Right Here in Knife City!

Some wag has doctored the welcome sign outside Leipzig in a most amusing way.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Hi there! I was called here because of this disgraceful propaganda which is a criminal offense.
00:06   I wanted to have a look for myself on my way to the book fair in Leipzig.
00:10   Later there will be a mega-traffic jam, because thousands of people will be heading
00:15   to the book fair in Leipzig this Saturday, the 23rd of March. It appears that one of the tourism
00:21   signs has been manipulated, which says, “Welcome to Knife City Leipzig”.
00:29   A brown figure is seen across from a girl with possibly blond hair, holding what looks like a knife.
00:39   The Völkerschlachtdenkmal (People’s Battle Monument) is also recognisable. Typical Leipzig.
00:41   This sign is enormous. So whoever did this went to a lot of trouble, and I can’t imagine who would
00:46   do something like this. Just terrible and should be condemned.

8 thoughts on “Right Here in Knife City!

      • He’s a virtue signaling moron; that narrows it down to Sweden or Germany. I bet he even sits on the toilet to urinate, just as his female acquaintances demanded.

        • If his female acquaintances had wanted to address the root problem, they would have demanded instead that those men clean the toilets.

          Those who never clean their own toilets rule the world.

    • His fake outrage demonstrates he knows exactly why the sign was altered, and who is being depicted by it.

  1. Yes, Leipzig, where Fraulein Merkel led the youth troops at Karl Marx University…but says she can’t remember any of it?

  2. I quite enjoy the Germans’ use of a multi-syllabled word in preference to several shorter ones. In WW2, the “Stuka” was an abbreviation of- if I recall correctly- “sturtzkampffleuegzeug”, ie “dive bomber”!

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