Greta Thunberg, the Teenage Spear Point of Radical Climate-Change Alarmists

A Swedish teenager named Greta Thunberg has gained international fame by starting the “school strike” movement to stop “climate change”. She even spoke at the recent World Economic Forum in Davos.

I suppose you could say she’s the Ahmed the Clock Boy of the environmental movement — a photogenic kid guaranteed to tug at the heartstrings of Progressives who get all mush-brained about the Puir Wee Bairns.

Nash Montana, who translated the material below, sends these extra details on Greta Thunberg:

Who is this girl, who is supposedly 16 years old but looks and talks like she’s four? She who is now being hyped up as the spokesperson for thousands of school-ditching kids? She is the product of her parents and of an eco-communist media world that has almost destroyed her early on in life in order to use her:

“Greta Thunberg was born to the Opera singer Malena Ernman and the actor Svante Thunberg. According to her own statements when she was 8 years old she became interested in climate change and she engaged in environmental protectionism by keeping the lights off in her house. Later she decided not to fly anymore. At age 11 she became depressive and started to self-harm and quit eating due to her anxiety about the climate. She then was diagnosed with the Asperger’s syndrome, OCD, and selective mutism. Later she engaged herself publicly against climate change.”

The translated article from Apollo News:

A student’s look at Greta Thunberg: How the climate-changers have instrumentalized a girl

The 16-year-old Swedish student Greta Thunberg has become the symbol of a young person who doesn’t want to be cheated out of her future. But she is a sick child who is being instrumentalized by the green elites in a perverse way.

The figurehead of climate change, at least according to the media, is Greta Thunberg. The by now 16-year-old Swedish girl has for weeks been in the spotlight. With her campaign “school strike for the climate” she has (supposedly) inspired millions of students and encouraged them, to demonstrate for “better climate politics”. Young people are fighting for a political issue: We here at the LJB do the same. But nonetheless I have to exercise criticism here, especially now, as I just became of legal age, that I am a young adult.

To pull off a political movement as a student is quite a lot of work. We experience this every day. For me, each week is a new balancing act, to write for Apollo while at the same time be prepared for final exams and other school requirements. But I get it all done — and mind you, without my just walking out of school on a Friday. Maybe I could organize that: School strike for Liberty. [He writes “Freiheit”, freedom, but I think in this case he means “liberty”… but it could be debated, I guess. —translator]

No doubt most people who emulate Greta and go to demonstrate believe the message they are representing. And I certainly don’t want to open that can of worms about climate change, because for that I have neither time nor space. Let’s just say it this way: A lot what so-called “climate activists say” can be thoroughly doubted. And still the narrative of the impending climate apocalypse is being pushed through the mainstream media as if there’s literally no tomorrow. Should we therefore blame these kids when they believe this stuff? If at all, then only conditionally.

Great Thunberg was born in the year 2003. The student has been diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome, OCD, and “selective mutism”, which is a psychological condition in which patients suddenly stop speaking. At age 8, according to her own statements, she began to be interested in climate change. This led her into a full-blown depression at 11 years old, including refusal to eat.

Let’s be honest here: a girl that because of a political position develops full-blown depression at 11 years old is not really suitable to be the mouthpiece for such a campaign. A girl like that needs help. Meanwhile she is advocating for very radical positions: “For me most things are black or white,” Thunberg wrote in The Guardian (which is a classical example of a borderline disorder). In plain text: Completely and utterly, or not at all. And for Greta, the choice is clear: Completely and utterly. So capitalism has to fall as a consequence. She calls for a boycott of Black Friday and demands basic changes in consumption and lifestyle. As is more often than not the case, anti-capitalism and “environmental protection” again go hand in hand. We do not know whether she was co-opted by the political Left or whether she is just used much more as a poster child.

