AfD: Do Something to Protect Our Borders

The two videos below refer to a recent terror arrest in Germany, and the response to it by the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany). Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling.

The first video is a news report about the arrest last Wednesday of Islamic terrorists in Schleswig-Holstein. The would-be jihadis were apprehended before they were able to carry out their plan:

The second video features an address given in the Bundestag by a member of the AfD. The speaker is Martin Hess, a German policeman and politician. He has been Deputy State Spokesman for the AfD in Baden-Württemberg since March 2017, and is a member of the AfD party of the 19th Bundestag:

Video transcript #1:

00:02   Hello. It is 3pm on Wednesday here at Welt news.
00:06   Three refugees from Iraq were planning a terror attack in Germany. This has been confirmed by the Federal Prosecutor
00:10   in Karlsruhe. They were arrested in Schleswig-Holstein. Apparently the target had not been chosen, but the three men
00:16   were intensively working to prepare the attack. The investigators had these refugees in their sight for a while already.
00:22   The special forces of the GSG9 were also involved in the raid.
00:26   The three refugees from Iraq were arrested in Dithmarschen region of Schleswig-Holstein for planning a terror attack.
00:33   Special forces and the BKA (Federal Criminal Police) searched apartments in Mecklenburg-West Pomerania and
00:37   in Baden-Wuerttemberg. The three men arrested have connections to Islamist circles. — Two of the accused, Shahin F.
00:44   and Hersh F., are suspected of planning an Islamist-motivated attack in Germany at the end of 2018. —The third suspect is said
00:55   to have helped them with planning the attack. The three men were preparing a bomb attack and had obtained building
01:00   instructions from the internet. —It appears that they were attempting to construct an explosive device with the gunpowder
01:10   collected from store-bought fireworks. They did this in December, before New Years Eve, in order to avoid suspicion.
01:23   The suspects also wanted to buy a pistol like this Makarov 9mm for the attack, but they thought it was too expensive.
01:30   A concrete target for the attack hadn’t been chosen. The investigators were able to take them out just in time.
01:35   I’m pleased by the greatest possible vigilance, especially concerning a terrorist threat. Here it can already be classified
01:42   as bomb preparation, which shows our security service are wide awake, which is good.
01:51   This is already the seventh terror attack since the Breitscheidplatz attack in 2016 that the authorities have successfully prevented.
02:00   Marie Przibylla is in front of the field office of the Federal Criminal Police in Berlin for us. That’s where the BKA president,
02:06   Holger Muench, gave his press conference today, as we just saw in the report. Marie, when we take a look at
02:12   what we know so far, we should actually be happy that these three suspect were relatively amateurish. — Yes, definitely.
02:24   The entire operation took so long. From the time they downloaded the instructions to build an explosive device
02:33   until the end of December for the first tests. It was also very fortunate that Interior Intelligence Office had a tip
02:40   early on which prompted the BKA to set up a separate group of investigators to follow this trio from mid-December.
02:46   From there they were able to follow everything, which contacts were made, their communications were monitored and
02:52   they were under surveillance. This involved many officers from the Federal Police as well as state police forces.
02:59   This was clearly a priority. In cases like these, the question is how long to wait before an actual terror attack happens,
03:08   but at the same time it is important to have enough evidence in order to prosecute. As we have seen with the explosives,
03:17   none of plans were finalized. And when their idea with a weapon went nowhere, the newest terror plan with a car,
03:24   well, they just started taking driving lessons to drive — so even that wouldn’t have happened the next day.
03:32   The most interesting part of all this is the connections, if any, to the Islamic State or if they had any backers.
03:40   That is still being investigated. However, this evening the three suspects will be presented to the
03:46   examining magistrate in Karlsruhe. —In any case, it was a successful criminal investigation. Thank you, Marie in Berlin.

Video transcript #2:

