A Daily Dose of Cultural Enrichment in Germany

I don’t have any narrative context for this video. But then again, I’m not sure we really need any.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Now he’s going —What a mess, no. Ohhhh! —Mama!
00:08   Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh! —Mama! Awful, that’s what that is.
00:12   Look, he peeing on there! Ohhhh, Lord have mercy! No, no, no.
00:17   Boy oh boy oh boy! Watch out, you! —Mama, get out here!
00:23   You slut! —They have their pants down!
00:29   Yes, look at that one, he’s just about to lose them.
00:33   Come on Mom, just go now! Oh he’s throwing something!
00:40   Blah, blah, blah, OK!? —I’M SCARED, MAMA!

10 thoughts on “A Daily Dose of Cultural Enrichment in Germany

    • And we Europeans who are allowing this, who are voting again for the same “leaders”, for more of the same, belong in another. What have we come to that we allow this. Yes, **we allow it**. How much longer before the dam breaks? Or will it hold?

      • I am only surprised that the German Authorities
        Are not pouring more resources into finding
        And prosecuting this driver and her children
        And jailing them for upsetting this
        New cultural enriching German citizen so.

        For pity’s sake Germany WAKE Up!!!

        Meanwhile here in the UK we have a well
        Respected senior policeman suspended for
        Using the phrase “whiter than white” a
        Phrase incidentally coined by Shakespeare
        Himself. OK to be used for over 400 years
        But not anymore because it causes offence.

        You couldn’t make it up if you tried.

  1. Why doesn’t Merkel get dragged out of her castle and turned loose with these African Terrorists? There must be some German men left with [manly wherewithal] enough to put her [derriere] on the line-instead of a mother and her children.

    • Find the man with enough manliness to try and kidnap Merkel…

      And I’ll show you a trained, armed and motivated security team…

      Suggest something possible, these attacks on unarmed peons are Internet warrior inanities.

      • Should this happen to me, I would jump out( with the keys) and grab a 7 iron off my booth.Or is there other advice? Is a putter an appropriate instrument?

        • I wouldn’t want to risk damage to a valuable putter. A baseball bat would be a more appropriate instrument for the pacification and remedial education of such feral savages.

  2. Tell the kids to cover their eyes and step on the gas, nothing else helps against this kind of scum.

  3. I do not see how this provocation can continue much longer.
    Round them up and repatriate them; that would be a kindness as it would head off what is coming, something far, far worse.

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