Michael Stürzenberger Enrages Muslims by Filming Their Street Prayers in Munich

The following video shows the German anti-sharia activist Michael Stürzenberger recording Muslim street prayers in his home city, Munich. Notice how upset his actions make the Muslims — they believe that he has no right to videotape them, nor to intrude into their portion of the public space.

Many thanks to Miss Piggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   It’s starting now. —Let them pray, let them pray.
00:13   You do not give me orders about what I should do or not do, OK!? You got that!?
00:18   We are in Germany here. Here we have freedom of the press and I’m a journalist.
00:24   I’m documenting what’s happening here. OK!? So…stay calm.
00:28   Hey, hey! —Respect man, respect man.
00:39   Hello!
00:59   We are in the pedestrian zone, OK!? I can film this. It is here… — allowed. —Yes.
01:12   This is how the conversion starts. —Yes, yes.
01:16   I’ll tell you what, the next thing that happens is public stonings. That’s next, just watch.
01:23   I hope you’re wrong. —Then it would be the end. The end.
01:27   First it is praying in public, then come pressure and violence. Then the Sharia
01:33   is implemented. —I hope you’re wrong, because that would be very serious.
01:37   It is OK that you say that, but… —When they have a majority, the power… —you’d better
01:41   watch out. I just saying.
01:48   This is public property. —Excuse me? —He’s allowed to film here.
01:52   I’m a journalist. I am documenting what is happening here. —Get out, Stürzenberger!
02:13   Get out! Get out! —Where to? Where to? —Why you take picture us!?
02:21   Why you take picture!? —Yes, well, this is public property. —You are disrespectful!
02:25   You are disrespectful! —Sure, sure. —Get outta here! —You don’t tell me
02:29   where I need to be. YOU DO NOT TELL ME where I need to be in Germany, OK!?
02:33   YOU DO NOT TELL ME where I need to be in Germany! —Don’t let them upset you.
02:39   We need to say what the situation is. —Out! out! —No filming the people man.
02:44   You must not film the people, filming in that direction, that is not the system of us.
03:08   It’s good that you document this. It is the best thing you can do, the way
03:12   things are today —Hello! —Greetings, Hi! Everything OK? —Yes, and with you?
03:16   I’m doing great! —That’s nice. —Super! As long as everything stays peaceful,
03:21   then everything’s great! —What did you say? —As long as everything
03:25   stays peaceful —it’s great! —Ah-ha! —Not if it’s like Islamic countries, where
03:29   Christians are killed, then it’s not good. —They were very peaceful. —We want to
03:33   make sure it stays that way. It is partially not so peaceful. That’s the problem.
04:06   Look. Look over there. They are making problems.
04:14   Who is making problems? —You. —Why? We are simply providing information.
04:20   We’re informing. We are insuring that there will be no further problems.
04:29   You are screaming Allahu Akhbar, which means Allah is the greatest.
04:33   That is a declaration of war on all other religions. —That’s exactly right!
04:37   Allahu Akhbar means Allah is the greatest, that means Allah is greater than any other god,
04:41   the God of Christianity, the God of Judaism. It is a declaration of war
04:45   on all other religions. That’s a fact.
04:49   The conversion prayer of Islam states that Allah is the only god and
04:55   Mohammad is his prophet. —Oh yeah!? —That is a declaration of war
04:59   on all other religions. You should understand that. Islam does not accept
05:05   any other religions. It says it is the only true religion and all other religions are false.
05:12   [Woman] Why is he allowed here? Why isn’t he over there?
05:16   The demonstration is over and we are in the pedestrian zone, OK?
05:20   [Officer] Maybe you should go home, because it is late. —[Woman] I want to
05:24   know why he’s still here? This incitement of hatred against a minority.
05:28   Then report me to the police then if this is incitement! We are informing. We are
05:32   informing about Islam. It is necessary. It is necessary that there is a discussion about
05:36   Islam — publicly and critically — AB-SO-lutely necessary! OK? Everything clear. Good.

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33 thoughts on “Michael Stürzenberger Enrages Muslims by Filming Their Street Prayers in Munich

  1. Just another piece of evidence that the slippery slope Germany is on is getting even more slippery – and fast at that.

    There is absolutely no chance to resolve this by means of a peaceful measure implemented in a democratic society – short of deportation, outlawing Islam in Germany, closing mosques one after another etc.

    But that ain’t gonna happen.

    They are still a minority – imagine what their behavior would be if they have strong representation in the local police, local governments, the Bundestag.

    I may see still in my lifetime a total disintegration of Western Europe, a process led by France, UK and Germany.

