The Truth is Spoken in a German Television Studio — And the World Doesn’t End

Peter Hahne is a German television presenter, journalist, author and theologian. In a recent television interview he spoke lucidly and forthrightly about the grievous error of allowing mass immigration into Germany — the kind of truth that I thought was not allowed on German television.

MissPiggy, who translated the clip for subtitling, sends this brief bio of Mr. Hahne:

Peter Hahne is a former ZDF co-moderator and editor. Hahne moved to ZDF’s main editorial department “Aktuell” where he worked as co-moderator and editor of Heute-journals (1989-1991) and studio editor of the main issue of Heute (1991-1999). He was also at the development of the children’s news show logo! which he moderated until 1991. From 1999 until the end of March 2010 Hahne was the deputy director of the ZDF capital city studio in Berlin, moderated alternately with Peter Frey for the political magazine Berlin with the ZDF summer interviews.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Prime example: in my book, I have a list of politicians that reform our school system by
00:09   saying they want integration, inclusion, and welcoming-culture classes everywhere.
00:14   I am unable to find one child from any of the politicians in these classes.
00:18   The politicians, that I name in the book, send their children to England
00:22   to private schools or in a Catholic preparatory school, despite their having no beliefs.
00:26   That, for me, is not practicing what you preach.
00:31   When you say something like that, then come the complaints just around the corner.
00:36   They’ll say (Mr.) Hahne, you can’t write that. I certainly have a different opinion.
00:40   Has something like that already occurred because of your book? Or was it relaxed?
00:44   It is relaxed as far as, I think, that the truth in there is so remarkable
00:48   that no one can say anything against it.
00:52   Well, it is now my experience that when I watch the news
00:56   or read the newspaper, that nearly everything is being confirmed.
01:00   Unfortunately, it is being confirmed.
01:04   What upsets me…I mean it was the MDR [central German television]
01:12   that reported about the refugee couple who were chauffeured around
01:16   in a taxi for €800 [$930]. I’ll never forget those two. From Leipzig to
01:20   Dresden and to every administrative office they had to go to. I have to pay for
01:24   that with my tax money and got really upset about it. But why it is not permitted to
01:28   use the name of perpetrators? With the stabbing, we can only read A or B.
01:32   In the past, the first name would be published, but if Mohammad
01:36   or a similar name was used, it would be easily identifiable.
01:40   For example, Ms. Kuenast [German politician of Alliance 90/The Greens]
01:44   has already said that what you are doing is completely AfD politics. —Yes.
01:48   She has made you into the new spokesperson for the AfD. —Yes, that’s the
01:52   best part. I’ve experienced this twice with the good Ms. Kuenast, but she didn’t
01:56   express herself in as friendly a manner as you. She comes over and slams into me.
02:00   Then I ask her if it isn’t possible, that with this endless flow of refugees
02:04   that criminals… or murderers, terrorists are coming? She says,
02:09   “YOU ASK QUESTIONS LIKE THE AFD!” That just make me say that our government
02:16   is helpless, all the way to the very top. The fact that they need
02:20   this sort of polemic, instead of saying we’ve made a mistake.
02:26   I never understood why Mrs. Merkel did not admit that leaving the border open
02:30   was wrong. You can’t leave the borders open. On my show I had a police officer,
02:36   it’s all in my book, a female officer was crying because she was spit on by
02:40   Arab youths for being a woman wearing a uniform. We have to talk about that.
02:48   That means, let me get the coffee. —Yes, that would be nice.
02:52   Excuse me, I forgot it. So, that means, just to recap, you are not an AfD sympathizer?
02:58   Um… you are someone that is just saying, look these are topics are of burning
03:02   importance to people and let’s just talk about it. So everyone that wants to
03:06   push you in the AfD corner or also with Pegida, which they also like to mention.
03:10   Yes, exactly like that. — As if you’re there every Monday. —Yes. —We can tell them
03:14   right now, you all are betting on the wrong horse. You are just simply saying
03:18   this is a condition that I am describing. — I was NEVER a member of any party,
03:22   because I thought it doesn’t necessarily fit with my genre as a political journalist.
03:26   What I find completely appalling is when something self-evident is said…
03:34   of course my writing is somewhat cutting, sometimes very short
03:40   and parts are very funny to read, like how the language in the church is changing,
03:44   where now it is only acceptable to sing praises to Eva instead of Praise the Lord.
03:48   It is all just so ridiculous, but I’m just spelling out what is normally just healthy
03:57   common sense. And if THAT is what AfD and Pegida are, then we have gone too far
04:05   in this country — the land of thinkers and poets. Then I can only weep. That truth
04:09   and AfD are equal, I think that’s funny. That’s why I understand the people
04:18   in the “new” states of Germany. What they bitterly fought for in 1989, on my birthday,
04:23   they don’t want to give it up. All I can say is, hats off! Let them call “dark” (evil)
04:30   Germany, vermin or whatever. It could be that they are on the better side.
04:35   I pose the question to our professional group, why were there no critical questions
04:40   when the borders were left open three years ago? Why was there not any form of critic?
04:45   Hanns Joachim Friedrichs would be spinning in his grave. “Do not join a
04:49   cause, even if it is a good one.” We need to remain objective.