One time I met a group of young people at the main Cologne train station who were holding a political demonstration. I decided to talk with them, and to ask them questions. I found out who announced the demonstration: A circa 18- to 19-year-old woman in an Antifa pullover. Also one Antifa flag was lying very visibly in front of the demonstrating group. And the answers of the youths were as naïve as they were shocking: 14- to 15-year-olds proclaimed in all seriousness carefully thought out sentences such as: “Yeeeeah we want for instance not so many plastic bags” as one reason for their demonstration. Pearls of wisdom such as “The economy shouldn’t be deciding and dictating everything; rather the common good should be advocated for”, were dangerously mixed with statements such as “I think the entirety of commerce (traffic) should be completely reconstructed […] everything just needs to be completely changed.” Individual mobility has to go. Or: “Maybe we need to ask the question whether capitalism is still suitable, or if we should rethink because of climate change.”

These children are being abused by anti-capitalists in the name of environmental protection. When the photos of the “school strike” from last Friday show 12-year-old children, it begs the question of how they even got there. Did their teachers send them there? And so, a thousand times over, what has happened to Greta Thunberg in plain view of everybody is happening to children everywhere. Because Greta, too, is being abused and instrumentalized by the climate-changers and the perpetual saviors of the world in a simple, moving way. Greta Thunberg is a girl who is in a perpetual state of fear due to the propaganda of the climate changers. A state that has led her into depression and self-harm, and there is no one who is willing to really help her.

“I don’t want you to be hopeful. I want you to feel the fear I feel every day.” This is statement by someone who is just not OK.

On a related note, Nash adds the following translated anecdote from the comments at Politically Incorrect:

A colleague of mine told me she had a family discussion today at the breakfast table with her two kids. They were “school striking” yesterday, Friday. For the climate.

Later that evening when she asked the kids “How long are you going to take to pull this off?”, they answered, “Until your generation leaves a better world for our generation. A healthy world. One in which we can live again.”

So Sunday morning, in agreement with her husband, they decided to give in to their kids’ demands. The mom told her kids that they had thought about it long and hard, and that they had recognized that things needed to be changed.

In order to improve the climate, the family will sell both diesel cars, and only buy a brand new car. Which means that from now on, both kids have to either ride the S-train or use their bicycles to get to school and to their activities.

In order to avoid radiation, or even to reduce it, she is ready to completely relinquish all cell phones. There’ll be only one cell phone left for the entire family, and no flat rate. That saves a lot of money.

The house telephone also will not be wireless anymore, they’ll go back to corded telephones, in order to avoid “dangerous exposure to radiation”.

From now on the buying of clothes will be greatly reduced in order to minimize the exploitation of Asian laborers and child labor, and in order to reduce the carbon footprint. Therefore no more new clothes in trendy hip clothing stores. All clothes will now be bought in secondhand stores. There are a plethora of those in Berlin, after all. The fact that they won’t be as fashionable as new clothes will have to be accepted in the name of climate change prevention.

Frozen pizzas, burgers, other fast food, too, and beverages in plastic bottles as well will be gradually banned from the house from now on.

There will be more cooking at home. The fresh groceries will be bought at the local market. They don’t have to be organic right away, but the goal is to strive to become completely organic. The difference in prize for organic products will be compensated through the reduction in the household allowance and the kids’ allowance.

Revolution demands sacrifice.

My colleague and her husband understand that up until now they made one mistake after another. Therefore they have put all decisions to improve the climate and to make the world a livable place again into their kids’ hands.

Therefore she asked the kids that by Monday morning, they’ll come up with a plan of action by means of which everything can be implemented as quickly as possible.

And as a bonus, she added regular school-ditching can be included. However there will be no written and signed excuses by the parents. Neither from the dad nor from the mom. Since this is part of the revolution, the kids will have to regulate that themselves.

The next family meeting is Monday morning, 7 a.m., in the kitchen.

For now neither of the kids have said a word about any of it. But there’s still time, after all.