    The West has had a good ride for quite some time. Perhaps the east of Europe is going to save West’s legacy? Like the Easter Roman empire did? I was in Poland recently – yup, Warsaw can be the new Constantinople.

    As an atheist, should I start praying for Europe? – my cradle, inspiration, my mother who nurtured me with her art and science?

    Oremus … in hora mortis nostrae.

    • I’m going to bring in a topic discussed on GoV before.

      For the time being, the best alternative may be to segregate the different nationalities and races into partitioned zones. We have no-go zones for Westerners. Why not expand the concept into no-go zones for Muslims and immigrant types?

      I think that except for the corrupting influence of the German government and the old commie apparatchik Merkel, and the absolutely corrupting influence of the globalist quasi-governments, the process would already be underway. I think that under conditions of non-intervention, a Western region will be able to overcome a Muslim region militarily. This is due to the fact that Westerners are able to work together for a common purpose within a group, whereas Muslims are split by tribalist in-fighting down to the individual level. In the Bosnian and Kosova wars of 1991 – 92, it took the intervention of the US and NATO to pull the chestnuts of the Muslims, not to mention the Croatian Catholics, out of the fire. OT, who knows how many of the hundreds of millions received by the Clinton Foundation were deposits for future actions, or payback for past ones.

      The resistors of the mass migration waves in Germany come from the local governments and the local people, so far not able to predominate over the resources of the federal government. Likely, the people like the confused German women upset about anything anti-Muslim, come from the cities. National culture is traditionally weakest in the urban areas. Anyway, the cities could themselves become independent entities and cut the best deal they could.

      In the end, this is what happened to Israel. Granted a large amount of land by the pathologically-lying British foreign office, the Zionists kept accepting a smaller and smaller sliver of salami until they finally declared independence and achieved a workable, though a partial, partition.

      Perhaps a partial partition ultimately is best: it leaves some room for individuals who really do deserve to be made exceptions to the exclusion rule. Once you get mass dislocations, individual justice goes out the window. It will be a sign that civilization is being restored to bring back respect for the individual, whether it be Christian, atheist, or Muslims as individuals comprising a very small minority.

      • Which “immigrant types”, Ronald B? The hard working east and (non-muslim) south Asians, who cause little trouble? The majority of Afro-Caribbeans (ditto)?

        • You’re trying to pin me down on the correct category for excluding people from partitions designed to collect and protect European-derived people.

          The flood of low-IQ, low-skill sub-Saharan blacks is not homologous with Muslims, but it has a strong overlap, and these people are not desirable in any case: even if they’re Christian. Israel recognized Ethiopian black Jews as Jews under that law of return. They may have been correct, but it also affected the crime rates and social dysfunction rates.

          Once you get into identity, racial politics, individual justice deteriorates…and identity politics is very related to the rate of immigration.

          Just because someone is intelligent, industrious, and law-abiding does not give them a right to enter the country. The interest of current citizens, rather than the interest of foreigners, however deserving, is primary.

          Right now, the crime is overflowing into formerly safe areas of Sweden, Germany, England, France, Holland, etc. And the “leaders” are doubling down on claiming immigrants are desirable and have a right to enter their countries. Muslims in particular concatenate their political influence through bloc voting and petitioning.

          So, either the governments get on the side of the populace immediately, or you have to go to remediation measures. Sub-populations have successfully maintained their identities as minorities in the past, so it seems reasonable that Europeans will construct their own zones and hopefully defend them. You will not get individual justice in those cases, at least not at first.

          • I’ve been meaning to post this, RonaldB. Maybe I have and am repeating myself. Whatever. It fits in well with your comment here:

            Tribe: On Homecoming and Belonging


            Editorial blurb:

            Decades before the American Revolution, Benjamin Franklin lamented that English settlers were constantly fleeing over to the Indians-but Indians almost never did the same. Tribal society has been exerting an almost gravitational pull on Westerners for hundreds of years, and the reason lies deep in our evolutionary past as a communal species. The most recent example of that attraction is combat veterans who come home to find themselves missing the incredibly intimate bonds of platoon life. The loss of closeness that comes at the end of deployment may explain the high rates of post-traumatic stress disorder suffered by military veterans today.

            I plan to loan my Kindle copy to an Afghan vet whose book about his deployment there described what can only have been a deeply traumatic experience. Since it’s less than 200 pages, it won’t be a strain to read.

            Look up the author, Sebastian Junger.

      • Ronald B. You keep advocating for separation it would seem? The problem with that thinking is, when you give a mouse a cookie, the next thing they demand is a glass of milk. No more giving in and not one bloody inch, stand your ground for it’s our ground, not theirs.

