Gottfried Curio: The Chancellor and Her Government Are Making Themselves into the Mouthpiece for Antifa

Dr. Gottfried Curio is a member of the Bundestag for AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany). In the following excerpt from a press conference, Dr. Curio names all the authoritative agencies who have definitively stated that the incident in Chemnitz was NOT a “manhunt”: the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution, the federal police, the Saxon police, Saxon political leaders, and others. All of them agree that what happened in Chemnitz can in no way be construed as a “manhunt”.

Moreover, as Dr. Curio explains, the “manhunt” meme was retailed by the Chancellor’s office, which acquired it directly from Antifa and did not consult with the German security services to authenticate it.

Never has the treason of German leaders at the national level been made so abundantly clear.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Ladies and gentlemen, what we heard today from Mr. Maaßen shows us that
00:04   the debate of recent days concerning the interpretation of the renowned video
00:09   from Chemnitz is actually just an unbelievable storm in a teacup,
00:14   rhetorically spearheaded with the term “Manhunt”. Once again, we have
00:18   heard that, not only from the Free Press, which was present at the
00:22   location with multiple journalists. But we also heard from Saxony’s General
00:26   Prosecutor’s office, Saxony’s Police department, the Federal Police, the Federal
00:30   Office for the Protection of the Constitution, Saxony’s Interior Minister, Saxony’s Minister
00:34   President — ALL agreed and were of the same opinion that this video can NOT
00:38   be interpreted as a manhunt, just as the Constitutional Protection
00:42   Agency determined. For one thing, this confirms what was already obvious to all
00:46   security agencies and what is proven by the video itself. Namely, that the title, given
00:53   by Antifa, “Manhunt in Chemnitz” is not justifiable. When someone is chased a few
00:58   feet from another person, it cannot be qualified as a manhunt or a pogrom or as
01:07   a mob. This did not happen there. What happened is that Antifa, a left extremist
01:14   group, in particular through Antifa Tick Bite — known for similar stunts — has in
01:18   this case deliberately ascribed a misleading title. Mr. Maaßen clearly stated
01:24   his evaluation was based on the overall presentation — the video including the
01:32   title “Manhunt”, and determined that it was not authentic related to the total
01:36   presentation. This video does not show a manhunt.
01:42   He did not say that the video itself was fake or fabricated, but rather the claim that the
01:46   video depicts a manhunt as it understood in general, which is not the case.
01:54   So far, so clear. This case has now acquired a new dimension, because
01:58   Mr. Maaßen has said that it is also his responsibility to pursue disinformation.
02:05   To prevent emotionally charging society via false descriptions, and to counteract it.
02:11   So what is the true scandal here? Upon request, it was confirmed
02:15   that the Chancellor’s Press Secretary Mr. Seibert neither asked nor
02:19   consulted with the Federal Ministry of the Interior nor the Constitutional Protection
02:25   Agency for the interpretation he presented, which deviates from that of every federal
02:29   security agency. We also heard that the Antifa video was directly transferred and
02:35   presented on the national news at 8pm, an unprecedented event.
02:42   So what we have here is not only the Chancellery but the leading media outlets
02:48   swiftly making themselves into the mouthpiece for Antifa. An absolutely
02:54   outrageous event. Minister Seehofer said that is a long-standing principle to first
03:01   inform oneself; instead we have a fantasy narrative floating freely for a week now.
03:07   Which was undeterred by the weight of actual facts spread far and wide.
03:11   What happened was an incitement against the demonstrators of Saxony by the media.
03:16   The scandal is that government and media spread misinterpretations contrary to the
03:20   assessments of security agencies. This spreading of misrepresentations and
03:24   disparity is directly linked to the government and the media, and certainly not the
03:33   security agencies, which have been completely consistent in every assessment,
03:37   as has the political leadership of Saxony.

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  1. Still just talking, years and years of talking, but still 0, still no action by people to overthrow the criminal CDU and Merkel and her traitor[‘s] gang.

    Here [is] proof, catching Merkel, media stasi, and proving how MSM news media mob work as one with A. Merkel, and brainwash German citizens using this type [of] lies [and] propaganda tricks.

    The Germans must forcibly remove Mutti Merkel, and arrest all CDU accomplices; only a Romania-style peoples’ mass uprising will stop these EUSSR nazis,

    Talking cannot go on anymore.

    Action is needed now.

      • I’m doing my bit, I get into confrontations daily with feminist women, sjw commie marxists, and leftist scum, and I’ve developed superior intuition in how to spot left wingers, commies, and liberal left feel gooder types.

        Anyone who dares stand up to these socialist nazis will be ostracized, slandered, defamed, whispering behind your back, this is how they destroy patriotic people, the left are pure evil.

        I’m not surprised leftist ideology killed over 200 million people and counting. Any person who is promoting open borders, which is essentially white genocide, ought to be taken out of circulation by any means.

        Left and socialists, commies, and femiNazi sjws left wingers are pure evil, they all must be rounded up deported to the middle east or some island.

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