No Truth Allowed in the Swiss National Council

According to the government’s own statistics immigrants are over-represented in Switzerland among the perpetrators of domestic violence (i.e. violence against women). However, the Swiss Justice Minister — a woman — won’t allow discussion of that aspect of the problem in the National Council.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for translating the article and video below. Here’s the brief description of the debate from Blick:

BERN — During the debate over a tougher stance against domestic violence and stalking in the National Council, the SVP [Schweizerische Volkspartei, Swiss People’s Party] tried to turn the stalker problem into a foreigner problem. Justice Minister Simonetta Sommaruga (SP) visibly annoyed.

Parliament wants to better protect victims of domestic violence and stalking. After the Council of States, the National Council has now approved a bill project. The measures include electronic foot restraints for stalkers. Over 17,000 domestic violence offenses were registered last year. 21 people died, most of them women.

The SVP tried to give the debate a different direction. The party wanted to have a discussion about criminal aliens. Straight rows of SVP representatives came to the podium to ask Justice Minister Simonetta Sommaruga (58, SP) unpleasant questions.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Madame Federal Councillor, could you please tell me how and to what extent
00:05   these enormous excesses of violence are connected to massive immigration?
00:13   Yes, I am able to inform you that in the area of domestic violence,
00:18   convicted individuals are equally represented by Swiss and foreign residents
00:24   within the population. Madame Federal Councillor, you said that is was about
00:28   50/50. Yes, the presentation we are discussing today does not distinguish
00:33   the perpetrators based on where they come from or their past. They are all
00:37   treated equally. —You just mentioned the percentage of foreign perpetrators
00:42   committing these crime was 25 percent and this 25 percent is responsible for more than
00:48   50 percent of these cases. Is this primarily a problem of migrant crime or not?
00:56   Mr. National Councillor, since you insist on characterising the problem,
01:01   it is a MALE problem.
01:06   The Federal and National Councillors posed this question that you have not
01:12   Answered; that is why I will ask you again. — My answer has not changed,
01:16   if you want to have a precise answer, it is a MALE problem.
01:20   Madame Federal Councillor, then I will give asking you a try. The same question.
01:27   I would be happy if you could answer. — If you are trying to make this into a problem
01:32   with foreigners, you shouldn’t address this matter.
01:37   Well, Madame Federal Councillor, would you now finally answer the question? Is it
01:45   true that 25 percent made up of foreign residents commit 50 percent of crimes, yes or no?
01:56   I have supplied you the figures that I have in front of me, but I will not improvise
02:02   the kind of statistics that you desire. I will not do that.

4 thoughts on “No Truth Allowed in the Swiss National Council

  1. Since the Swiss have a much more direct form of lawmaking than we do, it would be interesting to see them propose and pass legislation requiring the quartering of savages from the third world in the same neighborhoods where the Justice Minister and the other senior members of the government reside.

    • No country would do that. It’s not how things ever work.

      The elites in Switzerland are quite similar to the elites in the countries which surround them, and much like the elites everywhere.

  2. The article mentions “electronic foot restraints for stalkers”; the original article in “Blick” says “elektronische Fussfesseln” (electronic foot shackles). What are these? How do they restrain feet? Is pain involved?

    To answer my own question, a search yields and

    So the German name “Fussfesseln” for this monitoring device is an incorrect description; they are not at all foot fetters (shackles), but merely a monitoring device that sends police radio signals telling the location of the ankle bracelet. The wearer of Fussfesseln is able to go anywhere and to remove the Fussfesseln. The only consequence is that the police will be notified.

    This is a far cry from

    • Do you remember the case of the murdered (beheaded) French priest? The peaceful murderers in this particular had these “shackles” as well but they were turned-off during certain hours of the day 🙂

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