“They Are Unable to Grasp That by Doing This, They Actively Destroy Our Own Culture”

The following video from Vienna features an interview by Michael Stürzenberger with Michael Ley, an Austrian political scientist, sociologist, and author. The occasion was a reception after a panel discussion about Islam and Jew-hatred. One of the panelists was FPÖ leader Heinz-Christian Strache, the Austrian vice-chancellor.

The interview includes a discussion about “political Islam”, which Henrik Clausen wrote about a few days ago in relation to the hate-speech case against Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff. Conservative politicians in Austria have desperately grabbed onto the idea that there is a “political” Islam that can be separated from “non-political” Islam and somehow neutralized. By the time they discover their error, it will, of course, be too late.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:08   Mr. Ley, your topic is Islamic anti-Semitism,
00:12   and it was also the topic of the discussion here today.
00:16   Are you satisfied with how the discussion went today? —Basically, yes, because we were able
00:23   to convey our message to over 700 people. I see it as a success.
00:27   I think hundreds had to be turned away
00:31   from attending. It seems to have struck a chord.
00:35   I think so, too, and slowly but surely people are starting to understand
00:38   how important this subject is, and how dangerous Islam is.
00:42   Unfortunately, there are still many who don’t see it
00:47   that way. I had the feeling that the moderator,
00:50   representing the press here, an important representative
00:53   of the press, doesn’t seem very aware of this. —No, I don’t think
00:56   he understands very well, but that’s why I think we
00:59   just have to continue. We need to continue until
01:04   these “do-gooders” understand that we are not Islamophobes,
01:10   but we are warning of the very real danger of totalitarianism.
01:14   It is always surprising to me, because this religious ideology has been around for 1400 years and
01:19   has left a trail of blood behind it throughout history —
01:23   people just don’t see that today. —Is that because they just
01:26   don’t want to see it? —I think much of it has to do with the Nazi Era.
01:30   Now everyone wants to believe they are tolerant
01:34   by accepting everything foreign. For that reason it is no longer possible to criticise religion.
01:41   That’s the basic problem. —It seems like they believe
01:45   the Muslims are, so to speak, the Jews of yesteryear.
01:49   However, by doing so, they negate the pact forged with Islam
01:53   by the Nazis. So actually that would make Islam
01:58   a perpetrator in the whole thing, putting it on the same level, comparable with the Nazis.
02:03   As you mentioned here today. —Yes. Most of the “do-gooders” can’t comprehend that.
02:09   They are working with groups today, like the Muslim Brotherhood,
02:14   that collaborated with the Nazis back then.
02:19   Basically, together they killed Jews.
02:23   They don’t want to see that and they can’t see it, because
02:28   they live in this guilt cult. Instead of learning from the past,
02:33   and recognising the new danger, a new anti-Semitism,
02:37   a new totalitarianism threatening us — they believe
02:41   everything foreign is fantastic. —Even though the hatred of Jews in Islam
02:45   has a long tradition, you mentioned that,
02:48   going back to 1095 in Granada. During that pogrom of Jews,
02:51   they were already forced to wear a mark on their
02:54   clothing, a precursor of the Jewish badges worn in WW2. Those with eyes to see, can see, correct?
02:59   Yes, but that’s precisely the problem. These people live by a
03:03   form of false tolerance. They believe when
03:06   they accept everything that is foreign, that makes them tolerant.
03:10   At the same time they are unable to grasp
03:13   that by doing this, they actively destroy our own culture.
03:16   They also don’t want to look at the reality
03:19   in Islamic countries, where no tolerance is practiced at all, but instead massive oppression which
03:24   often leads to persecution and execution. —Basically, it is the denial of reality.
03:27   What they are doing is refusing to
03:30   deal with reality, because of completely misunderstood sense of tolerance.
03:35   We had a Turkish representative onstage.
03:40   He is apparently modern, according to Mr. Broder, but he was
03:45   hell-bent on defending Islam. He also accused you
03:49   of misquoting the Quran. The classic maneuver, right?
03:53   Yes, the classic move — everything is always taken out of context,
03:57   that’s not right, etc. — pure taqiyya.
04:00   So he’s not so modern after all. In his head he’s probably a committed Muslim, who believes he must
04:08   defend his religion here. —Of course, he’s nothing but
04:12   an orthodox Muslim who sells himself as a liberal.
04:16   So basically, he does nothing else but accuse anyone who criticises Islam of being a
