Merkel’s Looney Bin Germany, Year 13

Here’s another batch of rhetorical eloquence from Gottfried Curio, a member of the Bundestag for the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany).

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Now Gottfried Curio for the AfD.
00:06   Dear Mr. President! Ladies and gentlemen! This past weekend, the GroKo (Grand Coalition) parties held their
00:10   Pseudo-workshops to fool voters. It was like watching the SPD and CDU have a group therapy session
00:14   for the traumatised: The SPD glancing to the left, with their social policy watering can; for which citizens are milked
00:20   to raise their poll percentages. The Union [CDU+CSU] gazing to the right, attempting a collective reprocessing of the Merkel
00:26   migration catastrophe. It was just a “one-off exceptional situation” they claim, but the now permanent state of
00:32   law violation will remain. Their grand coalition simply anticipates hundreds of thousands. Our borders are
00:39   deliberately kept open — 13,000 coming in monthly. They assure us that they have done nothing wrong, and will
00:46   never act like that again. — That sounds convincing! What a spectacular performance, ladies and gentlemen!
00:54   Just a load of symptom-doctoring instead of revoking the authority from those big names on the side here who
00:59   are responsible and absent today. The elephant in the room is dismissed. His gigantic trunk — the problem of
01:07   opening the border — remains ignored. His huge ears — the nonfunctioning European “plan” to distribute migrants
01:12   — disappears. And their analysis has a focus strikingly similar to that of the AfD: Correcting the cause of the
01:19   migration flux, the magnitude makes that impossible. Agreements with countries of origin and transit countries:
01:24   a hopeless endeavour. Taking action in our own self interest, meaning integration: a failure due to the
01:29   growing numbers and cultural alienation. According to current law, these migrants shouldn’t have come to
01:35   Germany at all! Fleeing from war ends in the neighbouring countries. Even temporary protection does not make them
01:41   eligible for integration or the subsequent migration of remaining family members.
01:45   They are just being practical and suggest some minor mending, some window dressing including intentions
01:51   and vows of commitment for the election campaign in the East. A splash of AfD demands, ineptly thrown in,
01:56   like thin blue make-up on a pitch black background.
02:00   “Practical” — what’s that supposed to suggest? We’re talking about a few minor repairs here. Not IF this
02:09   policy should be continued, just about HOW it should be continued. They’re just making minor adjustments so they
02:15   can continue on with business as usual. How about not allowing unauthorised people to enter Germany in the
02:21   first place, that way we don’t have to remove them later? That would be practical, ladies and gentlemen!
02:29   We continue to hear the meaningless phrase “Strengthen Frontex”, although it is unabashedly admitted:
02:33   “Border management does not mean secure borders.” How true! Officials working there just wave them through.
02:40   The frustrated doormen of the EU. Protection looks different! The German version of asylum, unique in the
02:48   world and a special provision, is still being glorified, despite being abused many hundreds of thousands of times
02:53   and causing the German judicial system to collapse. Let everybody in, come hell or high water, that’s how a
02:58   hyper-moralizing Germany kills itself. Ideology is more important to these people than a functioning government.
03:08   Your approach of papering over the cracks has come to an end. Granting temporary work permits to illegals?
03:12   Creates new incentives. Secondary migration? Create some more new procedures. Are the prospects for
03:16   remaining in the country bad? Never mind, create decentralised accommodation. Anchor centres?
03:20   Don’t work. A “national push” to tackle deportations? Two-thirds of attempts fail in Baden-Württemberg.
03:26   Dublin regulation transfers? It creates a revolving-door effect. There are even welcoming parties for people
03:30   who return shortly after being deported. After ten days, 90 percent are back.
03:36   Welcome to Merkel’s Looney Bin Germany, year 13.
03:43   In the light of this devastating self-analysis by the Union (CDU), we demand all the more clearly:
03:49   Stop dismantling our sovereignty — immediately! Return to the rule of law — now!
03:54   Border se-cur-ity. Which includes turning people away! For criminals and those practicing identity fraud,
04:01   all asylum claims are forfeited — deportation! For those who hide from or resist deportation — stop their benefits!
04:08   That, ladies and gentlemen, is what will bring back people’s confidence, not a staged discussion circle.
04:17   But wait! Mrs. Widmann-Mauz wants to integrate everyone without regard to residence permits.
04:25   The values of our constitution will be taught in kindergarten. That will work out great!
04:31   The youngest stay among themselves, speak their own language, hinder the learning of all students and
04:36   later even bully German children. But keep your eye on the prize: To become German citizens as soon as possible.
04:42   Because giving it away will create a sense of commitment to Germany from these people, they say.
04:50   Translation: Continue on the warpath against your own citizenry. Euro, immigration, German army, diesel, energy.
04:56   This Merkel car wreck is a total loss, a write-off which isn’t worth the trip to the repair shop. It needs a reboot.
05:03   Citizens know it, more than ever. What we need is a real alternative.
05:07   An alternative for Germany, Ladies and Gentlemen!
05:11   The political speaker was Gottfried Curio, for the AfD party. The AfD proposed this topical discussion.

11 thoughts on “Merkel’s Looney Bin Germany, Year 13

  1. Please God save Germany from this horror, Merkel horror she created, it’s just almost no reversible situation, Germany is truly lost ..

  2. Curio is the sharpest knife in the AfD- drawer.And that is why he never gets invited to TV panels.He would take the dogooders and scam artists apart.
    Instead TV channels invite party-chairman Mr Gauland, a respectable and gentlemanly person and the pefect incarnation of a geezer granddad.

  3. I like the car wreck point: The truth about European cars these days, especially diesels, is rather sad – they went from indestructible almost perfect pieces in the 1990’s to “modern” low cost, downsized, and too complicated “service revenue machines”. Everybody who is interested in cars runs back to the 1990’s or early 2000’s for a good car. And the saddest thing of all: The design of the modern European car is dictated by the EU, and car makers resistance to bureaucratic stupidity is futile.

    • That’s sad to hear about European cars; they used to be held in such esteem.

      Our own car is American-made, now almost twenty years old. We never buy new cars and got this one because back then, before GoV, I needed an easy-to-drive automatic shift to reduce the strain of driving long distances. I missed the ‘fun’ of using a stick shift just to baby the engine…but this one is now so old that our insurance company sent us a notice to ask if this was still our only automobile.

      Now I’ve become curious to see how long it holds out.

      • Many years ago, my beloved and a friend travelled from West into East Germany in a Mercedes, and had a collision with an East German Brabant, which folded; the Mercedes was barely scratched.

        Undeterred, she later bought a Czech Skoda* (they were then cheaper than western made cars); the kingpin broke and nearly killed her and her child. There’s a case against communism!

        *Skoda was an industrial giant pre-WW2, making aircraft, railway locomotives, tanks and cars; indeed it was part of the reason why the Nazis occupied Czechoslovakia. Skoda, I must add, is now owned by VW/Audi, and makes much better cars!

        • Many years ago, when I lived in Cambridge (MA, not England), we bought a used Mercedes. It was an incredibly heavy car, drove beautifully. Sold it two years later for more than it had cost…it was going to be expensive to have a Mercedes worked on….

    • I just saw that. It’s bad enough that the insane policies of leftist politicians exist, but shielding them from examination and criticism is even more frightening. Information control by anyone, especially those supporting folly, is very worrying. The problem is far bigger than one loony politician. Happening ever more often, too. Not a good development.

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