60 thoughts on “Greta Thunberg, the Teenage Spear Point of Radical Climate-Change Alarmists

    • Occasional Cortex might have gotten her “twelve year” idea from Miss Greta, who says at the beginning of the video, “According to the IPCC, we are less than twelve years from not being able to undo our mistakes.”

      • Tell me again, you physics deniers, how the heck did Earth get 1.1 degrees Celsius hotter since 1880, or 0.5 degrees since 2000, if there is no human-made climate change at work?
        Tell me again, how do you explain the satellite data that show Earth is getting the same amount of energy from the sun but radiating less in the frequence band absorbed by CO2?
        Tell me again, how did 75% of flying insect biomass simply “disappear” since 1990 if there is no widespread ecosystem destruction?
        Greta is a 16-year-old girl who is really, really worried – and happens to be on the spectrum. Many scientists (including nobel prize winners) have been really, really worried for decades, and what’s even worse they have seen their worst predictions come true.
        Physics won’t care about what you believe. If you jump out of the window in the 16th floor, you die because there is such a thing called gravity, even if you don’t believe in it. If you pump more and more CO2 into the atmosphere, Earth gets hotter. Physics at work.

        • Physics won’t care about what you believe.

          Right. And neither does chaos theory, – a subset of physics – that explains better the stochastic energy of climate over long eras of earth’s history than do those sad computer models “climatologists” use.

          We be warmist deniers here.

    • Wish those braids were red. Then we’d know what happened to Pippi Longstocking. Though Pippi isn’t a downer like this kid.

    • No, they are using this madchen as a symbol of German ‘goodness’, digging deep down past the current mind-meld to trigger older memories, but this time in the service of globalism. A call to the volk 21st century style. Remember ‘The future belongs to me?’

      • Excuse the correction, but I suspect you’re recalling “Tomorrow Belongs to Me”, from “Cabaret”:

        The blonde youth here really is beautiful (and thoroughly Aryan); the song is brilliant because it’s so insidiously appealing- one wonders though whether he died on the Eastern Front for his Fuhrer.

          • You’re quite right (and I sometimes worry whether I’m pernickety!) The scary thing is, having clicked on the link to check, I found myself again caught up in the visceral appeal of the song- reminds me of Wagner, especially “Die Meistersinger von Nurnberg”, with its glorification of “Heilige Deutsche Kunst” (“Holy German Art”, but it somehow sounds more menacing in German).

            I admire and enjoy Wagner, who was a musical genius (not only in his own estimation!), but find it hard to love him.

  1. Most of all, she’s not just photogenic, but she’s “disabled” to play the heart strings, she’s a girl to give it a more dramatic impact, AND SHE IS WHITE.

    She is a trial run. She is the first. Many more will follow. Girls and boys. And even brown and black ones’. But for this instrumentalization to be believable, she HAD to be all of the above things first.

    After they’re done with Greta, I’m gonna go ahead and guess that she’ll never grow past the age of 20 or so, she’ll commit suicide because she IS mentally ill and NO ONE is helping her…, after they’re done with her, it’s going to be interesting who they will choose next.

    • I am terribly sorry, but IMO she is not photogenic at all, and moreover, she also comes across as severely disturbed.

      • Y’all are missing the point. She is photogenic because she looks fragile, childish, and very very progressive. She’s the sweaty palmed happy place for millions of feminized men in Europe, she’s malleable and helpless and innocent… she is extremely attractive in a twisted progressive communist kind of way.

    • “she’ll commit suicide because she IS mentally ill and NO ONE is helping her…,”

      After that she will be remembered as the climate saint. So that might be the plan.

    • She might be the first in Environmentalism, but not the first ever corrupted young girl.

      Over the last few days, I have heard far to much about the CIA MK Ultra mind control program. Far too much. It’s enough to make me weep. Just skimming through this article I spotted enough to make me suspect she is on the same/similar program. For starters, listen to the testimony of one who was rescued from it, and the man who rescued her who is now her husband.
      There is a part 2, find it on the same channel.

