Imam Rapes Man in Mosque, Videotapes It

The following news report from Algeria describes the rape of a grown man by the imam of a mosque, in the mosque. Evidently his supply of perfect young boys (fresh as pearls) dried up, and he has to make do with full-grown men whenever he wants to make a sex tape.

Many thanks to Ibn Al-Malek for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Last Saturday evening was unlike any other evening
00:04   at Ibn Badis Mosque at Ali Boumangal Street.
00:08   The imam and preacher of the mosque was accused of sexual assault
00:12   of a young man who came to the mosque to rest
00:15   after an exhausting travel. “I was outside the mosque resting
00:21   when a man approached me and said, ‘I am the imam of this mosque.
00:28   Why don’t you come and rest inside,
00:31   and rest in one of the rooms.’ I entered with him, and what happened happened…
00:38   what happened happened,
00:43   and then I left.” —“The Imam threatened him, saying, “People won’t believe you, I am an imam.”
00:53   Eyewitnesses from the neighborhood assured us that
00:57   the mobile phone of the accused [imam], who is currently in jail,
01:00   contains pictures and videos that prove his guilt,
01:04   and that he is used to luring his victims into a room
01:08   that he dedicated especially for this purpose in the mosque.
01:11   “He used his mobile phone, his mobile, to take videos.”
01:20   [unintelligible speech]
01:52   Those living in the neighborhood, who stopped going to the mosque,
01:55   called on the responsible Ministry to open an investigation
01:58   into the chaotic running of the mosque by those who manage it.

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  1. Just tells you how brainwashed muslims are, a normal man could fend the imam off (unless there was a significant size difference between them), but he must’ve thought it’s ok because an imam is doing it.

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