13 thoughts on “The Truth is Spoken in a German Television Studio — And the World Doesn’t End

  1. Finally… a political pundit in Deutschland who dares ask the hard questions concerning open borders, increased crime rates, extravagant spending on migrant taxi services, etc.

    I’ve read lots of smug, self-righteous comments on numerous, conservative blogs since 2015. Many critics remarked that Europeans, especially Germans, deserve their Marxist dictators like “Mad Merkel” whom they voted for and continue to keep in office. Well Americans….we were headed down our own global path of sovereignty destruction under eight years of Marxist-Muslim Obama! Did any local or state ballots allow you to personally vote for increased migration? Any ballot or politician allow you to voice dissent over allowing the State Department (federal agency) to work with NGOs in carving up American cities and “resettling third world migrants” in places like Shelby Tennessee, Columbus Ohio, Fremont California, Boise Idaho, etc?

    Ann Corcoran started a Resettlement Watch blog here in the U.S. several years ago to inform unaware citizens of non-ballot driven, relocation directives. Ann’s blog allows citizens of each state & local regions to stay informed of secretive (non-publicized) invasions planned by NGOs and government agencies! Several NGOs were spotted bringing in migrants after midnight at airports so they remain low-key events. Ann and her followers reported these stories which were missed or completely ignored by the mainstream media:

    Thank God blogs likes Gates of Vienna, Jihad Watch, Bare Naked Islam and Voice of Europe still exist today!!! These could easily *disappear* like it did for Alex Jones recently on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Censorship is now being used to silence conservatives and conspiracy theorists. A not so Brave… (cowardly) New World order is on the horizon!

    Had Hillary Clinton been elected in 2016, invasion into the U.S. would have been much worse from the Middle East and South America combined. In 2018, you’re either a Patriot/Nationalist or Globalist! This distinction is more blurred in the United States with only two, dominant political parties. Know which side of the line you stand on because the ground beneath will quickly change depending on who is voted in the top offices of Prime Ministers, Chancellors and Presidents. Even Federal judges can overturn or make new laws instead of enforcing ones already established by the courts & governments.

    • As one who is frustrated with the apparent lack of concern by Germans regarding the destruction of their culture and loss of their country to third world savages, it is encouraging to see when such rays of truth are occasionally able to pierce the veil of lies and the blinders worn by much of the population. The frustration with German lack of concern and repeatedly voting against their interests, at least by myself, is that even with such strong provocations and evidence that they have to have seen with their own eyes, over 80% of Germans still vote against parties that will do anything about it. It is as if the willingness to refuse the evidence of their own eyes is an integral part of German psyche.

      If a comparable level of invasion by arab and african savages was allowed to happen in the US, the parties responsible would likely never regain electoral power for a generation. Even though we barely avoided the election of a globalist tyrant who would make Merkel pale by comparison, the fact remains that over half of the voters rejected everything Hillary stood for. Even in the privacy of the voting booth Germans are still not able to remove the blinders from their eyes.

      • Do you think they are terrified of the shadow of the Third Reich and will do anything to not be branded “racist?”

