestly report about the Soviet Union.

        They are as full of Jew-hatred as they’ve ever been and that’s unlikely to change. Which is why, despite his flaws, I like Steve Bannon: he calls himself a Christian Zionist.

        • Indeed so, Dymphna. I’ve saved many links to posts about the actual history of what may broadly be described as the “Holy Land”, some from GoV, but most people don’t seem interested. I’m happy to call myself an agnostic (?) Zionist!

          The media (and politicians), however, should consider themselves duty bound to inform themselves, as they should about the true history of African slavery, which shouldn’t excuse the part played by Europeans, but puts it in the broader context.

      • Has anyone tried putting in plastic windows to avoid injury?

        Not that it’s really a proper solution, but as a stop-gap?

        • Mike, The only stop gap in dealing with those bloody savages is to make Gaza the next new Carthage.

  2. Any leftists who claim that islam is no worse than Christianity need only look at these and other attacks which occur each year during Ramadan.

    islam increases its hatred and attacks on unbelievers during their holy days yet Christians and most other world religions, during their holy days, increase their charity and concern for unbelievers.

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