The Midterms: An English Viewpoint

From rainy Blighty, Seneca III sends this missive about our Midterms, plus analogous issues from his side of the North Atlantic.

The Midterms, Brexit, Red Meat & Bacon Tax, Bonfire Night Hate Crime, Counter-reproductive Sexual Deviancy and the Madness of the End Times

by Seneca III

When it comes to the Midterm statistics I see it as a half and half result which, whilst not a total disaster, does not bode well. The House Dems are going to do everything in their power to put the brakes on Trump’s agenda, occupy his time and cut down on his room to maneuver with all sorts of claims, investigations and accusations, spurious and otherwise. Four people to watch and whose future demented ranting should go a long way towards helping Trump and the GOP in 2020 are Keith Ellison, MN; Ocasio-Cortez, NY; Nancy Pelosi, CA; and Hussein Obama now that he has been handed a free pass for the immediate future.

All in all there are a tumultuous couple of years ahead of us on both sides of the pond, and the potential for civil conflict has not gone away… in fact, it may have increased, as the result will have fired up the Dems over there and the Remainers over here. They will sooner rather than later go into overreach; the Brexit debacle continues apace and a conspiracy to bind us to the tyranny of Globalism for thirty pieces of Euros is the driving ethos of the political and monied classes. This is not going down well; those responsible are well-known and the temperature is rising.

Red Meat and Bacon Tax. Headline: “Price hike would offset cost of current meat eating to national health systems and help change public behaviour in similar way to smoking tax, research suggests

Sausages, bacon and other staples of the full English breakfast should have their prices raised by up to 80 per cent to prevent nearly 6,000 deaths a year and save the NHS more than £734m, according to a new study.

Raising taxes on red and processed meats enough to offset their cost to the health service could prevent hundreds of thousands of cancers, heart attacks and strokes, University of Oxford researchers said. Globally this would mean 220,000 fewer deaths a year and savings of $40bn (£30.6bn) if every country adopted a tailored levy based on their current levels of meat eating, they added…

…Food section: The World Health Organization declared processed red meat to be a carcinogen in 2015, and unprocessed red meat such as steaks and chops to be a probable carcinogen. However, people in rich nations eat more than the recommended amount of red meat, which is also linked to heart disease, strokes and diabetes.”

(These quotes are from The Guardian but it’s pretty much the same everywhere else, and my emboldened portions in the Food section snippet above tell us where this is coming from and why — after Carbon Tax Fraud comes Food Tax and then probably a Water Tax.)

Point of order: We Homo sapiens sapiens (even though the ‘sapient’ part appears to be in rapid decline) are an omnivorous species and have been so since or even before an anthropoid ape came down from the trees, lifted its knuckles out of the red African earth and stood upright. A significant part of a mammalian omnivore’s diet is animal protein; this is an evolutionary development that has worked well for millennia, not a passing fad, and requires an adequate supply of animal protein containing essential amino acids that cannot be metabolized but must be ingested.

These essential amino acids include the aromatic amino acids (tryptophan, tyrosine, phenylalanine) which are the biosynthetic precursors necessary for the metabolic production of the neurotransmitters serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine. Without them the human brain functions neither well nor particularly fast and may even atrophy over generations, particularly in conjunction with inbreeding, which tells you everything you need to know about Vegans.

Furthermore, savings (if any) from “…would prevent nearly 6,000 deaths a year and save the NHS more than £734m…” would no doubt be gobbled up by the cost of caring for the hundreds of thousands of those admitted with mental health problems as a result of a lack of essential neurotransmitters… do we really want to become a nation of dysfunctional Vegans?

Hate crime: The MSM is also awash with reports of a terrible, oh so terrible, Bonfire Night ‘Hate Crime’. Allegedly a bunch (originally five, now six) of white South London Brits (damn, are there still some left after all?) are said to have burned a cardboard replica of Grenfell Towers with representations of ‘Brown People’ in some of the windows which, when one thinks about it, was entirely logical as that was the majority makeup of the tenants and sub-tenants of that mostly taxpayer-subsidized accommodation. (Mind you, there has been little or no mention of the twelve or more Brown People who have been convicted of screwing the taxpayer out of millions in false claims following the fire.)