      • True, Moon! Only 2 days ago I had an evening out for some beers with old school mates.Lawyers, doctors, managers. Only one of them is in the know and worried. The others, all subscribers of msm papers, are completely ignorant.
        As is our political elite.The above mentioned Ms. Künast criticized police for killing an axt- wielding attacker.” They should have hit his legs instead” . Hit a moving target with a hand arm? Aim within fractions of seconds for choice? These people are mad.

    • Ann not only runs “Refugee Resettlement Watch” but she also went on a tour of the places that have had “refugees” forced upon them and she reported back. Ann will go down as one of the unsung heroes for all her hard work.

  2. He forgot to point out that allowing people who think the “prophet” Mohammad is any kind of role model into a civilised country is absolute madness. After all, some of them are guaranteed to follow the appalling example of their “Perfect Man”and take part in jihadi attacks or rape someone. Absolutely guaranteed…and once they’re in it just gets progressively worse and worse as their numbers grow.

  3. “As one who is frustrated with the apparent lack of concern by Germans regarding the destruction of their culture and loss of their country to third world savages….”

    It might appear so from the information that makes it abroad. Most are quite concerned, but have not yet found ways to say so publicly, without being clubbed as “right wing populists”, or to address concerns with action, besides voting for the AfD. The AfD most recently polled at 17.5%, nationwide, second only to the ruling CDU/CSU at 24%.

    • Yet the fact remains that the only political party that speaks out against the invasion can still not gather even a fifth of the vote. If Germans were truly concerned about the loss of their country and the lack of a way to show their concern, the privacy of the voting booth is where they could express their frustrations. I still believe that cognative dissonance reigns supreme in Germany. Just like the residents living in the shadows of the concentration camps who after the liberation were forced to view the crematoriums and gas chambers, nothing short of a similar shock will get most of their descendents to awake from their unwillingness to see what is before their eyes; namely the loss of their own country to foreign invaders.

      • Astute observations Moon & Molly! However, isn’t it human nature to be blind, deaf, and mute until something affects you personally? I have a few leftist, liberal friends living here in communist run California. For years, I kept cautioning them about our limited resources and the pitfalls of sanctuary cities, open borders, etc. Two are on fixed incomes and vote Democrat in every election and live in the San Francisco Bay area. Rent control is limited to a few counties there. Since I dabble in real estate, they have both asked for my help in finding them affordable housing in the hotter climate, more affordable Sacramento area. There are no longer waiting lists for those needing government, subsidized housing without children. A new apartment complex in West Sacramento (section 8 housing) is full of families from Afghanistan. Bring a child into California legally or illegally and the affordable housing doors magically open. My citizen friends over 55 years old finally see how open borders help the third world out of their poverty but negatively impact indigenous citizens without children. Monthly lot rents for 55 and older mobile home parks cost $435 and higher not counting utilities and the 6-7% interest rates on mortgage payments just to park a trailer on a slab of cement and use amenities like a swimming pool and clubhouse. Over 7,000 people are living rough on the streets in San Jose and another 7,000 in the San Francisco-Oakland areas. You rarely see children homeless only the mentally ill, drug users, jobless, and lower income adults. The majority are indigenous citizens! It looks like third world poverty is now underneath the bridges and in vacant lots. Tents and tarps scattered everywhere. The more affluent who cannot find affordable housing are living in mobile campers and inside their vehicles. They find ingenious ways to temporarily squat on public streets.

        • I have to agree Cl North that it has to personally affect people until they will believe it..

          But I am still surprised that the vote for the AfD is so low.
          Voting for any other party is national suicide.

          It is so clear to those of us outside Germany who follow the alternative media.

          Perhaps most Germans simply ignore the alternative media and swallow state propaganda wholesale?

          They will endure a genocide and an occupation unless they wake up.

          I don’t think they will wake up.

          I think they will be colonized ,Islamified and under Muslim occupation for 600 years (like Spain) , or perhaps for ever.

          They will go down in history as a cautionary tale about pitfalls to avoid if one wishes to maintain a free society.

      • How “private” are their voting booths? I just learned recently (and again) that they are not private in Sweden – you have to choose a ballot from the many on offer before you go off to mark it. Thus, everyone in the polling place knows your vote ahead of time. And all too often the polling places seem to run out of Sweden Democrat ballots early.

        The tight social control there is all-pervasive.

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