Gang Rape in Azuqueca Covered up by the Mayor

A 12-year-old girl was gang-raped by culture-enrichers in the Spanish town of Azuqueca, but locals did not learn about what happened for a full year, due to a cover-up by the mayor’s office.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this TV news report, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling. The translator includes this background on the case:

This rape occurred a year ago in Azuqueca, Spain, a municipality of Guadalajara (Spain). This report does not identify the attackers, but all are Moroccans except for one Nigerian. I have a Spanish article from earlier that identifies them. What is notable is that this incident was kept from the local townspeople by the mayor, and they are just now finding out.

Video transcript:

00:00   This building behind me in the neighborhood of (Aroyo) Vallejo
00:04   was where there occurred a brutal attack and rape of a girl who was only 12 years of age.
00:09   Today is the anniversary of this act, which is covered widely in the media
00:14   The incident, as we told you, happened a year ago at this time
00:19   when a young girl of 12 years of age, according to the charge,
00:24   was raped by a group of four or five boys, one of whom was known by her,
00:28   who dragged her into an old residence for seniors on Virgilio Navarro Street
00:33   by the Lavadero Park of Azuqueca.
00:36   There they all perpetrated the rape, even though some friends of the young girl
00:41   tried to rescue her and were threatened at the door by one of the attackers with a stick.
00:47   After the report, the Civil Guard conducted searches that ended with the detention of three minors,
00:52   who were sentenced to three years in custody in a detention center
00:56   and five years of staying away from the victim after completing the sentence.
01:00   One of the older ones remains in preventive detention accused
01:04   of crimes of sexual aggression and false imprisonment.
01:07   A government agent confirmed the facts to us,
01:11   and above all told us that justice was completed, since the attackers are already in jail.
01:16   It was resolved from the police point of view in a quick and efficient manner,
01:20   and the attackers were turned over to the judiciary, and the older one is in prison.
01:24   For their part, the municipal groups of the left, PP and Citizens of the Town Hall of Azuqueca
01:29   have issued a letter of rebuke, which accuses
01:33   Mayor Jose Luis Blanco of covering up this information,
01:37   from the public representatives, blaming him again for the lack of transparency in his government.

3 thoughts on “Gang Rape in Azuqueca Covered up by the Mayor

  1. Justice?

    The sordid machinations of the local authorities in regards to the gang of culture enriching junior rapists are certainly many things; justice is not one of them.

    Justice at the outset would have meant the utilization of a few lengths of rope, a tall overhang, and the gang of junior rapists. Justice at this point would also include the participation as guest’s of honor of the mayor and any of the leeches of the public trough who were involved in concealing this travesty of justice.

  2. Would anyone happen to know of a website or some kind of source with a list of all grooming cases, gang rapes, etc. throughout Europe? Or all migrant criminality as such? I’ve never seen anything like that, but I think it is important to keep track and potentially have a list avaiable to show in debates.

  3. Tommy Robinson is unavailable for comment.
    Gathering, compiling, seeking or sharing that data is a crime in many places. Is this because human trafficking and pedophilia is rampant among the “leaders” in families, communities, nations? Police, detectives, courts, social services, churches, educational agencies, adoption agents…
    Remember a well known woman who exposed Catholic leaders in S. American country was running and hiding for her life, recently found “suicided”.
    US citizen reporter in Haiti, openly investigating Clinton Foundation for trafficking children, found “suicided”.

    If there is such a list, would the source be protected? Be brave, but be careful.

    God, who knows everything, keeps an accounting of all His creation.

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