00:00   Dear Mr. President, ladies and gentlemen. Dear colleagues of the FDP, in your motion,
00:05   you correctly describe the massive problems that security agencies have in combating
00:10   the huge Islamist terror in our country. To address these significant security issues,
00:15   your plan is to set up a commission to make proposals for the reorientation
00:20   of the Federal Security Architecture by 2020. The problem is, we can’t wait until 2020.
00:30   We can no longer act according to the motto: “If I don’t have a plan,
00:34   then of course it is time to establish a task force”.
00:37   The current political failure was just portrayed by your colleague Schuster.
00:43   The threat of terrorism is higher than ever before, and therefore we must now act now
00:48   to implement effective measures to protect our citizens.
00:54   In other words: Enough talk. Now is the time for action. And this requires that the main problem
01:01   be solved, which is responsible for the disasters in the area of internal security.
01:08   Our open borders. Every party in this parliament needs to recognise that we can only resolve
01:15   our current security problems with an honest and ideology-free problem analysis.
01:23   Unfortunately, all but the AfD are unwilling to do so.
01:30   The truth has been and remains: Germany is as uncertain as never before.
01:37   Never before in our country have we needed to protect
01:41   our Christmas markets with concrete blocks from Islamist attacks.
01:45   Never before in the history of our country did we need “Women’s Protection Zones”
01:49   to be set up at public events to protect our women.
01:53   Never before in the history of our country has there been such an exorbitant increase
01:58   of assaults and homicide cases with knives as in recent years.
02:04   Never before has the risk of a terrorist attack been so high for the citizens of our country.
02:11   In July 2018 we had to date the highest number of Islamic terror suspects at 776. Compared
02:16   to the beginning of the year 2014, when there were only 165.
02:22   So the number of perpetrators has increased almost fivefold since the opening of the borders.
02:27   And as a reminder, with these suspects, it is no longer a question
02:31   of IF they will commit a terrorist attack, but WHEN.
02:35   The number of potential Salafist Islamist terrorist threats and the Islamist terrorist cases
02:40   has been steadily rising. This clearly shows that all measures taken
02:45   by this government to combat Islamist terror are completely inadequate.
02:51   You irresponsibly neglect the security and protection of our citizens.
02:58   Let’s take a look at the current situation concerning terror.
03:03   Almost all terrorist suspects entered our country as refugees.
03:08   I could now list many examples, but I want to focus on the most recent case.
03:12   Namely, the three Iraqis who were arrested on Wednesday because they were
03:16   planning a terrorist attack in a town in Schleswig-Holstein
03:20   which was intended to kill as many citizens as possible.
03:23   My party would like to expressly thank all security forces involved
03:27   in preventing this attack. Great job!
03:32   The truth of the matter is that even these terrorists all came supposedly
03:36   seeking protection across the open borders in our country.
03:41   As long as this cardinal error of “open borders” is not corrected in German security policy,
03:47   all attempts to improve the security agencies will have no impact.
03:54   Do you know what citizens can no longer understand?
03:58   When it comes to your own protection then the borders are massively controlled.
04:04   At the G20 Summit in 2017, the border was massively controlled by the Federal Police. Result?
04:11   In five days the Federal Police arrested 744 criminals for whom an arrest warrant
04:16   had been issued. That proves quite clearly border controls bring security.
04:21   It protects our citizens from violent criminals and terrorists.
04:25   Therefore, any politician who really cares about our country’s security
04:29   must say loud and clear to this government: If you really want to improve the security situation
04:34   in this country, then do something to protect our borders.
04:39   People without a legitimate reason for entry should be consistently rejected,
04:43   and all persons who are staying illegally in our country should be permanently removed.
04:48   The truth of the matter is: these measures alone can’t stop the Islamist terror.
04:55   Our police simply don’t have enough resources to monitor all those Islamist terror threats
05:00   who are already in Germany and seamlessly avoid a planned terrorist attack.
05:06   It is therefore absolutely necessary, in order to protect our population,
05:10   especially under proportionality considerations, to either deport all perpetrators
05:15   to their home countries or to hold them in deportation detention.
05:19   When deportation isn’t possible, longer-term detention must be used.
05:23   Otherwise, the danger to the lives and health of innocent citizens
05:26   in our country cannot possibly be averted.
05:29   With the implementation of this measure, 776 ticking time bombs can be effectively defused
05:34   in one go. For us and for the citizens of our country,
05:39   it is therefore not understandable why you refuse this massive security advantage.
05:44   The security and protection of our citizens are not negotiable for us.
05:49   Or, to put it in the words of the FDP: Safety first, misgivings second.
05:56   We are dealing with Islamist terrorists who violate international war procedures and
06:01   don’t hesitate to commit the mass murder of even innocent women and children.
06:06   However, surveillance of these terrorists is insufficient in many federal states because
06:10   the large number of different police laws do not provide a suitable legal framework
06:14   for effective security. This is not a new insight. The security experts have told us that for years.
06:19   That is why we can only win the fight against Islamist terrorism if,
06:25   as we demand in our motion, we give the federal authority the responsibility
06:31   for countering terrorism. As a policeman and a pragmatist, I urge you to finally take action.
06:38   What we need now, dear colleagues of the FDP, isn’t another commission.
06:43   We also don’t need politicians like Martin Schulz of the SPD who told us not too long ago
06:49   that terror is just a risk of twenty-first century life. We also don’t need a Mr. de Maizière,
06:55   who claims we will have to learn to live with the terror. Because the opposite is true.
07:01   In the name of our citizens, our children and our grandchildren, we cannot and will not
07:07   live with this terror. We finally want a safe Germany without concrete bollards
07:13   and without women’s protection zones. That’s why I’m going to tell you what we really need now.
07:19   We need politicians who are determined to fight Islamist terrorism effectively,
07:26   and make this fight a top priority, right now. Who don’t hide behind any legal regulations,
07:31   saying we can’t do that because current laws prohibit it.
07:37   The task of politics is always to check whether the current legal boundaries can solve
07:43   our country’s problems. If we find that we cannot resolve the security issues
07:49   within current laws then we need to modify our legal basis, add to them, and
07:54   create new ones if necessary. Because the law exists for the people and the people do not
08:00   exist for the law. With our proposals, security is improved promptly
08:05   and sustainably, and therefore I can only appeal to them:
08:10   Vote for our parliamentary initiatives so that Germany is safe again.

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  1. Still curious if the “authorities” have caught the perps who beat the AfD politician almost to death. I keep bringing this up because it shows that some Germans are utterly expendable for their rights to different thoughts and policies. No different that Tommy Robinson in the UK. It is totally Orwellian.

    I lived in Germany off an on for 12 years.

    I would never, ever live there for any reason whatsoever. Ever.

    • Did a quick google search and there’s no news whatsoever since the initial few days after the attack, go figure…

  2. The AfD offer some hope for all of us but I think the Germans are just as drugged on Islam as a Religion of Peace as the rest of the naive fools in Western European governments.

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