What is the REAL Mood in Germany?

This video is not new, but I doubt that ordinary Germans have become any less angry since these people were interviewed.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   The REAL mood in Germany
00:05   Ladies and Gentlemen, I would now like to… just let you know
00:11   That my time is nearly done. My time is nearly done.
00:16   My time is nearly done.
00:20   Yes, (just) my speech time here.
00:23   Well, that’s… my God.
00:26   So, is this how far we’ve come? Look what it has come to… people, please.
00:32   Thank you, Mrs. Merkel. Hopefully, I will never vote for you again for the rest of my life,
00:37   and hopefully my entire family won’t either, and my friends too!
00:41   But she (Merkel) still has the right to speak here, doesn’t she? Nope. She shouldn’t talk here.
00:45   Merkel has to go! But she (Merkel) has a right to speak?
00:49   No. But she is the Chancellor of Germany —
00:52   Shouldn’t you have respect for her? Nope, noooo! Not at all! Not for her.
00:58   Because she’s just foul. In our eyes she’s not the Chancellor of Germany anymore.
01:01   She’s a criminal. “… our common language” —
01:04   Get out! Get out! Get out! Why are you yelling “Get out!” ?
01:08   Yes, why? Merkel has RUINED Germany! It is unique in all of history.
01:13   One and half million Africans, who’s going to pay for that?
01:17   You maybe? And you (viewers)? But I can’t pay for that!
01:21   Merkel is THE worst Chancellor that Germany EVER had!
01:24   Merkel has violated her oath of office —multiple times!
01:27   Merkel belongs in a straitjacket, as Björn Höcke said,
01:30   and needs to be escorted out of the Chancellor’s office. Get out! Get out! Get out!
01:34   We have to live with that, that is democracy.
01:37   And thank God, there are quite a few that think differently.
01:40   I am quite happy about that.
01:43   Do you still have confidence in our democracy?
01:46   No, not at all. You know, we used to be under a dictatorship (the DDR).
01:50   Is this better? Those in charge decide. And the little guy gets screwed.
01:54   In the DDR, everyone knew where the enemy was,
01:57   the government. Here, now, Merkel is saying she can
02:03   decide for you — in detail — how you want to live. I have been furious for the last two years.
02:08   I’m sick of it! Life in this country makes me sick! It is the DDR 2.0.
02:12   It’s real simple. We don’t have any real opposition party anymore.
02:16   Everything is passed with a wink and nudge,
02:19   which isn’t going to end well. And the people
02:23   are more intelligent than they think. They know what’s going on.

7 thoughts on “What is the REAL Mood in Germany?

  1. The sad thing that worries me the most, is that the only citizens who are aware of the gravity of the situation, dare to speak up about it, and even dare to mention the perpetrators, are the elderly citizens of native (or otherwise European) background with less money and less formal education, hence, the most vulnerable group.
    Who are missing in the equation?
    -The integrated residents/citizens of non-European (f.ex. Turkish) descent. Even though they also suffer from mass migration from Africa and the Middle East, they lack any sense of solidarity with the Europeans who gave them chances they could only dream of at home.
    -The “highly educated”, the so-called, ahem, “intellectuals”, academics, priests, politicians, corporate top-managers etc. They still live safely in quiet, green and mainly white districts, have a sufficiently high income to continue enjoying life, so many of them feel no need to understand what is actually going on in their country. In addition, there is the fear of being ostracized and harming ones career hen speaking up about the elephant in the room. They try to forget that their “turn”will come when the demographic balance shifts in “our” disavantage, and by that time there will be no one else left to defend them.
    – The religious leaders, both of Catholic, Protestant and Jewish congregations. The religions they represent are being slandered and threatened, but the only thing they can come up with is ‘showing respect” and continuing a “dialogue” which in fact only exists in their own imagination, and which is by definition impossible with adherents of the “religion of peace”. This way, they betray the more vulnerable members of their own congregations.
    – The gender-fixated groups, like feminists and LGBT communities. They are, apart from the Jews, the most threatened by the onslaught of islam (no uppercase deserved), but they keep on proclaiming “solidarity” with those who want to kill them.
    – The younger generations. This worries me the most, as they are the ones who could still fight if necessary, and clear the way for a better future. They are the ones who will create our future society. But most young people seem too indoctrinated with the PC multi-culti and gender-obsessed ideology of today, and obsessed with smartphones, selfies, looks, social media (Fakebook etc.) dating, sex (without commitment), traveling to exotic destinations and careers (in digital or political nonsense sectors).
    By the time they wake up it may be too late.

    We need to find a way to give the (growing number of) people, like those who show up in this video, a voice, that can also be heard and understood beyond their own group.

    The Bible already mentions that change for the better always comes from those from whom you least expect it.
    Not the intellectuals and elite bring about change, but the common people.

    • Sobieski: I agree, but those rich folks tucked away will later be surrounded by these invaders and taken down. Seems none of the European folks being invaded were taught world history, wars, history of Islam (or other groups) etc. What many don’t understand that know history, is their lack of logic letting people in, giving them welfare, housing and then having to raise taxes to pay for all this, the crimes overlooked, (Sweden is having riots, burning of cars in cities and breaking into stores, etc.) No one has the will power to do anything, so now it’s way to late.

  2. Germans, Austrians, Hungarians, the French and Italians… they don’t have a constitution that demands “equal protection” … so when this blows – it’s going to be very very ugly.

    A million and a half Africans? – expect round ups that will be likened to Nazism.

    But Nazism was National Socialism, which targeted monied Jews and clerics – I remember being taught about that in college many years ago… Nazism was from the LEFT – the socialists, even as we are now schooled that Hitler was “right wing”.

    So it’s going to be messy, violent, and will touch off a race war, beyond the war on whites we see now.

    I just don’t see how Europe rids itself of this detritus without street violence – since the invaders know to dump their passports and identity papers… so it’s going to be racial identity.

    When I was in Hungary, Austria and Germany in the fall of 2016, there was rumbling among German expats at Lake Balaton, and in the bistros of Pest. Bavarians groused, but held their anger.

    Now, not so much. I expect a purge in the elections, and a purge in the streets.

  3. I would say Germany will be ok. The AfD will gain power in the next election or there will be a civil disturbances in Germany not seen since the 1920s. Das groesste Sorgenkind is the UK. There I see no hope, primarily because the electoral system is geared towards a 2 party system and neither Labour nor the Conservatives have any intention whatsoever of changing course any time soon

  4. The rebellion in Germany has been ineffective 17%{for the A,F,D,) or so is not enough to change things and time is running out.

    It is remarkable that a so-called conservative movement can allow a former operative of the G.D.R. to take over without a putsch.
    In the u.k. a the Labour party is now controlled by a crypto Trot named Corbyn, both he and Merkel spent time in East Germany during the 80’s ,Also stationed there was one Vladimir Putin they seem to be co ordinating their actions Putin creates chaos with his aIR force in Syria the other two allow the flotsam and jetsam to colonise their homelands under the Guise of humanitarian laws.

  5. Sadly, because the churches are not standing up for their flock, or even for their brothers and sisters in Christ ( Middle Eastern Christians who they have abandoned), but pandering to the Ammorites (the sworn enemies of the God if the Bible) the Church will not carry the moral authority to speak light to the darkness as it descends.
    Yes, Jesus tells us to love our enemies, but we are called to minister to our first to those of our own house, i.e. other Christians. And ministering to our enemies is done at the personal level, not asking the State to import them. How many of these refugees are living at the rectories and parsonages of the priests and the pastor’s and their hierarchies ?

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