04:22   Islamophobe, extreme right and so forth.
04:26   What he is doing is the classic form of Islamic taqiyya. He’s lying.
04:30   Yes. Many do. Sad to say, many political representatives of the establishment and the media,
04:38   also believe these lies because they want to. —Yes. That’s why I think we just have continue.
04:43   What you do, which is very successful. What I do. We just have to keep going.
04:49   You just had the Austrian vice-chancellor by your side,
04:54   who is now also active in the fight against political Islam;
05:00   at least that’s a start. A part of Islam is being taken out and declared illegal.
05:04   I think it was good that [Heinz-Christian] Strache was
05:09   a part of the panel and that he explicitly took a stand
05:13   against “so-called” political Islam.
05:21   You see, we’re a step further. —We, of course, know that Islam
05:25   can’t be separated from its political side.
05:28   It is a construct. Right from the beginning a unit.
05:31   It is a bit easier for political parties this way so they can
05:34   then get out of falling into the trap of discussing religious freedom over and over again.
05:40   Yes, I think we are just at the beginning of a discussion process
05:44   and at least the first step is right,
05:49   and that must continue. —You need a lot of patience in this fight,
05:53   because you have to drill through thick boards.
05:58   Yes, patience is necessary by all means. —Bishop Laun was sitting
06:01   in the front row listening, and I just talked
06:04   to him. He said he was criticised by his own colleagues
06:10   in the Catholic church for criticising Mohammed.
06:16   So even in the Catholic Church they don’t want to see the danger.
06:20   Of course, Mr. Laun has become an
06:24   outsider in his own church. He is one of the very few
06:28   who clearly see the problems of Islam.
06:35   That’s incredible, considering that hundreds of thousands of Christians are being persecuted
06:39   in Islamic countries. Instead they choose to
06:42   stab a colleague in the back for addressing this exact problem.
06:45   They’re just going along with the mainstream,
06:49   and don’t seem to realise that they negate their own religion
06:54   and culture by doing so. —Like Bishop Marx and Bedford-Strohm removing their crosses
07:01   on the Temple Mount. —Basically they betray their own religion, I say that as an agnostic.
07:10   Their own religion and their brothers and sisters in faith
07:14   who have had their heads are cut off. —Naturally.
07:17   A more scandalous portrayal is that these dignitaries
07:21   have always been collaborating with the powerful.
07:26   It was similar with the Nazis, in regard to the Catholic Church,
07:30   the Evangelical Church and the powerful.
07:34   They always sang the same song with the powerful back then, and so maybe it is comparable to today.
07:38   Not quite. During that time the powerful cooperated
07:42   with the National Socialists. Today, you don’t have to
07:45   cooperate with Islam. It (Islam) is not yet in a position of power.
07:49   Now something completely different is happening.
07:54   They believe that the guilt can be removed by being friendly
07:59   to Muslims, but by doing this, the same exact mistake is made that the church
08:05   made in the past. Once again, they are working together with THE worst anti-Semites.
08:08   I actually meant that the church cooperates with the political powers, the ruling government which
08:15   sends the signal to trivialise Islam. That’s how the church participates.
08:20   Naturally, but it’s more that just playing along
08:26   with those in power. It’s a complete swindle that they’re pulling.
08:30   They believe that “Islamophobia” is the new
08:35   anti-Semitism, which makes them especially tolerant.
08:39   By doing this, they betray Judaism for the second time as a church.
08:44   What kind of experience do you have as a result
08:48   of your publishing activities and appearances in the media?
08:51   Is the backlash still as strong as it used to be, or do you
08:54   sense a breakthrough? Are we slowly breaking through
08:57   the wall? —I see things changing, very slowly. In the past,
09:01   everything was just completely rejected, you were called
09:04   right-wing, and an Islamophobe. It is just now beginning
09:09   to soften up. —That is probably only because of
09:14   the experience with reality, the worsening circumstances.
09:17   Naturally, it is not just what we are writing, or videos
09:20   like the ones you make. People are experiencing it on the street now,
09:24   in family circles and they are increasingly being confronted
09:29   with more and more violence. Women aren’t going out in the evening
09:33   as freely as they were before. All these
09:36   experiences are slowly forcing people to start thinking critically.
09:41   Very slowly. —A reality that opens eyes.
09:46   —Yes. Exactly. Good. —Thank you very much, Mr. Ley.

