Gang Rapes in Germany: The New National Pastime

In the following videos, RTL — the only major non-governmental broadcaster in Germany — once again dares to be politically incorrect by discussing the correlation between cultural enrichment and the incidence of gang rape in Freiburg.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video #1:

Video #2:

MissPiggy also translated this article about rape statistics from Tagesschau:

Debate after case in Freiburg — How many gang rapes are there?

After a case in Freiburg, gang rape is being discussed in Germany. But how many cases are there? Are the numbers increasing? And who are the culprits?

By Patrick Gensing, ARD fact-finder, and Andrej Reisin, NDR

AMBUSH-LIKE GROUP RAPES In 1990, there were 147 cases with 43.9% being committed by foreigners

AMBUSH-LIKE GROUP RAPES In 2017, there were 122 cases with 67.1% being committed by foreigners

More stats at this link.

Long-term comparisons of statistics are often especially difficult because the definitions are constantly being changed. The most recent example is clause §177 of the Criminal Code (StGB). This was extended to unwanted sexual acts that happen without violence and/or threat.

As a result of this change, significantly more offenses were registered in 2017. Police and authorities agree that this is the result of the expanded definition.

NON-AMBUSH-LIKE GROUP RAPES In 1990, there were 111 cases with 41.3% being committed by foreigners.

NON-AMBUSH-LIKE GROUP RAPES in 2017, there were 258 cases with 52.2% being committed by foreigners.

High proportion of foreigners

The number of gang rapes, on the other hand, is not rising according to statistics, but the proportion of suspected foreigners is increasing. Both in 2016 and in 2017, the proportion of cases of assault-type offenses was significantly higher than in the previous year’s long-term average (39 percent) (67.5 percent).

Data from the PKS on the nationalities of foreign suspects show that the proportion of Syrians, Afghans and Iraqis has increased significantly. That is, the growing number of foreign suspects has obviously been related to immigration since 2015.

Comparison only conditionally possible

However, the BKA and experts point out that a comparison between the group of Germans and non-Germans is generally only possible to a limited extent. Reason: the different age, gender and social structure. For example, more young men from socially disadvantaged backgrounds belong to the foreign population — a group that also becomes more criminal among Germans than the rest of the population.

In addition, the total number of foreigners has grown — from 5.6 million in 1990 to 9.2 million in 2016. Furthermore, the corresponding crime statistics also include suspects who do not live permanently in Germany — for example, persons without a residence permit, tourists / transients, visitors, border commuters and station forces.

New phenomenon?

In social media it is nevertheless repeatedly claimed that gang rapes did not exist before 2015 in Germany. In doing so, users also refer to the deputy federal chairman of the union of the police, Arnold Plickert. He told RTL: “We were not familiar these group offenses before 2015; they came here with the wave of refugees and are being carried out here for the most part by Arab men from their cultural circle.”

The suspects in the current cases mentioned in Freiburg are Arab men, but not those in Velbert and Munich.

In addition, there were already gang rapes before 2015, as the figures of the PKS show. There are even studies from the 1990s and 2000s on this topic — including the police Bielefeld and the Hanover police.

At the request of the ARD facts-finder, a spokesman said that the GdP vice had referred to in his statement were specifically the offences in Munich and Freiburg. In those cities, such cases were previously unknown.

“Not an ‘imported’ problem”

The organization Terres des Femmes said at the request of the ARD fact finder, such offenses existed before 2015. Domestic and sexualized violence was “a problem that we encounter here in Germany in all social groups,” said Maja Wegener of Terre des Femmes. So it is not an “imported” problem. “We reject sweeping condemnation social groups,” Wagner continued. At the same time, it is “a statistical fact that more young refugee men are seeking protection from us than women, and that these come from very conservative countries.”

  • Group rapes are predominantly a juvenile offense. According to the PKS, in 2017, 40 percent of all suspects were under the age of 21, 60 percent were under 25.
  • Often the perpetrators and the victim already knew each other.
  • Alcohol and other drugs play a role in many cases.
  • The proportion of gang rapes in all rape cases in 2017 was just over three percent.
  • Foreign offenders are over-represented compared to their share of the total population.

Ambush-like rapes are decreasing

The PKS distinguishes the “assault-like” acts in the case of rape by individual perpetrators as well as by groups. Here, in 2017, there was a decline to 122 cases. The lowest number since reunification.

Before 2015 (i.e. before the influx of many refugees), this number was consistently higher — in some cases significantly. For example, there were more than 220 cases in 2010 and 238 cases in 2006. The exception was in 2016 because of Cologne’s New Year’s Eve, which almost doubled the number of reported gang rapes.

Translator’s comment: “And it goes on and on… I don’t believe this ‘fact finder’, which was produced by ARD.”

Video transcript #1:

00:00   The group rape in Freiburg took two weeks until it was revealed to the public.
00:05   Experts say the phenomenon of group rape is increasing because of asylum seekers.
00:12   Before 2015, we were not familiar with this kind of crime committed in groups.
00:16   It came with the refugee wave and is for the most part comes from the Arab
00:21   men and stems from their cultural circle.