        • What you have now is millions of violent, unassimilatable Africans and Muslims in Germany and other European countries. They have formed their own areas in Europe, enforce their own laws, and in many cases, cannot be expelled because they have torn up any identification papers they had, and will not be accepted by any diplomatically-recognized country.

          I don’t claim that a partition will satisfy the invaders. It will not. What I am looking for is a process that will be realistic for the native Europeans to maintain their identity and some territory. So, I’m advocating a near-total separation, enforced by guns, mines, and barbed wire. Anything more than this will require the so-far-passive European population to become violent and aggressive, and for the European leaders to take the initiative and throw out international law and the diktats of the global bureaucrats.

          I have no problem at all with progressively pushing the invaders into a smaller area over time. I don’t think it’s realistic to contemplate right now.

          If you read Robert Spencer’s “History of Jihad” https://www.amazon.com/History-Jihad-Muhammad-ISIS-ebook/dp/B07D6X3TRT/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1537918570&sr=8-3&keywords=history+of+jihad+from+muhammad+to+isis , you’ll see that Spain carried out the Reconquista from a small stronghold in the north of Spain that the victorious Muslims thought could simply be bypassed in their ongoing conquest of Europe from the west and south.

  2. “Michael Stürzenberger”
    Amazing! He is courageous. One against thousands and the Traitors and government against him too. Useless dhimmi police.

    Of course, this is not prayer as it is understood to make one humble, reasonable, polite, kind, to purify oneself, and to look inside an be aware of one’s horrible transgressions. This is assertion, averment, statement of defiance and we are here backed by Traitors and you cannot dislodge us. We are a thorn in your eye and the Traitors will prevent you from trying to get it out. As you can see we are getting stronger and stronger be the help of the elites. We are occupying your cities and you are helpless to stop us.

    Oh yeah, human rights for jihadis enable them to deprive others (natives) from human rights. How clever is that? Oh yes, the outcome of democracy for which so much blood has, is being shed.

      • ECAW,
        I have been aware of both H R doc for some years both of them are equally horrible, pernicious and ugly. Don’t go further to know what Jihadis’ H R are about. One should know even before reading them. The following makes things clear:

        ARTICLE 24:
        All the rights and freedoms stipulated in this Declaration are subject to the Islamic Shari’ah.

        Subject to Islamic Shari’ah. They did not forget to put islamic before shari’ah to leave no ambiguity. So any positive things mentioned in Cairo H R are confined to muslims and are never extended to non-muslims according to Shari’ah laws. Just to promote islam and subjugate non -muslims.

        Western human rights doc is even more appalling and felonious because ostensibly they show the high level of a mature civilized west. In fact the traitors use it to whip us into colonized subjugated people by muslims. It is used to prevent any muslim criminals to be deported. It is used to invite every muslim criminal to the west.

        Westerners are helpless in every turn to oppose anything that oppresses them. We are sheep.

        • Murad. You say that we are sheep? To that is say, start becoming the wolf, because this is the land of wolves now.

  3. ” Respect man, respect man.”

    Respect us for hurting you. Respect us while we are colonizing your country. We know you will respect us because if you had not respected us and worshipped us, you would not have invited us to colonize your country in the first place.

    • They understand different the word respect. If you don’t obey, you don’t show respect. If you don’t show respect, you must be forced to show respect. They will beat you…or kill you…If you beat them, they will show you “respect”. They don’t like to be beaten, so they will obey.
      So…their understanding of respect has nothing in common with our understanding of the word respect.

      • Thank you Stefan cel Mare Spot on! Deep understanding of jihadis’ psyche.

        BTW It has been like that from eternity. It will stay that way to eternity. No middle way, unfortunately .. . as Jack London makes it clear in his novel: Call of the Wild.

        That call will never disappear. We have to confront it head on.

      • True.

        I seem to remember Roger Scruton talking about Respect and Disrespect being the morality of the baboon troop, and closely related to fascism.

        A religion, or any other organisation, which demands respect deserves only contempt. That is one of the most basic reasons why I oppose Islam.

  4. A few years ago I was in Manchester (UK) for some football trials. On a pitch adjacent to the ones where the trials were taking place a group of Muslims were playing, during their kick-around they stopped for prayers on the pitch – an ostentatious event for all to see.

  5. What time of day is this? It appears to be long after sunset, with electric illumination. Of the five prayer times described in


    it appears to be “‘Isha: Before retiring for the night, Muslims again take the time to remember God’s presence, guidance, mercy, and forgiveness.”

    So these pray-ers must all be going home to bed. Gute Nacht!

  6. I’ve seen this sort of thing before, why do they get so uptight when someone films them?

    Is it they think they may be identified and deported, or supremacist arrogance?