      Then join the dots between these attributes listed in the article above, in the order they appear in the article:
      * gained international fame
      * spoke at the recent World Economic Forum in Davos
      * supposedly 16 years old but looks and talks like she’s four
      * product of her parents and of an eco-communist media
      * (they) almost destroyed her early on in life in order to use her
      * 8 years old she became interested in climate change
      * age 11 she became depressive and started to self-harm
      * diagnosed with the Asperger’s syndrome, OCD, and selective mutism
      * being instrumentalized by the green elites
      * “For me most things are black or white,” Thunberg wrote in The Guardian (which is a classical example of a borderline disorder). In plain text: Completely and utterly, or not at all.

      Maybe I have seen too much about MK Ultra, and I have got it wrong. I will leave the commenters on here to deliver their judgement. But you know what, at the moment, I think is happening. Yes, she is being destroyed, and her parents are very probably complicit.

      • Evil mad scientist mind conditioning isn’t necessary.

        All you have to do is fill children’s minds with econutz drivel from the moment they enter preschool/kindergarten and you’ll produce another crap-for-brains econut that will quote you chapter and verse from memory.
        Children are like dry sponges and while their brains are developing, they can be taught almost anything.

        When I was posted to Germany, way back when, one Sergeant had married a German national. Their 9 year old daughter spoke both American English and German, both perfectly and with no crossover accents and could switch back and forth so easily that it was actually a bit scary.
        She could have worked as a professional translator.

        I taught a friend’s older daughter’s 5 year old daughter enough conversational German, from scratch in just a few short sessions, that she impressed another native German speaker that was visiting that family over their younger daughter’s Christmas college vacation

        More recently a cousin’s grandchild – at age two!- was well on the way to competence with an Ipad. Now at 4, she can type on a desk top, or smart phone at WPM speed that I can’t even approach.

        “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it. ” has been known for centuries to both good and evil minded people.

      • Climate change agenda = manufactured global warming problem

        LGBT/Homosexuality agenda = less people

        Abortions = less people

        Smaller indoctrinated brainwashed population = easy to manage control and manipulate

  2. “At age 11 she became depressive and started to self-harm and quit eating due to her anxiety about the climate. ”

    I bet it is just natural for an 11 year old to worry so much about issues greater than life, it just happenned all by itself.

  3. PS: ApolloNews quickly has turned into one of my favorite morning reads, although they don’t publish many stories. But oh boy their writers are really, really good. So, not all of the German youth is spoiled yet.

  4. She will not have too much time for climate change activism once the somalis and afghanis take over Sweden. Once she is the third or fourth wife in the harem of some old muslim male she will be too busy chasing after her five or six children, drawing buckets of water from the nearest lake because there is no more electricity or running water, and tending fields and animals to worry too much about saving the environment. And the irony will be that by living as chattel in a post industrial world she will have achieved exactly what she was agitating for.

    My advice to her is learn to cook falafel and goat kebabs and how to properly wear a burqa; it might bring her a greater bride price and maybe she will be second wife instead, and be just a little higher on the pecking order amongst her other muslim sisters.

  5. “Revolution demands sacrifice.”

    You don’t often hear this from our suburban ‘revolutionaries’.

    What happened to the socialists of the old days? Those who actually fought in the jungles and bled and suffered and starved for their beliefs?

    The young socialists of today remind me of the hippies of Haight-Ashbury in the late ’60’s who sat on the street corners demanding of each ‘capitalist pig’ middle-aged working person who passed by:

    ‘Feed me man’.

    • The socialists of the ‘old days’ ended up dead in the gulag, after Dear Leader purged the Party of anybody who took up arms against the old system, lest someone notice how the new boss is alot like the old boss.

