Despite the Repression, We Will Continue to Defend Our Identity

Twenty-two members of Generation Identity (Génération Identitaire) in France were recently arrested and later released under judicial restrictions. The following video is a defiant message to their fellow patriots and the government that is persecuting them.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   I just left prison with my 21 colleagues from Generation Identity.
00:04   We were jailed, under temporary arrest, for more than 48 hours, at different police stations
00:07   in the town of Marseille for peacefully occupying the premises of SOS Mediterranee.
00:16   So we just have finally been released; but the judicial persecution has just begun:
00:20   we have all been indicted and placed under judicial control
00:24   with numerous restrictions. I know that
00:28   many of you supported us and I thank you. Our adversaries will have to understand:
00:32   times have changed. On Friday the Generation Identity
00:37   were occupying the premises of SOS Mediterranee in Marseille,
00:41   and on the same evening our militants were mobilized in Lille, more than 1000 km away,
00:45   to denounce the concert by the Islamist rapper Medine
00:49   in the theater of Aéronef [a venue in Lille]. Despite the repression, despite
00:53   the censorship, we will continue to be present on all fronts
00:57   to defend our identity. Thanks again to all of you for your support.
01:01   We never let go!

6 thoughts on “Despite the Repression, We Will Continue to Defend Our Identity

  1. Another reason for the “everything is lost” brigade to keep their thoughts to themselves.

    • Agree, I’m tired of hearing that negativity, too. I do not do any street activism, but I always support our people (in Europe, America, etc) when they stand up for whites/Europeans/Western Civilization. You are seeing pushback (Italy, V4 nations like Poland, Hungary, Czech), you are seeing more and more people speaking out, etc. I especially find it laughable when fellow American ‘patriots’ chide European nationalists when America is in the same situation as Europe, and I’m not seeing any pushback in America. America is split between […]…self-hating whites and another group of whites that does nothing but appease the Left, disown ‘racist’ whites (who have the [testicular fortitude] to speak out), and worry about ‘looking nice’ and ‘respectable’ in the eyes of people who hate us and want us dead.

      • Howdy from Texas!

        Please do not lump all Americans into one group. Not the case here…. at least in a significant portion of our states, and most definitely Texas. And certainly everyone that I know greatly appreciates and respects those European nations that are standing up to the migrant onslaught!! Go Poland, Hungary, Czech and Italy!!. We are with you. Stand your ground to the unelected buffoons that would let your nations’ cultures be totally changed or destroyed. You are the countries we talk and plan on visiting. We want to come see and visit different yet like minded people. See ya soon.

  2. This is kind of off topic. But it something for us westerners to ponder seriously when thinking about the fall of the west.

    “Civilization: Is the West History?–by Niall Ferguson. This is a 6-part British TV documentary. I don’t agree with everything in it, But it’s food for thought as the West is falling. At least some noted historians are seeing that we may be doomed.

    They are all on YouTube.

    Chapter Titles are:
    1. Competition
    2. Property
    3. Science
    4. Medicine
    5. Consumerism
    6. Work

  3. the muslims that attack you in whatever country you are in are the soldiers of your leftist politicians

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