Nicolas Dupont-Aignan: “The Poor President Has Lost His Mind”

Nicolas Dupont-Aignan is a French politician and a member of the National Assembly. In the following video Mr. Dupont-Aignan has the temerity to criticize President Emmanuel “Toy Boy” Macron, and especially the president’s behavior at the recent observances of the centennial of the Armistice.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   I’m very shocked by the attitude of Emmanuel Macron, because I’m going to tell you: if you take
00:04   a look at the interwar period. What is the interwar period? It’s French pacifist
00:07   politicians, Aristide Briand, [French interwar PM, Nobel winner] who
00:10   closed their eyes to the threat of Hitler. —Daladier?
00:13   Daladier [Édouard Daladier French PM, start of WW2]. Well, Emmanuel Macron is doing the same thing.
00:16   He’s attacking the heads of democratic states —
00:20   Hungarian, Italian, American, Russian — and
00:24   he closes his eyes to Islamic terrorism. I was scandalized yesterday. I’m going to tell you
00:28   what scandalized me yesterday. I didn’t say anything, because it was the day of national concord
00:31   and unity. But what scandalized me was to see Erdogan in the first row.
00:36   Erdogan, who is occupying a European country, Cyprus,
00:40   who has supported jihadis, who keeps threatening Europe; well, pinch me: I must be dreaming!
00:44   We are not like them [interwar politicians] —So the President of the Republic is attacking Trump;
00:47   he’s attacking the Italian, who was democratically elected, and
00:52   kowtows in front of Mr Erdogan, in front of the Muslim Brotherhood, what’s that?
00:56   Well, we aren’t like Daladier; we make war against radical Islam! We are
01:00   in Iraq, we are in Syria we are in Mali! —Wait, wait, and, incidentally, I regretted that in
01:04   yesterday’s speech by the President of the Republic there wasn’t a SINGLE word for our soldiers who
01:08   fight in Mali and die in Mali. —He paid his respects to soldiers who died this year, 3 soldiers.
01:12   Yes, but he didn’t say A SINGLE WORD IN HIS SPEECH. As if, in fact, the enemy…
01:16   as a matter in fact he said it. He said: “We want to create an European Army against the USA,
01:20   Russia and China.” It’s nonsense. The poor president has lost his mind.
01:24   I’m telling you. Because the enemy of France is Islamic terrorism.
01:28   The enemies of France are all those who want to destroy our values.
01:32   So he talks all day long about values, but he is wrong about who the enemy is.

5 thoughts on “Nicolas Dupont-Aignan: “The Poor President Has Lost His Mind”

  1. Macron is a globalist apparatchik. He doesn’t call out islam as being the enemy because he wants their votes.

  2. More evidence of the paradigm shift taking place on the European continent. This would never be said on tv in Britain by an establishment politician. They’re all too cowardly.

  3. Well, THAT was energetic. I really enjoyed that. I think I’ll have to watch this video several times. What a breath of fresh air! Thanks, guys!

  4. Listening to true Western values-oriented conservatives like Dupont-Aignan reminds me of how great our civilization is. We really defend the principle of freedom for everyone FROM our Western perspective. Values (a million word for morals), rather ‘morals’, can only issue from a living specific cultural setting. Transcultural values is a contradiction in terms. Globalists are always simpering appeasing zombified zeroes like Macron or little Justin or OhBama or drunker-than-Juncker et al. Everything this guy says is Bannon. How refreshing. Imagine, 50 years a majority of people believed and spoke as he did.

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