  6. WHERE are this child’s parents?? She obviously has had no nurturing, no caring, and no family attentiveness. No sane father or mother allows an 8yro to go off the deep end of a cult. Then at 11, she starts harming herself and still neither parent take the time to say […] we’ve got a real problem here. Maybe, just maybe, my child needs a new way of life?? What a sad story.

    • They are probably even crazier than her. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

    • This is the goal of any socialist state; parents are only for producing the child and the state raises the child into a tool and a fool.

  7. Puir wee lunatic bairns: driven insane by their communist parents, education system and media.

  8. Greta have Asperger, someone should explain the dangers of overpopulation and its origins to her. That would be fun to watch.

  9. I know this type of girls. I met such a girl on a dog playground. She has achieved great success in dog training. Well, that she does not climb into politics, unlike the heroine of the article.
    Yes, this girl forced her school principal to install a parking lot for bicycles. Although in our climate it is comfortable to ride bicycles only 4 months a year, and basically this period falls on summer school holidays …

  10. This is a joke? the Swedes, then, have a bizarre sense of humour but no doubt they find our comedy ( or what’s left of it here in the UK) difficult to understand.

  11. Note that Greta’s father is a climate “activist” in exactly the same mode:

    Greta is meant to appeal to the women, who control politics and education in Sweden anyway. The slightly-disabled, passionate child with a cause will tug at any feminized heartstring. My suspicion is, her father prepared her statement at the World Economic Forum but she definitely understood what she was saying.

    Preteens and teens are like entertainers: appealing to the emotions, attention-getting, and not knowing much about what they’re talking about.

    Climate-change legislation, carbon trading, internal policing agencies and the like are the mythical pot of gold for politicians and bureaucrats. If they can just push back that fog of reason, logic and actual empirical scientific skepticism, they can control bureaucracies handling literally hundreds of billions of dollars. No wonder the science-bureaucrats are saying “we can’t afford skepticism when the future of the planet is at stake in the next 12 years”.

    Greta, in spite of her Asperger’s disorder and depression, will probably fare as well as any 16-year old Swedish girl will in the future: interactions with only thoroughly-feminized men, lots of crime in the streets, deteriorating police security, dissolution of the culture she grew up in, and of course, no children.

  12. “For me most things are black or white,” Thunberg wrote in The Guardian (which is a classical example of a borderline disorder).

    Technically, I don’t think this is an indication of borderline personality. One hallmark of a borderline personality is an inability to stick to one track, whether career or personal, or to carry out obligations or commitments. Leftists as a whole see things in terms of black and white. Greta has stuck persistently to the climate change trope, indicating to me whatever her disorders, borderline personality is not one of them.

  13. What is it with Sweden that they produce so many deranged fans of every stupid progressive-leftist-muslim-green cause there is? Are they really that bored with their boring lives?

    • LOL I do not think that “boredom” is a factor in all of this. I’m pretty sure they’re anything but bored. This is their church. Their ideology. Their religion.

  14. Look a the eyes. This one is a believer. Truly obsessed. The only thing that will stop her is a dirt nap.

    • Having worked in the mental health field, I can say that I have seen that same facial expression many, many times. It is the look of someone on medications for mental illness.

      We may be witnessing the return of the days of the soviets and the GDR drugging some of their best and brightest to produce desired outcomes. It may not be actual drugging by the state to manipulate this girl, but by default as she takes medications for her illnesses she becomes more energetic and more powerfully focussed on tasks and issues. This is a common effect of the medications used to treat her type of illnesses. Asperger’s and OCD create a very active and alert mind but with much mental chaos and difficulty in concentration. The medications allow the mind to better focus this tremendous energy, intelligence and creativity. Exactly the sort of young person the parents and the state is able to use and abuse for their own agendas.

      Hopefully, she has not been misdiagnosed and overly medicated as many young people seem to be today.

      • Great point.. Just another school shooter in a different venue. She won’t be satisfied until the bodies start to pile up.

