Matteo Salvini Takes on the Foul-Mouthed Minister From Luxembourg

This past week the interior ministers of the member states of the European Union met in Vienna. Jean Asselborn (Socialist Workers’ Party) is the Minister for European Affairs and Foreign Affairs in Luxembourg, which somehow provides the credentials for his attending the meeting. Matteo Salvini is, of course, the Interior Minister and Deputy Prime Minister for Italy.

In the exchange below you’ll see Mr. Asselborn become nasty and foul-mouthed with Mr. Salvini (actually, since the Luxembourgish minister was speaking French, it may not have been considered foul-mouthed, for all I know). Mr. Salvini, in contrast, retained his composure and responded with cool aplomb.

The Italian press raised a big fuss about the incident, and drew attention to an issue which otherwise would have received no coverage at all: the need for Italians to start making babies again. That was Mr. Salvini’s point, to make more Italians instead of importing what he called “slaves” from Africa.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Below is an article from Il Giornale on the same topic, also translated by FouseSquawk:

“That minister was vulgar.” Thus Salvini silences Asselborn

After the clash at the summit of the interior ministers in Vienna, the Northern League destroys his colleague: “He gave visibility to the meeting”

by Claudio Cartaldo
September 14, 2018

A few words were enough for Matteo Salvini to destroy his Luxembourg counterpart, Jean Asselborn.

The interior minister seemed almost amused when answering reporters’ questions at a press conference on the margins of the summit held in Vienna on migration. “I thank the Luxembourg minister who has given visibility to this meeting,” said the deputy prime minister. “His calm tones and the serene debate are spoken of throughout Italy; those who did not know that we were here, thanks to the vulgar minister of Luxembourg now know.”

“Fewer migrants”, “Et merde alors”: Salvini-Asselborn collision in Vienna

The facts. As is well known, while Minister Salvini was explaining his position on immigration to his European colleagues, the Luxembourg European and foreign affairs minister interrupted him by criticizing his position. Salvini first tried to conclude his discourse, but then Asselborn lost patience and, turning on his microphone, blurted out: “In Luxembourg, dear sir, we had thousands of Italians who came to work with us, migrants, so that you in Italy could have the money for your children.” And then he ended the speech with a colorful expression: “Merde, alors (So, s**t).”

At the time Salvini did not seek out the clash: “Good manners is about letting a statement be finished,” he said, trying to remain calm, but then he was harder at the next press conference: “Those who did not know that we were here, thanks to the vulgar minister of Luxembourg now know,” said Salvini, ironically dismissing what happened at the EU interior ministers’ summit.

Video transcript:

00:00   I think I am in the government and paid by my citizens
00:05   to help our young people return to making children
00:09   as they did some years ago — and not to implant
00:13   the best of young Africans to come and replace young Europeans, who for
00:19   economic reasons are not making children. These are two completely different visions of the world.
00:23   Perhaps in Luxembourg there are these needs. In Italy we feel the need
00:27   to help our children to create more children,
00:31   not to acquire new slaves to replace the children we’re not having.
00:35   Therefore, we are absolutely ready to dialogue with all
00:39   [in French] Go on, go on, go on… [blah blah blah]
00:47   I will respond calmly to your point of view, which is not mine.
00:53   If in Luxembourg there is a need for new immigration,
00:57   in Italy I prefer to help Italians get back to having babies. —In Luxembourg…
01:00   I didn’t interrupt, please. If you would let me finish. I have not…
01:04   [in French] In Luxembourg we have had tens of thousands of Italian…
01:07   I did not interrupt… —[in French] immigrants, who came to work,
01:11   so that you in Italy could have money for your children — so s**t!
01:16   [in German] Excuse me.
01:21   Good manners would expect (one’s) statement to be allowed to finish.
01:27   Not everywhere is [unintelligible] understood.
01:31   [unintelligible] I intend to work to resolve the problems and reduce the number of deaths…

2 thoughts on “Matteo Salvini Takes on the Foul-Mouthed Minister From Luxembourg

  1. We come, here, close to the core of this matter. In Luxembourg, those workers were *Italians*, not quite culturally the same as the Luxembourgers but close enough, close enough for them to be there in Luxembourg and follow, broadly, though not always, the rules and norms of that place. Further, those Italians were not adherents of a supremacist religion that hate and wish to subjugate all others.

    M. Asselborn holds “high office” but that should not imply that he knows or understands much or even a little of the world’s reality, a reality which includes the facts that all cultures and peoples are not “equally good” and that one cannot just be replaced by another. It may well be, too, that he is ignorant – or pretends to be ignorant – of the nature of Islam.

    • The true fool mind of Asselborn (never heard about this person before, but I suppose he is within the large group of the many leftist[s] who consider themselves having higher moral standard than anybody else) came out, while he compared Italians to Africans. That says it all.

      How many Italians did go to Luxemburg ? Maybe is time to come back and leave that cracked city-state, where the financial freemasonry has put its roots and the political power is willing to go toward self-destruction and mass euthanasia by flooding with muslim gangs. I would not like to be there, when all this castle made of cards collapses, because it is going to happen, the sooner the better.

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