Sicilian Police Inspector Attacked in His Own Home by Knife-Wielding Migrants

The following incident — in which a police inspector in Sicily was attacked and cut up by home-invading migrants — was publicly mentioned by Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini, who used it as an example of the absurd, out-of-control problem of immigrant crime in Italy.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Wounded by cutting weapons inside his own residence.
00:04   It happened last night. The victim is Nuccio Garozzo, a police inspector in Catania.
00:09   Afterwards the two attackers tried to escape by jumping out of the window of the residence.
00:14   One of the two, an 18-year-old Gambian with a residence permit for humanitarian reasons,
00:19   was seriously injured and is recovering at Garibaldi Hospital,
00:24   with a guarded prognosis due to multiple fractures.
00:27   His accomplice and fellow Gambian succeeded in escaping.
00:30   The [police] inspector was reported wounded by cutting weapons in different parts of his body,
00:34   and was treated with 80 stitches at Vittorio Emmanuele Hospital,
00:37   from which he was subsequently released.
00:40   “An incident of extreme seriousness which confirms the level of insecurity
00:43   that is recorded in Catania, like many other parts of the country,” commented Mayor Pogliese.
00:48   “Tomorrow morning at 10 at police headquarters,” he continued, “I will meet
00:51   the Catania police chief and the victim of the attack
00:55   to concretely demonstrate the closeness of the institutions of the forces of order
01:00   which must be adequately reinforced with (investigative) means and qualified personnel
01:05   to fight the serious phenomenon of violence that is recorded and
01:08   increase the level of resistance against criminal organizations.”

12 thoughts on “Sicilian Police Inspector Attacked in His Own Home by Knife-Wielding Migrants

  1. I don’t know anything about Sicilian police organization. My thinking is that most of the policing procedures in Western Europe are based on the model of policing a relatively homogeneous population with a lot of shared values.

    Perhaps they ought to go to the 1880’s Texas Ranger model with the gun-slinging lawman spoiling for a duel. What do you think the outcome would be if a pair of Gambians broke into the home of a Texas Ranger, or even a Texas Trooper.

  2. Even now, with a right wing govt in place, these criminal immigrant gangs have no fear of the authorities.

  3. What is racist about wanting to keep Italy Italian? If colonialism was bad in Africa, it is just as bad in Europe. I mean, what is the end game here? Every native European tormented 24/7?

    • We must reclaim racism from the globalists. Wear the epithet proudly. Nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to wanting to live among one’s countrymen, or preferring the company of one’s own ethnic group to that of savage africans. Let them adopt the norms and dominant culture of their host country if they wish to be accepted.

      “When in Rome…”

      • It’s like the old “joke.”
        “I’m proud to be a black,” said the black man.
        “I’m proud to be Hispanic,” said the Hispanic man.
        “I’m proud to be Asian,” said the Asian man.
        “I’m proud to be white,” said the racist.

    • There were several good book written some years ago, foreshadowing the nationalist/populist movement that is going to replace globalism and so-called multiculturalism:

      Culturism: A Word, A Value, Our Future

      Just recently I found a brief book called “The Tribe”. It covers a wide range of topics, including wny some people don’t recover fully from trauma, while driving home the crucial need each human being has for belonging. Just reading the reviews left by other readers was informative.

      Tribe: On Homecoming and Belonging

      One of his points is that holding the other in contempt is dangerous to the larger community. For me, it explained why we remain vigilant to keep that sentiment out of our comments. Contempt is murderous.

      • I’m not sure where you are going with the “contempt is murderous” comment.
        It seems pretty clear to me that caucasian societies are under extreme pressure to dilute their societies, unlike any other society in the world.
        Why you would think that contempt for this really orchestrated endeavor is “murderous” is beyond me. It is murderous and I think anyone that would stand back and observe this dynamic would agree.

        • I think she means that commenters who show contempt for one another (and, by extension, for all those who should stand together against the globalist leviathan rather than squabble amongst themselves) are destroying what they purport to want to save.

          If I’m wrong, she’ll show up here to correct me.

          • Yep, you nailed it, Baron. We are a community of sorts and as such must employ limits to our disagreements or risk watching the whole thing get buried in hatred. I sometimes see this on unmoderated comment threads. It isn’t long before people are tearing one another apart, just because it carries no risk…at least none they can see.

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