Swedish Prime Minister: Hunting Nazis Will Be My Priority

Stefan Löfven is the leader of the Swedish Social Democratic Party and the prime minister of Sweden. As you probably know, his country is rapidly descending into chaos due the massive influx of violent, unemployable Muslim migrants. Ahead of next month’s elections, the Sweden Democrats, an anti-immigration party, is putting up the hardest fight the Social Democrats have seen in many decades.

So what is Mr. Löfven’s most important platform plank? Basically the same as Antifa’s: Hunt down all the Nazis and get them off the streets.

I don’t understand Sweden; I never have. But maybe he’s right. Maybe promising to fight the Nazis will gain him lots of extra votes and help him win the election. Maybe this is the most important issue for ordinary Swedes, when they take a break from being beaten or raped by migrants.

It could be true. I mean, this is Sweden, after all.

The prime minister is standing in front of a “Pride” flag in this video, and appears to be pitching his spiel to LGBTQRSWXYZ voters. Many thanks to Tania Groth for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:01   Hi! Today I’ll be participating in the Pride Parade together with Social Democrats
00:05   from all over Sweden. We do this because we in our society believe in solidarity,
00:09   where everybody can just be who they are…
00:13   …and love whomever they choose to love. We also do it in solidarity with those who are subject to
00:17   hate and threats. That is something that we will never accept in our society.
00:23   That is why part of our platform is that we want to stop organized Nazism.
00:27   We don’t want their kind in Sweden.
00:30   We will do this together. We will take up the fight, care for each other…
00:34   and in this manner we will ensure that we win the election.

30 thoughts on “Swedish Prime Minister: Hunting Nazis Will Be My Priority

  1. While they’re at it they can supply the muslims with iron ore and heavy water.

    • Most GoV readers probably qualify.

      Anyone who doesn’t want to be Islamised is likely included.

      Trump would qualify.
      Netanyahu certainly.
      Orban for sure.
      Tommy without question.

      The average Red State voter.

      Anyone to the right of CNN.

    • All who are for Democracy and against the real nazis like he himself and his Foreign Secretary. Everybody who is pro Israel and anti BDS, pro Jewish is a Nazi in his opinion.

  2. Swedish prime minister promises to fight the zombies, aliens and sorcerers.

    Meanwhile, back on Earth…

    • “Nazis” is code for nationalists who believe in borders. Donald Trump and his whole administration are “Nazis”. So is Geert Wilders, et al. It’s all so tediously predictable.

  3. Hunting phantoms while his country’s daughters face the real predators. Well, the election isn’t passed yet.

  4. I’d guess that Sweden is in for a grand coalition after the next election. The Social Democrats and the Moderate Party will have to join forces in order to keep the Sweden Democrats and Alternative for Sweden out of government. I wonder how that will work. As in much of the rest of Europe it is a democracy and you can have any government you want as long as it is the same as the one you have.

  5. Sweden, like Austria, have a history of cooperation with the Nazis, so Nazis are, historically speaking, a real thing in these countries. The leftist generation of the sixties would still encounter real life examples, and so the rethoric is rather well set in.

    The other part of this video is that it is apparently targeted at the self righteous and effeminate city folk of Sweden, which there are a lot. I’d say he might be doubling down, with the rainbow flag and all.

    Nevertheless, knowing Sweden quite a bit, the tide that has turned just recently is quite massive: Swedes are very collective people, and for a long time you couldn’t get them to say anything but hardcore political corectness. And I mean all of them. Yet,nowadays its like they noticed what’s going on, and they are about to collectively strike back against all the humanitarian superpower BS.


    • “Nevertheless, knowing Sweden quite a bit, the tide that has turned just recently is quite massive”

      My honest feelings is it won’t be enough. Not yet.

      Some mediaeval horrors have yet to occur before the sheep scream to be saved.

      • The winter is coming, and my rhetorical question is, what would the ‘refugees welcome’ types do in case of real famine?

        Northern countries are amongst the most vulnerable.

        • I am visiting Dresden at the moment. I went to the Stadtmuseum – and what do I see plastered on the front counter at the cashier? A sign in English saying ‘Refugees Welcome’. My god. They might as well have had a sign saying ‘Third World rapists welcome’. These people are truly insane.

    • Wow. That’s good to hear. Good luck Sweden. I think we (Europeans) are having an effect – the establishment is showing us just how weak it is. It no longer bothers with argument because it has no argument.

    • The video you linked to, “Ett folk, ett parti”, was made by Samtiden, a media office driven by the Sweden democrats. Their anwer to Löven’s et.al. on “your roots are in nazism”. So I expect the video is well founded on facts when it comes to _Swedish_ history.

  6. He is the nazi, i hope sweden votes out this nazi, hes such a ugly nazi as well.

    This man and his cronie feminists, and communists detroyed sweden.

    I prey the mob will catch these people, i feel the time is right now.

  7. I’d it significant that Sweden we the last European country to adopt Christianity as the national religion? For this man to participate in the gay pride march suggests to me that he’s not a Christian, so perhaps Sweden is still a pagan country. It would explain a lot.

  8. The great irony in this is that Mr. Löfven could keep his promise best by shutting down the very party he leads.

  9. Somehow I don’t think the “Nazi hunter” platform is going to resonate with voters when migrants are tossing grenades in Malmo and rampaging on the beaches. But then, who knows what the Swedes think? Maybe when they are alone in that voting booth they will vote in a way no one will expect, and vote for change.

  10. I am not a Nazi.
    1) killed about 6 million Jews, but I like the Jewish people and would never harm them
    2) killed several thousand mentally ill persons – above all mentally ill and retarded children (with “Asperger Syndrome”!). I am against killing mentally ill people.
    3) forced German women who were not impregnated by “true Germans”, whatever that may mean, to commit abortion – and I am totally against abortion.
    4) made medical experiments on living people – I am against experimenting with people and their organs.
    5) killed (or put into a concentration camp) all those who dared question their politics and morality. I despise the Nazi murderous morality and their invasive politics.
    6) invaded and enslaved several European countries (including my homeland Slovenia), terrorized the indigenous people forcing their political views on them. And guess what – I hate their invasive character.
    7) killed my grandfather and I couldn`t dislike them more than I do.
    8) made living hell for Europeans and other people all over the world for six years.
    9) censured literature and burnt books (there was no Internet then, or they would have censured it too) ………..
    There are many more negative traits of Nazism that I despise – so I am definitely not a Nazi. But I know who are Hitler`s worshipers, do you?

    • Yes, for example the black nazi Louis Farrakhan in the US and the whole of milöpartiet (that is the greens) in Sweden, communist party of Sweden, Social Democrats, Centre Party, the so called liberals and even the Moderata partiet(once the conservative party)

  11. Perhaps the PM has read his history and understands that the 13th SS division was headed by the grand mufti of Jerusalem and was a Moslem division. Somehow I doubt that is his reasoning but we can hope.

  12. “Today I’ll be participating in the Pride Parade together with Social Democrats
    from all over Sweden. ”

    Says the childless poster child of voluntary self-extinction.

  13. …and in this manner we will ensure that we win the election.

    Love it. You Swedes have nailed it. This is Nirvana. I’m so ashamed that I live in the country that has not been culturally enriched. I’m sure that if there’s any dissent in Sweden by a few dimwits who don’t know what’s good for them, Sharia will fix it.

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