14 thoughts on ““They Are Unable to Grasp That by Doing This, They Actively Destroy Our Own Culture”

  1. Wow finally someone mentions the elephant in the room ,that our so-called elites keep pretending doesn’t exist.

  2. How could the Left not be aware? They’re tactically very astute, as seen in how they captured popular culture decades ago and successfully managed the long march through the institutions. In the US they even made notable inroads in the US military. To be so successful they would need to be aware of what their policies imply.

    They know, but they would dispute the extent of the existential threat. They believe enough Remnants would remain which they would control entirely. It’s the same formulation in the US regarding the eventual destructive effects of illegal immigration.

    The Left prefers a future that is post-national, post-democratic, post-Christian, post-capitalist, and sees a 65% reduction of European nationalist institutions and culture as an OK trade-off. But the destruction will have a momentum of its own and become unstoppable.

    Can any reasonable person doubt that 2/3 of mosques in Europe have illegal weapons caches, and in most cases the authorities know this, but dare not intervene lest it provoke huge ongoing riots. Their solution as always is to crack down on any non-Muslims who acquire weapons. Better to thoroughly disarm one side so they can negotiate a preemptive Vichy surrender with Muslim groups before the violence escalates. Muslim groups will pocket these dhimmi gains for a while, until their thirst for blood and full surrender takes priority.

    So, Europe’s authorities know what they’re doing, and believe they’ll gain a slice of power in a much smaller pie. They’re prepared to betray their country and civilization for comfort and security. Much the same happened across Europe 1939-1942; they believed a Nazi victory was inevitable and were seeking accommodation to this imagined new reality.

    • Perfect analysis. I believe the elite wants to create a new type of society, something along the line of Saudi-Arabia. Where the royal “family” happily live in luxury, not worried about some “democratic elections” and other nonsense, surrounded by the unconditional love of their low IQ followers who live in poverty.

  3. World-improver lefties have one great weakness, they are idealists and as such their understanding of nature/life is flawed. Life is as it is, not as the lefties would have it. There can be no peaceful transition because nature will not allow it – reality undermines man-made systems and people will behave as people do.

    We are being dispossessed and every day the number recognising it increases. It’s approaching critical now – I know that many who’ve already achieved that state are impatient for the rest to catch up, but isn’t that always the case?

    • “We are being dispossessed and every day the number recognising it increases.”

      I agree.

      My only fear is that few are now willing or will be willing to sacrifice their finances, their safety or their lives to fight this. Seeing the light is only the first step.

    • “World-improver lefties have one great weakness, they are idealists..”

      Very true.

      Russian soviets taught their youth to see Russia not as it actually was but as it will be; a Utopia in progress and anything or anyone who stands in the way must be eliminated. The problems and crime we have now because of moslem immigration is to be viewed as merely the necessary ‘glorious struggle’ towards the full realisation of our Utopia.

  4. Yet, even in Germany of 1934 through 1944 there were Germans who were Not Nazis — maybe even Never Nazis — some few, always in danger, always under suspicion, and hated by the elites and the reigning media. Occasionally the Germans living under Nazi rule had to act as opponents of the totalitarian ideology.

