Jew-Hatred in the Schools of Berlin

Arabs in Berlin hate Jews — who could have guessed?

Many thanks to Nash Montana for translating this report from Der Spiegel, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

0:00   A small truck that is being steered
0:03   into a group of people on purpose.
0:06   These are the kinds of catastrophes that no one here can or wants to get used to.
0:09   Good evening and welcome to SPIEGEL TV.
0:12   Also it appears unacceptable to me, the fact that
0:15   there are people here in Germany who are berated as s**t Jews,
0:18   or who become victims of racist attacks.
0:21   And the attackers aren’t just some brain-fried
0:24   Neo-Nazis, but apparently just as brain-fried
0:27   Arab anti-Semites.
0:31   At some Berlin schools in the meantime the sentiments
0:34   among the various cultures have become so chilly,
0:37   just like the sentiments between Israel and Palestine,
0:40   when the Jewish student becomes the enemy of an entire class.
0:43   Anna Sadovnikova, Roman Leber and Klaus Meier-Heuer
0:46   spoke to both sides.
0:49   The Rückert family celebrates the Sabbath strictly
0:52   behind closed doors. They don’t show their
0:55   religion any longer in public.
1:12   Liam, the youngest of the two brothers, had to learn
1:15   that in the midst of Berlin, the word ‘Jew’ has become an expletive.
1:18   Seven decades after the end of WW2.
1:21   It all started once he switched schools.
1:24   In the beginning, when I went to class,
1:27   actually on the third day,
1:30   our substitute teacher brought up the topic of anti-Semitism,
1:33   and then a lot of other students said that
1:36   if there was a Jew in the classroom,
1:39   they would murder him.
1:42   That’s when I realized that I couldn’t tell anyone that I was Jewish.
1:45   So I said that I was from Israel,
1:48   and one of them called me a s**t Israeli, and
1:51   the other one called me a s**t Jew,
1:54   because of course he assumed that all Israelis are Jewish.
1:57   That’s just how they all think there.
2:00   And now they’ll all see that I’m Jewish.
2:03   At that moment, a lot changed for Liam.
2:06   Israel, the birthplace of his mother,
2:09   is the land of the enemy in the eyes of his peers.
2:12   The boy who once proudly celebrated his Bar Mitzvah at 13 years old
2:15   suddenly became an outsider, one who didn’t
2:18   even dare to go outside anymore, in his own city.
2:21   He flat-out refused to go to school, he just quit going.
2:24   He missed 40 days. He’d ride there, sometimes I drove him myself,
2:27   but he would just not go inside, and…
2:30   but I didn’t even know about it,
2:33   all because he was avoiding his class.
2:39   70% of the students were either Arab
2:42   or Polish,
2:45   yeah, actually only either Arab or Polish.
2:48   Or Turkish, and uh…
2:51   the rest were German, or something else…
2:54   Arab anti-Semitism in the heart of Berlin?
2:57   In search of answers,
3:00   we drive to the neighborhood Berlin-Neukölln
3:03   to visit the Al-Nur Mosque.
3:06   Similar to Jewish tradition, prayers also take place on Friday.
3:09   Hello, can we ask you a question?
3:12   We’re working on a report about the relationship between
3:15   Jewish and Arab people here… —No, about that, we don’t feel like it.
3:18   We don’t want to be talked to about that.
3:21   It is said that Jewish children are being harassed at schools.
3:24   That’s not true, who… where are there even Jewish kids
3:27   at normal schools? They’re all hidden in synagogues or wherever!
3:30   No, there are normal Jewish kids learning at regular schools.
3:33   I’ve never gotten to know one; I’ve never seen any Jewish kids at a normal school.
3:36   But there are newspaper articles about how Jewish children are bullied at schools.
3:39   We have nothing to do with that.
3:42   May we ask you a question? —Yeah, here, no go, you can’t read, for the tenth time,
3:45   why have you come back here again?!
3:48   The other street is better, here forbidden, do you understand?
3:51   Ten times you asked! Why you ask same question here! Go away! Turn off camera!
3:55   The Sonnenallee. Almost all stores here are in Arab hands.
3:59   The migrant ratio at some schools here is over 80%.
4:03   The central council of Jews calls this a no-go area.
4:06   Open discussion is not wanted around here,
4:09   only covertly.
4:12   Jewish children at schools are bullied,
4:15   and uh… I have experienced it like that in any case,
4:18   that if someone knows that a child is a Jew,
4:21   he will be bullied.
4:24   But one has to also say that if someone
4:27   is not a Jew, and he is a backstabber [traitor]
4:30   then we also say “you Jew!”
4:33   The Jews… they like the money,
4:36   and the power,
4:39   and we on the other hand don’t like
4:42   the people who like money and power.
4:45   But these are prejudices, I mean
4:48   not all Jewish people can be rich and powerful.
4:51   Those are prejudices, but like I said, what is shown on TV,
4:54   and in movies, that is how we soak it up.
4:57   At the central relief office for Jews, Marina Chernivsky
5:00   is like the archivist for this new anti-Semitism.
5:03   The flood of reported incidents
5:06   fills entire folders.
5:09   For instance, a teacher, Frau A.,
5:12   reports of new conflicts between a group of students
5:15   in the 8th grade, where a female student described
5:18   the Shoah, the Holocaust, as correct, and she was harassed
5:21   and the school did nothing to stop this.
5:24   It’s a climate in which even the word “Jew”
5:27   has become a natural insult.
5:30   I already knew that this word had become a common cussword,
