“We Muslims Stand Here to Confirm and Insist on Our Identity”

Last Friday the Islamic supremacist group Hizb ut-Tahrir gathered in a public square in Copenhagen to communally raise their fundaments and hold a rally, waving the white flag of jihad. Danish citizens collected at the periphery of the event, waving Danish flags and trying to drown out the HuT speakers. Most likely the native Danes understood only the “Allahu Akhbar” in the speeches — everyone knows that phrase by now. However, with the help of an Arabic translator, we can fill in some of the rest of what was said by the HuT speakers.

A note on the white flag of jihad: There are several types of flags flown during jihad. The oldest one is probably al-raya, an example of which was flown by the Islamic State. Two versions of the standard shahada flag are used, one with white text on a black background, and the other its exact negative. The first is the banner carried by mujahideen during their military operations, while the second (kalma, black-on-white, the one seen in the video) is used by an administrative state under sharia governance. In other words, Hizb ut-Tahrir are declaring that the patch of ground they inhabit in Copenhagen has been claimed for the Ummah, and is subject to Islamic law.

Many thanks to Ibn Al-Malek for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   …the crime committed by this filth in New Zealand
00:06   is not a crime of a rightist, extremist, or madman,
00:12   but was an expression of Western Crusader hatred,
00:19   guilty of targeting the faith of Muslims,
00:22   wanting to bring Muslims to their knees, and subdue the Muslims,
00:28   to their unjust capitalist systems.
00:31   But this Ummah [Nation], the Ummah of Mohammad (Prayers and Blessings be upon him),
00:36   proclaims from this center of Kufr [infidelity] that we
00:42   …[jeers by protesting Danish crowd obscuring speaker’s voice]…
00:48   … Allahu Akhbar, Allahu Akhbar…
00:53   Allahu Akhbar…[jeers by crowd]…
01:00   … But the Age of Light [of Islam] will return,
01:04   against their will, and will defeat every treacherous hypocrite.
01:11   This light of lights will never be extinguished by
01:15   the envy of foolish children.
01:19   O Nation of Islam, O Nation of Islam, return.
01:24   For we will sacrifice our souls and bodies for you.
01:28   Allahu Akhbar, Allahu Akhbar, Allahu Akhbar.
01:33   …[crowd booing and jeering]…
01:38   Allahu Akhbar… They [referring to the protesters] want to extinguish the light of Allah with voices
01:44   …[jeering by crowd] …to extinguish the light of Allah with their voices,
01:50   but Allah…Allah promises…
01:54   Allah promises, not just us [promising], but Allah promises,
01:59   the lord of heaven and earth, who controls all human fates and future…
02:06   Allah promises to show his light despite the hate of the haters,
02:11   He who has sent his prophet
02:14   with his guidance and the true religion above other religions, even if hated by the infidels.
02:20   Allah’s religion shines despite the will of the fallen [the non-Muslims],
02:25   the racist criminals.
02:28   We Muslims stand here
02:31   to confirm and insist on our identity
02:34   and not bargain away our principles,
02:37   no matter what criminal acts they commit, or what torture they mete out,
02:40   or what propaganda they disseminate.

12 thoughts on ““We Muslims Stand Here to Confirm and Insist on Our Identity”

  1. “…Western Crusader hatred…wanting to…subdue the Muslims, to their unjust capitalist systems…”

    This is one of the reasons why leftists / liberals feel a common bond with moslems. Both hate the history of the West and capitalism.

    Although I don’t believe a moslem defines capitalism in the same manner as we do. They love the freedom and independence of owning their own businesses and they don’t like authorities digging into their private lives to censor their actions and words.
    They certainly do not want the social liberalism of the West either.

    So, the two groups make strange partners with many views in opposition but the moslems know who in the West will push for their needs and angendas. The LGBT community for instance leaps in delight at the mention of anything against capitalist conservatism. Little wonder they have a bizarre affinity for the moslem community. The Left is being played by a group at least as savvy as they, if not more so.

    There will never be a massive, popular movement in the West against islamisation unless the liberals begin see the light, in great numbers, and join us in our struggle.

    • LeCanadien, The left in their drive for destruction by the devil’s disciples are irrelevant and immaterial to the coming fun and games. Once the 2 per centers let themselves be know, another 10-15% will quickly follow, the rest of the populace will quickly go to the winning side(natives) thinking it was their plan all along. What is coming will be Epic in scope and scale as we get tribal where your race, religion and politics will be your uniform, and all the rules of so called civilized warfare go completely out the window, where there will be no quarter, no mercy, no prisoners, no exceptions. This has a very good chance of starting in France shortly as Macron is losing control of the government and quickly spread from point of origin to other western countries like wildfire. Take it to the bank, there is war brewing and it is too late to stop it now.

  2. At 1:36 I heard the speaker say “Yahudi” (= Jew), but it does not appear in the transcript.
    Did I hear right?
    The noise-making by the Danish onlookers is unpleasant, and possibly less effective than some other method.

    • A loudspeaker playing William Tell’s Overture over and over would work. But of course the Dhimmi cops would defer to Dhimmi politicians deferring to demands by Muslim groups not to impinge on their free speech and any non-Muslim loudspeakers. Eventually non-Muslims will respond with violence; their patience is not superhuman. And maybe the authorities would welcome any excuse to crack down, but only on non-Muslims of course.

      When the authorities are seen as the enemy of the people, then civil order will end. In recent surveys a majority already believe the authorities don’t care what happens to ordinary people.

      • I prefer to play AC/DC’s Highway to Hell or Hell’s Bells with a couple of tunes from Rammstein with 6 foot speakers, especially during their caterwauling call to prayer time, it really let’s them know we are not dancing to their tune.

  3. Fine. Why did you move to Denmark? There are over fifty wonderful Muslim countries. Feel free to leave.

    Muslims = Original SJWs

    • Indeed. Those Muslims say they don’t like capitalism. Well, they could move to Venezuela or North Korea. Instead they stay in a capitalistic country that has a higher standard of living.

        • No. They moved to Denmark for jihad. To spread the word of the prophet, by word or sword.
          Same as the rest of Europe.
          If you believe that there is a peaceful solutions, then you haven’t paid attention.

  4. Thanks, very valuable. There were not so many present, about 70 muslims. HUT is in decline according to the papers.

  5. “to confirm and insist on our identity”……
    And what identity is that?
    “The muslim nation is one nation to the exclusion of all others” – placard in Sharia march Oxford Street (thinkafricapress)
    An identity in conflict with and opposition to Danish law.

  6. …gathered in a public square in Copenhagen…
    Not any public square.
    The protest took place in front of the danish parliament Christiansborg.

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