Unaccompanied Foreign Criminals in Catalonia

Catalonia, like much of Western Europe, is having difficulties with its “unaccompanied foreign minors”. The following article describes the problems experienced by towns in Maresme Province that have local contingents of Puir Wee Bairns living in nearby refugee facilities.

Many thanks to Pampasnasturtium for translating this article from the Catalonian daily La Vanguardia:

Neighbors restless in Canet over the deeds of ‘unaccompanied foreign minors’

A group of youngsters hosted in a summer camp hostel perpetrates burglaries, thefts and harassment of female teenagers

Caption for photo [not shown]: A meeting of the Canet de Mar’s town council security commission (Source: Twitter).

The neighbors of Canet de Mar’s Can Salat Busquets borough, the newest area of the town, have instituted a community platform to look for solutions to the high number of crimes committed in the area by a group of unaccompanied foreign minors [‘menas‘: ‘menores extranjeros no acompañados‘] hosted in the Can Brugarola summer camp villa, owned by the mayoress, Blanca Arbell [her political party: ERC —Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya‘, Republican Left of Catalonia].

Last Friday some fifty neighbors gathered to decide on the public demonstrations to be held after a considerable number of robberies by a group of seven to ten of these youngsters. ‘We know it’s them because we’ve caught them stealing inside our houses, and they have threatened us,’ the neighbors explain. ‘They’ve stolen from or broken into all of the houses.’

‘We’ve seen them jumping fences from one garden into the next,’ they confirm. The feeling of insecurity can be felt on the upper area of Canet. The actions of these minors has also terrorized teenagers. ‘They molest us and they follow us home as they stalk us’, explained a [female] teenager to the community platform. In other situations they surround their victims to steal their mobile phones. ‘Three times we’ve reported to the police the sexual harassment of our daughters, but reports result in nothing,’ a family complained.

Police, as acknowledged by the mayoress, who showed up at the neighbors’ meeting to try to convince them that crime has gone down, are overwhelmed. ‘At night, in Canet there are only three policemen to patrol a town of 14,000 inhabitants.’

Police refer to delinquent unaccompanied foreign minors hosted on the mayoress’ summer-camp villa as ‘shortbread’ [‘polvorones‘]. ‘With the profit obtained from hosting them she should be paying for private security for us,’ some of the neighbors insisted.

Canet’s problem is common to all the towns and cities of Maresme Province that host unaccompanied foreign minors. Arenys de Mar, Cabrera de Mar, Dosrius, El Masnou, Llavaneres, Caldetes, Mataró and Montgat also have them. In the adjacent Arenys de Mar, the town council has set up patrols of civic agents to reinforce police action during the time periods these groups habitually act.

‘They’re minors who come from Canet,’ states the mayoress, Annabel Moreno. They used to steal from elderly people via muggings, which creates a high sense of insecurity. Such is the level of worry about the actions of these teenagers that some mayors have required the presence of the board of directors of the regional government’s Infancy and Adolescence Affairs Department [‘DGAIA‘: ‘Atenció a la Infància i l’Adolescència‘] during a meeting that all of the affected town councils summoned to demand solutions.

9 thoughts on “Unaccompanied Foreign Criminals in Catalonia

  1. “..hosted in the Can Brugarola summer camp villa, owned by the mayoress…”

    Follow the money.

    Every politician has a price.

  2. *‘At night, in Canet there are only three policemen to patrol a town of 14,000 inhabitants.’*

    That’s because by and large, smallish, essentially homogeneous communities such as Canet tend to be self-policing. The people who live there live according to similar or broadly similar norms and follow – with exceptions, because that’s the nature of things – unwritten and written rules.

    Some – such as the mayoress, Blanca Arbell – thing they know better, think they can overwrite this “Sociology 101” rule. The result is chaos, be it in (for example) Africans in Australia, Africans in Ireland, the 16-year-old Nigerian on a German train a couple of days ago who spat at the female ticket inspector, hit her and called her a Nazi bitch.


    That’s what you signed up for, Blanca, and that’s what you got. To put it another way, you got what you paid for; you believed what you wanted to about the goods you were buying but didn’t even look properly at what they actually were. You thought you knew better – and you still think you do. But you’re spoiling the lives of a lot of people who relied on you to represent them, namely the citizens of Canet.

    Citizens’ meetings and citizens’ discussions shouldn’t really be necessary. In the line of a song which has just drifted into my head but whose title eludes me “The answer was there all the time”: don’t bring these people in; close your borders and then select carefully whom you allow through. Otherwise you get what Melbourne, rural Ireland, Catalonia and ten thousand other places have got and are getting: ever-growing levels of crime, insecurity, unease, unhappiness. Blanca Arbell and her ilk haven’t got it yet – and *voluntarily* never will. That’s why the horrendous alternatives, serious civil strife and worse are already a dark and growing cloud on the not-so-distant horizon. They’ll have to be *forced* to get it, unless we all just roll over.

  3. why don’t they lodge those thugs in the center of Pamplona, preferably just around San Firmin’s day?They could prove their jumping and running skills under the hoofs of stampeding bulls. And btw, where are those courageous young spanish bullfighters? Are they just at hand when its for show?

    • In Pamplona maybe, but Catalonia, to its credit (and maybe uniquely in Spain?) banned bullfighting some years ago.

      • Mark,
        I was not refering to bullfights but to the public stampede of young bulls let loose in the very streets of Pamplona. As for the ban of bullfighting, I fully agree. I never understood how one could enjoy such display.

  4. Man if the majority of people only knew what is going on in these places they would just cringe.

    I just wanted to tell you all that I was on a JetBlue flight a few days ago and they offer free WiFi on board. So I figure I will go out and look at some of my favorite political websites. One of which is G of V. Well guess what they actually had you all blocked on board the aircraft. I could go to most other sites like Vlades but not yours.

  5. Unmentioned is how young these youngsters really are. But, I’m sure a male 16-year old with no visible constraints and no legal liability can cause plenty of harm.

    As you mentioned, the policing and security practices are based on the experiences of a well-acculturated homogeneous society with common and real standards of behavior. Once you bring in people with different mores, you generate conflict and disruption.

    It’s part of the ethics of the West being held against us: help the helpless, provide charity, protect children. Western societies appear unable to adapt to changing conditions, but continue their traditional practices, even when those practices not only don’t make sense, but are positively harmful. Ultimately, an organism unable to adapt to changing conditions dies. It’s not moral or immoral: it’s simply nature.

    The US is experiencing the same sort of dysfunctional inertia. The laws mandate releasing any immigrant with a rent-a-kid into our country, and good luck finding them when their immigration hearing comes up in a year or two. President Trump identified a lot of the systemic problems in his campaign: birthright citizenship, chain immigration, e-verify, H1-B visa abuse, etc, etc. Unfortunately, Trump seems to have forgotten about those, except in random tweets, and now has no more eloquent a critic than unfollowed Ann Coulter.

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