The Knife of Peace Comes to Amsterdam Central Station

As reported in last night’s news feed, a “youth” (now identified as Jawed S.) stabbed two people in the main train station in Amsterdam before he was shot and wounded by police. As the article below reports, young Jawed is a “German” and not a “Dutchman”.

The article doesn’t include the news that the two lightly-wounded victims were American tourists. For more on that development, see for example this BBC report.

JIM is not mentioned in any of these articles, but the Dutch authorities have been forced to admit that Jawed S. had a “terrorist motive”. Are we surprised?

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this article from De Telegraaf:

Station stabber Jawed S. had a terrorist motive

AMSTERDAM — The 19-year-old man who stabbed two people on Friday at Amsterdam Central Station is Jawed S. His first statements show that he had a terrorist motive. The municipality of Amsterdam announced this on Saturday.

“Of course, the research is still in full swing to discover everything around this suspect and his motive. This involves intensive contact with the German authorities,” according to the municipality. At the request of Dutch judicial authorities, the German police conducted a search in the suspect’s home in Germany.

“Among other things, multiple data-storage devices have been seized and will be investigated. The suspect will be brought before the examining magistrate next Monday. He is under all restrictions, and that means that the suspect has no contact with the outside world except with his lawyer.”

“As a result of the incident, the Amsterdam triangle (police, justice and municipality) looked into whether it was necessary to take additional security measures in Amsterdam. The firm actions of the police yesterday show that Amsterdam is prepared for these kinds of incidents. The Amsterdam triangle currently sees no reason to take additional measures. They is close contact with the NCTV.”

‘Unfortunately fits in threat assessment’

Dick Schoof, the National Coordinator for Counterterrorism and Security (NCTV), reacted directly on Twitter to the news that Jawed S. said in statements that he had a terrorist motive for his act. “As announced by the local triangle, the investigation of the incident in Amsterdam shows it was based on a terrorist motive. This objectionable act unfortunately fits in with current threat assessment.”

The highest threat level is used when there are concrete indications of a new attack, but according to the NCTV this is not the case now. “The threat level remains at 4 on a scale of 5. We are following developments. No reason for extra measures.”

6 thoughts on “The Knife of Peace Comes to Amsterdam Central Station

  1. Another day, another bloody jihad in Western Europe. Another day, another promenade, concert and dinner in Warsaw, Budapest, Bratislava, Prague.

    The land east of Iron Curtain is now Western Civilization. We do not know how long this new West will persevere, but rest assured: it is there.

    • The old Byzantium lasted over a thousand years; hopefully the new West will last as long.

    • And if someone had predicted that West-East dichotomy a mere three decades ago, they would have been mocked as irrational and delusional by 99% of people.

  2. “The threat level remains at 4 on a scale of 5. We are following developments. No reason for extra measures.”

    Translation to layman’s parlance: We are screwed but not completely – yet. Level 4 is now OK, no mass jihad is going on; so far so good. When the hell breaks loose, we will tel ya.

    Netherlands, historically a heaven for freedom and a refuge to religious and political figures of several centuries: what have you become?

  3. No mention of JIM – again. The MSM and the establishment want to make out JIM – like allah and muhammed – do not exist in a terrorist context.

  4. What does this all “really mean” if you live in Europe. Purchase & wear knife armor (and get the extra neck protection cuff too) when out in public, and obtain a pressurized-gas-release container of capsicum spray. (Bear spray works best). The deep-state is powerless to protect you and they don’t want to anyway.

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