  15. She’ll change her mind about climate change once she’s sexually assaulted by one of them dark brown “Swedes”.

    Although she’d probably say that they’re brown because of climate change.

  16. In another place and time, she would have worn a Mao jacket, waved her Little Red Book, and denounced her own parents as capitalist running dogs.
    She is a living NPC meme.

    • Your comment reminds me of the movie “Equilibrium” with Christian Bale, long before he started making demented progtard statements. In it, he plays an enforcement officer in a future in which both feelings and artistic expression are outlawed and citizens take daily injections of drugs to suppress their emotions. One day he decides that he is going to not take the drugs anymore, and he hides them. His little snitch of a son finds them and turns him in to the authorities.

      Kids can be scary when they’re programmed like that.

  17. Child porn. The only time Whites are good is if they are enrolled in child porn like this, or political porn of any form.

  18. Just goes to show how easy it is to programme immature minds , Stalin , Mao , Hitler , all totalitarian regimes do this .

  19. I had a pleasant conversation recently with an environmental professional. It went something like this:

    Me: “So, global warming driven by CO2 is an immediate existential threat to the planet and to humanity.”

    E.P.: “CO2 and other greenhouse gases, yes.”

    Me: “By far the greatest contributors to this today are China and India, whose output dwarfs the US and other countries, demand is rising rapidly, and Africa is due to come on strong.”

    E.P.: “Yes.”

    Me: “The biggest contributors to this are generating electricity, industry, and non-personal transportation which in the US is well under 25% of total output.”

    E.P. “Yes.”

    Me: “The low hanging fruit, the place where the most impact can be had in the fewest locations – and if we electrify transportation this will be even more true – is electrical power generation.”

    E.P.: “Right.”

    Me: “The only available and mature technology available to do this is nuclear fission.”

    E.P. “Fusion would be better.”

    Me: “True, but it’s not available now to meet the existential threat you’re concerned about. Fission is available now.”

    E.P. “Everone agrees that the threat is real. Fission generation is unacceptably hazardous and has long term problems.”

    Me: “But there really isn’t another available alternative in the short to medium term.”

    E.P.: “Fission is unacceptably dangerous.”

    Me: “Then perhaps you’re proposing reducing the population of the world to a billion or fewer people? How do you suggest we do this?”

    The answer to my question seems to be to put Greta Thunberg in charge. She looks like she could do it.

  20. Malena Ernman the mother of this poor child is a demented person, we know her very well here in Sweden, she is known for the lunacy of her rantings on immigration and racism, she is a disgusting hypocrite asking for third world immigration while living in the least diverse and most expensive area of the capital, this poor child is a victim of insane parents, unfortunately Sweden is full of parents like those, parents who inflict toxic ideas and feelings of guilt and shame on their children, my daughter married a russian man five years ago and they live in Yekaterinburg, I have 2 grandchildren and sometimes I feel so bad for being so far from them but when I visit them and see how differently the russians treat their children I feel relieved they are not here, first Russians have children, it’s very common to see couples with four and even more children, this is a rare sight here in Sweden (except in immigrant infested areas) secondly Russians love their children, my daughter told me this many times, nobody tells their children that they should not be happy because someone somewhere is not happy or has less material things that themselves or because of their skin color. The insanity and immorality of Sweden has reached an extremly dangerous point, a point where parents don’t love their children. (sorry for my bad english)

    • I’m really happy for your daughter, your grandchildren, and you for knowing your grandchildren are being raised in a loving, non-neurotic environment.

  21. My “kids” are now 30, 32 and 34. We went through many of the ordeals that you’re familiar with… but I thought about this, and figure that had someone proposed this “strike” to them, they’d have rather quickly opted out. We’ll see them all this weekend so I’ll ask…

    There’s not a thing wrong with some structure, discipline and order in children’s lives. In fact it’s something they actually desire and need.

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