This small change to the annual combustion ritual took place on private property, their back garden, and nobody was beheaded, knifed or shot, but now, of course, having plenty of spare time on its hands, Plod has sprung into righteous action with great fanfare and arrested them for ‘Hate Crime’. A peculiar action when for centuries we’ve been burning the effigy of a dead Catholic for his having had the effrontery to be the only person to ever enter parliament with honest intent.

Abject stupidity coupled with ‘diversity training’ is now a prerequisite for police enrollment and promotion, and also for joining the Crown Prosecution Service — although in the latter case it is also helpful if you’re of a particular ethnicity and/or prone to banging your head on the floor on a Friday morning.

In overview these times do not present a pretty picture. I’ve long felt that things have to get worse, much worse, before the pushback begins, and when it does it will be brutal, and rightly so. The course of all human affairs tends to take the form of a pendulum swinging from left to right and never pauses at its point of equilibrium.

The Left, for want of a better word, reached its apogee recently and is now being accelerated downward possessed by the kinetic energy of its own grotesque positioning; the pendulum will not stop at the bottom but will pass through it and rapidly ascend to right carried by the weight of the visceral hatred with which its policies and impositions have burdened the socio-economic mainstream. The result is not going to be pretty.

Mass counter-reproductive sexual deviancy? Either you get the reason and where it is taking us, or you don’t — the euthanasia of all Globalists may be a solution.

— Seneca III, currently being rained on from all directions in Middle England, this 7th day of November 2018.

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24 thoughts on “The Midterms: An English Viewpoint

  1. A red meat and bacon tax in England? Seriously?

    Probably can’t sell Beefeater gin without a giganto tax, either. Sheesh.

    At Schloss Bodissey we have a self-imposed “tax” on meat and fish: we eat small amounts and it’s local/organic/wild-caught. Always haram. We also eat pastured eggs, organic dairy. It means giving up other stuff, but we don’t mind. And I make my own organic chicken broth.

    There is an annual list of “dirty” and “clean” vegetables, too. They compile lists of the veggies with the most/least pesticides. By the time I get the list memorized, they change it.

    The Baron knows the cheapest potable wines. He especially likes Trader Joe’s for deals. I prefer to save plonk for cooking rather than drinking.

    As for our elections yesterday – becoming a blood sport lately – we won where it mattered most: the Senate. The House does money, so look for budget blockages. The Senate will begin in January to confirm all the judicial and administrative posts that have been vacant.

    The three-legged stool still works, especially with two probable Conservative additions to the Supreme Court, and one kind of missing-in-action liberal, i.e., Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who (taking lessons from Hillary) fell and injured herself. She promises to retire after the 2020 elections – no doubt sure a Democrat will win.

    • Lucky Baron. I went to my local hospital two days ago for a check up. I have been instructed to consume no more alcohol, ever, so there goes the bottle of Chang lager I look forward to every evening.

    • I wouldn’t be too optimistic about confirmations of judges. The Senate’s ridiculous rules (what kind of place calls itself “the world’s greatest deliberative body”?) allow Schumer to delay endlessly judicial confirmations and those of executive officials. Many offices are still vacant. McConnell won’t change the rules because he is wedded to the stupid traditions of that pathetic body. Had Reid when he was maj leader not abolished the filibuster for justices, Kavanaugh and likely Gorsuch never would have been confirmed.

  2. I am so sick of vegans/vegetarians imposing their ill will on the rest of us. I’ve never known a healthy vegetarian, and they can bleat all they want. Most are sickly and either way too fat or too thin. I love red meat, I’m just not an idiot and eat it 7 days a week. Fish, poultry, eggs, etc are all options on a well rounded diet. I have a friend who is 5’6″ tall, weighs about 120, skis every winter in Tahoe and does water sports in the summers. She had 2 strokes within 4 hours. The cause? HER BODY manufacturers its own cholesterol. Her body just happens to do it-doubletime. So, call me skeptical of the so called medical wisdoms.

    • Some people like to malign medical science, but it’s actually good to work with it. My body overproduces cholesterol, so I take a statin prescribed by my doctor. For awhile, he wanted to give me a stronger statin, which I didn’t want, so I totally gave up eggs, liver, and beef, but I eat large amounts of chicken. I also gave up sugar, bread, dried fruits. bananas, and non-citrus fruits. The good news is, the diet brought my lab results into normal range, with no change in medication, and I ride a bicycle every day and work out every other day (usually).