    In the United States and in Canada there are practitioners of Islam who disparage the horror and grotesque behavior of totalitarian islamists. It is fairly straight forward to identify the political lusts of the islamists and the civilian Hizb-ut Tahrirists. When and how can liberty-minded folk support the “reformist” Muslims? We hear that there are practitioners of Islam, like Tarek Fatah, who stand up to Mullah idiots.

    • Islam cannot be reformed. Allah says it is perfect.

      “this day have I perfected your religion for you” K 5:3.

  5. Baron – I agree that political Islam cannot be separated from non-political Islam but it can be distinguished from it just as the political Medinan suras can be distinguished from the non-political Meccan suras, even though the two form one whole of the Koran.

    I suggest that if the West could find the will to proscribe expressions of the political character found in the Medinan suras (with effective sanctions) that the whole religion would itself wither the way the roots and trunk of a tree will eventually die if the leaves are continually cut off. And even if it didn’t, would you care about Muslims who restricted themselves to washing and dietary rituals, chanting their catchphrases, and performing hajj?

    What is your plan for destroying the whole of Islam in total…
    Banning the Koran and other scriptures? I want everyone to read them.
    Banning an idea? Not possible.
    Deporting 40 million Muslims from Europe? Civil war (to be avoided if at all possible).
    Initiating military or paramilitary activities, as is often advocated here by other authors and commenters? Also civil war.

    I mean that, what is your actual plan? Perhaps I have missed it but I cannot say that I know what you propose in practical terms.

    • I don’t have a plan, none at all. At this point I think it’s too late. The situation will eventually resolve itself, either by the submission of the kuffar (which is what seems to be happening in New Zealand), or a lengthy bout of nastiness and brutality that I try to avoid thinking about.

      If “the West could find the will to proscribe expressions of the political character found in the Medinan suras”, what we are discussing now would be moot, because we wouldn’t be in the mess we’re in today. The political will to do anything even slightly meaningful or effective is utterly absent west of the Iron Curtain, except maybe in Italy.

      • Well, thanks for the reply, and making your position clear.

        I have to say the situation looks much more positive to me than it did 5 years ago when I started paying attention. Just to mention 3 very recent straws in the wind, a new anti-immigration party has come from nowhere to become the biggest party in the Dutch senate, Salvini’s Lega, and partners, have overthrown 20 years of centre left domination in Basilicata and, as you say, the SD are no longer looked on as lepers in Sweden.

        Not only that but nationalist parties are expected to take a third of the MEP seats in May, and either way Britain is likely to bring down the temple of the EU, either by removing one of the few net payers or from within with a campaign of ill-tempered obstructionism.

        Yes, I know you know all this. I wonder that you are not a bit more optimistic though, even though things will probably have to get a lot worse before they get significantly better.

        • I’m optimistic, in the sense that I think our civilization will prevail in the end, although it may take generations of strife and suffering before it does. And not everywhere — it’s hard to imagine, say, Sweden — or New Zealand — ever clawing their way back from the full submission they have descended to. I expect that within 30 years or so they will have become hybrid cultures, part Muslim and part infidel. Sharia will rule over large sections of their respective territories. In this they will be like Persia and Egypt were a thousand years ago. And that tells us what their future will most likely be — more and more churches destroyed, more and more conversions to Islam for the sake of expedience, more and more “love jihad” abductions, etc. Every century the percentage of non-Muslims will be reduced, until finally it is negligible, as is true of Iran today.

          But other places will refuse to submit. If they can reverse the catastrophic collapse of the native birth rate — which is what Russia, Hungary, and Italy are addressing right now — theN it may be possible to halt the encroachment of Islam.

          As you say, things will have to get a lot worse before they get better. The question is: How much worse? And how much blood will have to be shed before it is over? And whose will it be?

  6. He (Mr. Ley) says the mainstream is not conscious it is betraying Christianity and Western Culture. I say mainstream politicians and mainstream clergy ARE consciously betraying the church and culture they no longer believe in. Our elites are HOLLOW. That’s why we, all of us, are falling.

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