Video transcript #2:

00:00   Hello and welcome to Punkt 12. After the group rape in Freiburg, shocking figures have been
00:06   released. In this small town alone, sexual offences have dramatically increased, by 70 percent.
00:12   So how do women who live there feel now? Do they feel safe walking through the streets
00:18   at night? We went there with a camera crew last weekend and spoke with many women. We also
00:22   wanted to find out from politicians what they planned to do against this insanity.
00:29   Freiburg, like many university cities in Germany, is lively in the evenings. A small tranquil city
00:34   in which everyone normally feels at ease. —In the beginning we never gave it much thought, but in
00:39   the last two or three years, yes, it has changed for the worse. Well, that things don’t function
00:44   so smoothly is more like a well-known fact, pretty much. —You can’t walk alone in the city,
00:50   you can’t really do anything alone anymore. You can’t be at work without being afraid. Yes,
00:54   of course, it worse now than before. —Before.
00:58   Before an 18 year-old was raped by multiple men. The main suspect is a Syrian refugee
01:04   and was apparently previously convicted for sexual offences. Other suspects have been arrested,
01:10   among them six Syrians and a German. Not a single woman that our reporter met felt safe
01:16   being alone in the city, and it is not just a feeling.
01:19   Sexual offences have dramatically increased
01:22   in the city of Freiburg. —The increase is 70 percent. The perpetrators are Germans as well as
01:28   foreigners. The few woman who still enjoy the night life in Freiburg, don’t enjoy it carefree.
01:34   There are always a few that say directly, “Hey, let’s go outside.” You have to be careful.
01:41   A clear signal of no interest appears to be meaningless to them, regardless of nationality,
01:45   foreign or German. —Often they pester you, even when you say no clearly, and some follow you home.
01:58   It’s not just a migrant problem, but since the number of refugees has increased,
02:04   the nightlife in Freiburg has changed. —Are you aware that they are disrespectful toward women
02:09   or do you see it differently? —Yes. Absolutely. They are really disrespectful. —Many see it as
02:15   the responsibility of the politicians to provide more security. That the sense of security
02:20   needs to improve is what CDU and SPD understood, and why they have promised 15,000
02:26   more police officers. They won’t be sitting around the office, but will be patrolling the streets.
02:31   The justice department will also be increasing its ranks. It’s vital for a sense of security
02:35   that the current law is applied and enforced. This means that repeat offenders aren’t cruising
02:40   the night clubs in the evenings. —Until then, for women in Freiburg and in all of Germany,
02:45   that means to stay vigilant and be careful.

11 thoughts on “Gang Rapes in Germany: The New National Pastime

  1. And yet, it’s always “Germans and refugees”, Germans, Germans. No, you idiots! also, no one dares to address the true problem, looming tehre, like the elephant in the room.

  2. The words ‘Rapes committed by Germans and refugees’ spoken in this context is an attempt by the liberal/left to equate rapes committed by refugees with rapes committed by Germans and thus to minimise the refugees negative impact on society. The liberal/left in Britain employs exactly this tactic in respect of Muslim paedophile rape gangs, and when referring to them never forgets the addendum, ‘the majority of paedophiles in Britain are white men’.

    You’ll note numbers and statistics are never mentioned. Facts you see, the liberal/left ‘don’t do facts’ – they can only get by on a diet of suggestion and emotion.

  3. Baron, I’d like to mention that there is no governmental TV in Germany as your intro might suggest.The two major channels are publically contolled by a board of appointed persons from political parties, religious groups, trade unions ect. and are financed by a compulsary fee of 17,50 € p.m. per household.In those days however, the impression of government tv is totally justified. Figure out those boards had AfD members in control.This would put to an end the self serving mentality of those channels: work contracts older than 23 years still have retirement plans that more than double the social security payments. I am talking about an extra pension with an average of 1.300 € p.m. An executive or editor can reach a 5.000€ pension. That is more than an army general would get.

    • ” there is no governmental TV”

      “The two major channels are publically contolled by a board of appointed persons from political parties, religious groups, trade unions ect. and are financed by a compulsary fee of 17,50 € p.m. per household.”

      These two statements are a contradiction. All the major stations being controlled by well-connected political bodies and financed by government-mandated fees are government communications.

      In other words, the TV in Germany is directly controlled by the political establishment. There is no opposition TV in Germany.

      • Believe it or not, in the past these “governmental TV channels” functioned as independent media. Only during the last 10 or 15 years things changed and MSM started more or less openly (since 2015 very much more openly) to support the Merkel admininistration. But this is also true about most newspapers while none of them are controlled by the political establishment.

  4. Again they address part of the problem, to trick Lieschen Müller (i.e. the average German) into believing that finally the government is doing something about it. But in reality they are downplaying the whole issue (“refugees and Germans as rapists”) – I would like to know when the last gang rape has been committed by real, ethnic Germans.

  5. We know that the Germans and refugees line is stupid. However, even if this were true why would a society be mad enough to import criminals when it (apparently) has its own? Was there a shortage? Further, what kinds of “refugees” are these that are willing to commit criminal acts in a country that has welcomed them? What does it say about them and their culture? I don’t recall ever hearing about Vietnamese refugees participating in gang-rapes in their host countries.

  6. Somewhat OT, but this thought crept out of my memory banks.

    This may be of questionable authenticity, but Louis l’Amour, who chronicled the Old American West through historical fiction (and I think made a concerted effort to be faithful to the culture of the time) had the following to say about how women were treated back then.

    As long as she stayed within the bounds of white America, a girl or woman in the Old West could travel alone without fear. I don’t recall l’Amour chronicling black America in in the day, but I will wager that black men played by the rules (Indians did not play by white man’s rules). In any case, a man who was credibly accused of rape was marked for trouble, in a rough hewn way. You just didn’t force yourself on a woman.

    There was a corollary, however. A woman was expected to “keep her virtue” by not behaving in openly lascivious ways.

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