      The proposed taxes on meat remind me of Ayn Rand’s account of the Twentieth Century Motor Company as described in Atlas Shrugged. The “progressive” owner, having inherited the plant, instituted a regime based on “from each according to his ability, to each according to his need”. The workers immediately began spying and kibitzing on each other, since if anyone had an unhealthy practice, the added bills would mean a lower salary for the rest. Throwing everything into a common pot made everyone’s business a matter of public concern.

      Bureaucracies being bureaucracies, it’s likely that any socialized medical regime will institute age limits on certain treatments, since age is an easy criterion to base decisions on. It’s true a great proportion of the expense of medical treatment occurs during the last six months of life, when the quality of life is minimal, and the expense is maximum. I think people have the right to extend their life as long as they wish, as long as somebody else isn’t paying for it. It’s one thing to say “Keep me alive as long as possible regardless” and saying “I’m willing to pay $100 a month out of my pocket to insure I’ll get heroic treatment to keep me alive even when rapidly declining.”

      And we know from experience that taxes and penalties on dangerous items works exactly like the simple economic models tell us. A high tax on cigarettes will cut down on cigarette smoking, and a high tax on heroin will cut down on heroin use…or something.

    • It wasn’t. As far as I know, it has always been Guy Fawkes Night although there are smarta**ses who say it was based on an earlier pagan festival to which I always reply, “So what?”

      • Could that ‘earlier pagan festival’ have been the one instituted by Emperor Nero, when he made living candles out of Christians? (Shouldn’t be putting any ideas into the heads of our new masters, should I?)

    • Not for any PC reasons even though it is still the most celebrated and ridiculous anti Catholic ‘custom’ in mainland Britain.
      July 12 th in Northern Ireland and the west of Scotland is the other big anti Catholic ‘feastday’
      No – it is probably something to do with making it more attractive and ethnically acceptable!
      I am only being slightly sardonic

      • Still ‘celebrated’ in Newfoundland, and called inter-changeably Bonfire Night and Guy Fawkes Night, but it seems to have become nothing more than an excuse to have a bonfire and burn things. Most people have no clue of the history of it it, yet it persists … even though they won’t let the kiddies near enough the flames to roast marshmallows anymore.

        Within my span of memory, though, it still had denominational triumphalism in its celebration.

    • The Beefeater distillery is a quarter-mile from here, Dymphna; I often see parties of visitors doing the guided tour (no doubt with samples!)

      The tax on booze in the UK is based on alcohol content, unlike in sensible (?) countries like France where it’s a proportion of the cost price.

      November 5th has been Bonfire or Guy Fawkes’ Night since was a lad, Nietzsche

      • A lad in a choir was asked “When is Ember Day?”
        His suggestion:
        “The day after Bonfire Night?”

    • Remember, remember the Fifth of November, the Gunpowder Treason and Plot. I know of no reason why the Gunpowder Treason should ever be forgot.

  3. I went to buy some fireworks for my Grandchildren on Saturday. I could not find them except hidden away in a branch of Tesco’s. I demanded politely why they were hidden from public view and placed in such a way that made one feel I was buying pornography. The reply was “Oh we are a little reluctant to sell them as it may upset communities!”

    I took in a deep breath and composed myself. “Any particular community may one inquire?” Oh there is a Catholic community in Egham and a Church in Englefield Green!” came the reply.

    “Why would they be offended over a supposedly national celebration since around 1600, one Guy Fawkes if you recall?”

    She hesitated, Oh well it is store policy you know!”

    I looked at her straight into her face. “On that condition I should be most offended of all!” I stated. “Why would that be?”

    “My name is Guy and I’m Old Roman Catholic Bishop, and in modern terms Guy Fawkes, God bless him was one too, as they still celebrated the old Mass! So what have you to say to that?”

    “Oh I didn’t mean to cause offence!”
    “You haven’t but if you do not sell me the fireworks, I will be most upset! And by the way we Old Catholics burn very well indeed- nice and crispy you know!”

    She looked most confused and nervous…
    Her reply came a few minutes after obvious puzzlement, “I didn’t know there were different types of Catholics?”

    “Well you do now! …And please tell your managers to stick to commerce not social engineering thank-you!” I left her rather crestfallen but I feel I made my point.

    • Lovely post, Bishop, though I could complain about the people who let off fireworks for many days either side of the 5th (I can hear some now at 6.40pm on the 11th).

      Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch is an Eastern Catholic; his ancestors fled persecution in Turkey a century ago.

  4. They are trying to make us all sharia compliant,several issues in the past month are slowly pushing us towards this the invaders will not change,so we are being divested of all our differences,to integrate with them,they have not come to integrate they have come to dominate,and “our representatives”are seeking to facilitate this.

  5. The thinking on ‘fat’ is changing because we are beginning to understant more about cholesterol and triglycerides.

    Eggs were once though to be highly dangerous,
    Butter ditto, both have been rehabilitated

    I have a problem with fat malabsorbtion so I take extra omega 3 etc.

    What we have her is part of the nightmare of nationalized medicine where resources become stretched and the accountants are looking for scapegoats, socialism needs to sqeeze more out of its wage earners all the time. so the pressure to invent ‘new’ taxes is extreme. So it create a scare (cholesterol induced arterial disease), blames it on some popular habit, then taxes it silly.

    But there appears to be even more smoking and alcohol abuse now than 50 years ago when the same tactic was applied to these things. People need to be free to smoke, eat or drink themselves to death, it is called LIBERTY, but socialized medicine cannot cope with this liberty, for in most systems, alcohol and cigarrette abuse woud attract higher insurance premiums, but in the British NHS there is a rigidity that does not allow for expensive self destructive behaviours, so LIBERTY must be subsumed to the continual and desperate need to increase funding. And now with open borders, the NHS is in even more trouble, ‘medical’ migrants are not uncommon!

  6. A tax on red meat, if they put a tax on stupidity of the nanny national leaders bad ideas they would never run out of money.

  7. Erm! Something seems to be escaping the towering mental conceit of these “Oxford” researchers…that being that human life is finite…ALL human life. Yep folks, we are all destined to die; today, tomorrow, next week or whenever.

    Now, given the universally acknowledged fact that the older we get, the more the physical ailments assail the human body as it runs it’s life cycle and age takes it’s toll. With greater years comes more health problems. Just how much money does life consume on it;s pathway to death?

    Placing a premium value on one type of human death, what ever the cause, while ignoring the inevitable demise and associated cost of old age, is not the most insightful use of thinking minds, (or maybe it is). Indeed, given the frightful number of deaths of the old and infirm due to cold weather in the northern hemisphere each winter, with nary a whisper from the caring classes, one can see right through their superior minds, let alone fraudulent claims of greater compassion.

    Of course this rationalization of economic resources within socialized medicine will lead to only one place – medical panels, staffed by bureaucrats, determining who lives and who dies.

    And then where do we go?

    Morbid….yes, but factually inescapable.

    • A favourite saying of a now deceased uncle of mine was, “If they could, liberals would outlaw death.” He had it about right.

  8. There have been many examples of “aspiring” vegans who tried it, got hugely sick, stopped doing it, and fully recovered. We’re omnivores and so need meat for the reasons stated in the article. Eating meat is not without its own risks, though the trade-off health-wise counsels against going full vegan.

    Something people have done for centuries and recently abandoned is fasting. I now fast 1 week in 4, and it has a hugely positive effect. Processed foods cause a large mucus build-up in the intestines, colon, and joints that over decades hardens into a tar-like substance that accelerates aging and organ dysfunction. Fasting allows the body to turn away from the energy-intense processes of digestion to focus instead on breaking down and expelling the mucus.

    “Enemas” added to that really helps this process. And enemas were another common practice that was largely abandoned 100+ years ago.

    • There is an ashram in a nearby county where vegans have lived for thirty years or more on a vegetarian diet. It’s not my theological or dietary preference, but they are healthy and robust.

      As for “enemas” they can be extremely dangerous in some cases. A relative ended up in the hospital having his bowel re-sectioned after one of those procedures, done by an “expert”.

      The Catholic Church has recommended common sense fasting (and occasional abstinence from meat) for most Benedictine monastic orders as part of their discipline of work, prayer and silence. Seems to have worked for them during the last two millennia. They die of very old age.

      What fasting seems to accomplish is to allow the body to live off its extra fat stores for a while. The hunger disappears after a day or so. But fasting shouldn’t last more than 24 hours unless you’re in good health.

      Don’t know what that black stuff is, though. Does it show up on x-rays? In post-mortems? From what organ or body system does it stem? What is it made of?

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