Angry Germans Confront the Lügenpresse in Chemnitz, Part 2

The following video features yet another encounter between a media person and ordinary citizens on the street in the German city of Chemnitz.

The media person in this case is a left-wing lesbian TV journalist named Dunja Hayali, the daughter of Syrian Christians who escaped to Germany — in other words, real refugees. Their daughter, however, has become a full-fledged gutmensch.

In the clip below a citizen named Inge Steinmetz takes Ms. Hayali to task for what she and her fellow media snoids have done to smear the people of Chemnitz as “right-wing extremists”, “xenophobes”, “neo-Nazis”, etc.

This footage seems to have originated with an outlet for ZDF, the reporter’s mega-media employer. It made me wonder: Did ZDF and Dunja Hayali not realize that their star presenter had been pwned by an ordinary housewife?

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   When I watch these political talk shows, they have of course someone from every side.
00:04   What Mr. Kubicki said yesterday evening, parts of it were outstanding.
00:16   And how should I react to that? You want that… No, that’s just silly.
00:20   Well, sometimes I just have to smile about that chant because on the one hand
00:24   We (news) are told to differentiate but up there, there’s no differentiation at all.
00:28   I don’t accept that you say this about me, that I’m not interested in what people say.
00:32   And I… I’m standing here, I’m not here for the whole press. I can’t, how could I do that?
00:36   You don’t represent all of Germany, do you? —Certainly not. —You don’t belong to
00:40   Germany at all, that’s right. —Sure. —Just go away. A warm welcome to our state-run media.
00:44   A while back there was a newspaper headline calling us the brown mob.
00:50   Seriously, I don’t see them here. —But is it everyone or just those with their arm up?
00:54   No, that’s just not right. Enough said. That’s how it is. —Yes, but that’s the brown mob.
00:58   Yes, then why don’t you write that? Take a picture of the one guy and write about him.
01:02   No joke. —So who raised their hand then? —I didn’t —What do you mean “who”?
01:06   There are videos, pictures, but you say no one did. —They were isolated incidents. —Yes.
01:10   You’re lying; it’s just picture of a person with their arm raised. — Stop! Stop! Stop!
01:14   I’m lying!? I haven’t talked about this the entire week. What do want from me?
01:18   Her personally? —All of you! All of you! You can spare me your justifications.
01:22   You are ALL together responsible — it is all your fault! — OK, if that’s what you think.
01:27   I’m sorry that you are the target. You both are receiving the brunt of it.
01:34   You represent all of them. You represent all of those from ZDF. Just look at…
01:38   My name is Inge Steinmetz. —OK, great. Your name is Ms. Steinmetz. Hello. —Yes.
01:46   Please excuse me, that I was so upset. — May I, you don’t like
01:50   to be all lumped together. IT’S YOU THAT LUMP US TOGETHER
01:54   FROM THE START! —When was that? — YOU! EVERY DAY!
01:58   —On every channel. Go watch ZDFinfo, what was on two days ago.
02:02   10 channels out of 12 are against anyone on the right. The so-called “RIGHT”.
02:07   We aren’t the Right damn it! —Right-wing EXTREMISTS. So let’s get the one thing
02:11   straight. There is left and there is right, and that’s just fine. The extreme right…
02:15   May I please just talk to her —But we aren’t the extreme right —Please come a bit closer.
02:21   You are a bit too far away —Gladly. —If there is a left, there is also a right. — Yes.
02:25   That’s all totally legitimate on the spectrum. What is not OK
02:29   is the extreme left or extreme right. So why are the media extreme left then?
02:33   Tell me why the press is so extreme left? — How is the press extreme left now?
02:37   The press is supposed to be neutral. The press is continuously negative in their
02:41   reporting about Trump or anyone who is critical of the government; they are
02:45   shoved into the right corner. It is so unbelievable that if I were to
02:49   criticize Mrs. Merkel or dare to point out that something isn’t quite right,
02:53   then I will be labeled a Nazi. Me! Just a totally normal woman. Day after day,
02:57   every single day, I turn the news on — whether it’s The Heute Journal,
03:02   Tagesschau or whatever — even after 8:15pm during the detective series Tatort.
03:06   We are inundated with it everywhere, every day. This is supervised thinking!
03:10   These people suffer from cognitive resistance. Yeeeeesssss! Exactly right.

2 thoughts on “Angry Germans Confront the Lügenpresse in Chemnitz, Part 2

  1. The “Establishment” through the MSM are exactly the same as the failed USSR. When I was stationed near Hamburg in 1980, my comrades and I used to amuse ourselves by watching DDR TV just across the border. Pictures were broadcast of “Peace-loving” Red Army soldiers being greeted by East Germans holding boquets of flowers clapping and hugging their Russian “peace-loving saviours” on arrival at Chemnitz, Dresden and many other towns.

    We knew the truth of course. East Germans could not wait to escape the lies. A lie they had to ensure was kept “safe” by a large land-mined border zone complete with machine guns. I met and became friends with a Rumainian-German asylee and real refugee from DDR oppression. He had escaped from the DDR by having to leave his wife and child as hostages for his good behaviour.

    When he saw the pictures described above he told us that those flower carrying happy crowds had been bussed in from miles around and they were watched from the sidelines by DDR Stasi plain clothes to ensure they kept to the script. The so called happy clapper seemingly so glad to welcome the Red Army had relatives in DDR custody to ensure compliance. Interestingly he said that those who did escape West were also accused of being “Nazis”.

    It appears that Merkel and the MSM are playing the same game. Merkel is a DDR infiltrator I am sure.We are seeing the DDR recreated in the EU and Germany. Interestingly, my friend told me that the DDR too used to disparage German culture as decadent and non-existent, back in 1980′ Loyalty was to the Great leader and DDR Communist Party.

    My guess is that after the mass protests of the last week or so in Chemnitz, we seeing a modern update of the former DDR “Peace loving citizens” greeting the modern “Red Army” of “Antifa” except it is dome with pop concerts these days. Look at the pictures of the supposed 65,000 flower waving “anti-Nazis” gathered (bussed in) in reaction to the “Nazi” Chemnitz citizens. They don’t look local but typical of the type of assorted weirdos and dysfunctional individuals one so often finds on the Left.
    One can spot them a mile of if one is able to get to know what to look for! As my pal from the DDR said, “they all look odd and as though an asylum had been emptied for the occasion!”. I think he had a point. The Democrats recruited and paid patients from local asylums to attack and harass Trump voters.

    The Left has a plethora of quick reaction systems across the German State. Most of these are unemployed and Party faithful-indeed clients of the regime. We are seeing the same in Merkel’s new DDR multcicultural successor state of the EU. Nothing has changed in 70 plus years. The same politics, same ideology, same tactics, same desocialisation (as happend to my pal from the DDR).

    Those young enough and foolish to support this ongoing failed garbage Marxist ideology by supporting Merkel and Antifa would do well to learn from the experiences of those that had lived under Communism- a Communism that is now re-emerging in the form of the EU and the Globalists, and recognised for what it is by modern citizens of Chemnitz. Collapsible Communism is a reality.

  2. Ms Hayali should know better than most what would happen if she was caught by a group of “Syrian” refugees on a dark night.

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