5:33   but I’d never heard it used like that before. To hear this with my own ears
5:36   was paralyzing. To imagine that my very own son
5:39   could be confronted like this at his school made me feel deeply unsettled.
5:42   This is just one experience that we hear very often,
5:45   and especially in schools where the word “Jew” frequently
5:48   circulates as an insult while remaining unopposed.
5:51   There is a general assumption going around;
5:54   this isn’t really hitting anyone in particular.
5:57   Jewish students aren’t there; therefore it just slides through.
6:00   Chernivsky tries to use education to deal with the anger.
6:03   but with each conflict in the Middle East it becomes more difficult.
6:06   Anti-Semitism has always been a trigger, an outlet,
6:09   and it’s going to keep being that,
6:12   each escalation in the Middle East, each action,
6:15   political… each political…
6:18   tension…
6:21   Israel and the Middle East, Syria,
6:24   wherever, they all contribute
6:27   to the incidents here in our schools getting worse and worse.
6:30   Sigmount Königsberg, too, can hardly rest anymore.
6:33   Actually he is a commissioner against anti-Semitism, but lately he feels more like
6:37   a security expert.
6:40   I would not recommend to anyone that
6:43   they get on the subway in Berlin wearing the star of David.
6:46   That goes for the entire city of Berlin.
6:49   Or just walk through Berlin wearing the kippah;
6:52   I strongly advise not to do that. — Why?
6:55   I do not recommend that because the… uh…
6:58   one’s physical integrity cannot be guaranteed.
7:01   A drive into the Ruhr area.
7:04   Since the wave of refugees began, the number of
7:07   Arabic migrants has grown very rapidly here.
7:10   In the city district Alten-Essen, the owner
7:13   of a Lebanese snack stand allows us
7:16   to talk with guests and employees.
7:19   Mahana Kamil lost relatives in Lebanon
7:22   due to Israeli air strikes. Since then, the Jews are the enemy.
7:25   Those in Israel anyway. He’s got nothing against Jews in Germany.
7:28   May we show you this video,
7:31   this happened a few months ago in Stuttgart, at a demonstration.
7:34   I think that’s good, yes, all Arabs must be like that.
7:37   But especially here in Germany, we have
7:40   a special kind of responsibility towards our
7:43   fellow Jewish citizens, to let something like this happen…
7:46   Look, look at… Hitler, what did he do Jews,
7:49   do you know that, are you German?
7:52   Do you think that was good?
7:55   I don’t find that good, but with such people you just have to do like that.
7:58   Hitler has said, I let a few people, Jews, live, and …
8:01   then they know why I, these people,
8:04   why I “fired” them,
8:07   why I have killed them.
8:10   And he was right, I believe.
8:13   These people want to have everything, all of them,
8:16   they want everything, all things.
8:19   They leave nothing for other people. —The Jews? —Jews, exactly!
8:22   And yes, that is right. It is correct.
8:25   Our Imam [imam name in Arabic] has said
8:28   Israel is a big mistake.
8:31   It must — it’s like a cancer, and when you don’t make cancer go away,
8:34   then it stays in your head and in your body and so on.
8:37   Yeah, and so that is.
8:40   Not everybody thinks like that, with some the resentment against the Jews sounds
8:43   almost diplomatic. Almost. When they say, the Jews, they’re attacked in school
8:47   or by the kids or whatever, that is right, but what do Jews do
8:50   with all those other people, the Palestinians,
8:53   and so on, that is their kids
8:56   who die every day routinely.
8:59   Who gives them the right? No one.
9:02   Is that justice? That is not justice either.
9:05   I too am against when a person attacks a Jew or a child,
9:08   or whatever. I am not in agreement with that, either.
9:11   They are humans, too.
9:14   They believe differently, they have a different religion,
9:17   that is true, but…
9:20   what should I say; that is normal, right?
9:24   What is normal for some, is unbearable for the Rückert family.
9:27   The fact that their religion could put them in danger,
9:30   is something they’d never even thought possible.
9:34   We are afraid, of course. Things come up in me —
9:37   things come up in me,
9:40   like back in the times of my parents…
9:43   you hear such things…,
9:46   s**t Jew, filthy Jew. We are in the year 2018;
9:49   something like that shouldn’t even be happening anymore.
9:52   Liam wants to emigrate to Israel now.
9:55   There, he wants to go to a boarding school.
9:58   As far as Berlin is concerned, he doesn’t want to live here anymore.

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  1. The gullibility of people like this silly woman astonishes me.

    After being told by psychopathic new ‘German’ students that they would like murder Jews she said:

    That’s when I realized that I couldn’t tell anyone that I was Jewish… So I said I was from Israel.

    To her surprise, this made things much worse.

    Granted, she does not have a functioning brain, and the alliance of leftist politicians and the lying press, share much of the blame for her delusional beliefs, but there is enough truthful information on the web to inform anyone about the nature of Islam, its doctrines, and the products of its teachings.

    To make matters worse, she now appears to think that it’s all because of Israel.

    Israel or no Israel, the Islamic countries would have emptied themselves of non muslims almost as swiftly as has actually occurred. This dull woman does not realize that.

  2. This is how it is done – attrition by thuggery.
    Kaffir Drive-Out.
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