    • It’s a possession and dominance thing.

      They claim the property and time as their own. It’s not that they particularly fear being filmed, as they are well tolerated. It’s that nothing takes place on their property without their permission. They simply do not tolerate the presence of a non-Muslim carrying on an activity of which their leaders have not approved.

    • It was a deliberate provocation. They were waiting for physical confrontation..After all, Violence is the only way they can express themselves and only Culture they know […]

      Because it was “deliberate provocation” aimed to distort public Peace, Safety and Cohabitation, those who organized shall be identified and arrested on the spot and charge for above…
      Gosh .. I wish I was the person responsible for the Law and Order in Munich. I would end this Mickey Mouse theater in no time and make City Treasury rich from heavy penalty I [would] impose on those beleaguered provocateurs.

  7. There is no threat in filming them they are on a public sidewalk. If you had a group of people singing Christmas songs or someone dancing on a public side walk in an open public area you could film it. If they do not wish to be filmed they could do their prays in private ,they need to do their prays in public cursing the non-believer in public to show their supremacist behavior. When someone shows how inconsiderate they are by filming it and not interrupting it in any manner, there blocking other people from moving threw their “pray” block party they get upset. Why the authorities give in and appease this infantile behavior is beyond me. There chances of getting deport for public pray are zero the Germany authorities will not even deport them for assault or rape ,they know that by now. If large group of Native Germans said ‘prays ‘ publicly in German in that they wanted to kill or conquer others in their gods name in a street in Munich they would be arrested on the spot.

  8. Ostentatious praying in a public space because they can, I am sure there must be a convenient mosque nearby to accommodate their
    Spontaneous outburst of religious fervour.

    Wake up Germany for goodness sake! Why not bus them to mutti
    MERKEL’S official residence and see how she likes it.

    No doubt the camera man will be charged with a hate crime in due
    Course for making the new Germans feel uncomfortable.

  9. A few years ago, the Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated Muslim Student Association held a conference at UCLA. Several times during the conference, the attendees conducted open-air prayers to “mark” the campus as a dog marks his territory. Here is the video and the attempts by the MSA to stop the filming of their antics.


  10. ” And when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites. For they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the street corners to be seen by men. Truly I tell you, they already have their reward. 6But when you pray, go into your inner room, shut your door, and pray to your Father, who is unseen. And your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you”

    Math. 6.6

  11. It’s a public display of dominance! How dare Muslims tell a native, indigenous Deutschland citizen that he cannot film in public areas! Police should arrest the Muslims for disturbing the peace and creating obstruction! Newly formed Christian churches typically rent out schools or warehouse buildings for church services. Muslims can use their free Euros to rent a building to pray in, worship and scream ‘Allah Snack-bar! Would Christians, Jews, Buddhists and other minority groups be permitted to shout religious slogans or pros·e·lyt·ize in public? Hell no! Another visual display of special treatment, rule of law erosion in 🇩🇪 Deutschland and throughout Europe!

  12. One or two comments:
    -praying the way, they did is haram -prayer without rug and a non-human made object to lay forehead, is null;
    -they also had not made the ablutions.

    So, they were not praying, but advertising their religion -at least they didn’t’ t lie 🙂
    And then they said what they want: end all other forms of religiosity.
    Pity that this is not broadcast to all of Germany or better on Euronews 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • interesting points. Notice the swagger and arrogance, just wait until they get to 20% of the population.

  13. Hmmmm.In Poland, it would be branded as “an Illegal gathering and illegally occupying public property and space”..It would be ” Deliberate and Direct Violation of the Law”.

    Punish under CC From a heavy penalty to 3 years in the bunk…If they have luck and locals won’t have enough time to show displeasure and start to “wrap up” and deal with it. Police would do. Time window margin Police involvement (deepens on the size of the City) from15-30 min. Upon arrival they would issue order to disperse immediately.If refused 2-3 min…and they will be help and arrested on above charges.
    Municipality are praying for this..Lot of income for the Treasury … money Fest :-))
    But if they were lucky…Never happen and never will happen in contemporary history of Poland.
    Ordnung muss sein German fellows..!

    • «Ordnung muss sein… fellows»
      How do you say that in Polish? I won’t ask for Hungarian translation -too complicated language, but Polish is (cof, cof) alike with English or Portuguese

  14. On my birthday. Sept. 23. Love Michael Sturzenberger. It’s likely too late to save Bayern or Deutschland or much of Europe…but, I am dedicated to saving Israel, America and whatever of the West wishes to reconstitute itself. I was very distressed by the levels of Jew-hatred within the counterjihadists movement, but I think I’ve found a way to deal with it.

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