The End Times of Albion: Downing Street, Saturday 26th May 2018 — Know Your Enemies

The essay below by Seneca III is the latest in the “End Times of Albion” series. Previously: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4.

Downing Street, Saturday 26th May 2018 — Know Your Enemies

The End Times of Albion, Part 5

by Seneca III

The screen capture above and others following were lifted from a video taken outside Downing Street last Saturday sub-titled “Watch Nasty Met police officer trying to arrest peaceful protesters”.

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This is a general view at 5 minutes 51 seconds in, facing towards the gates of Number 10…

…and two things attracted my attention: the policewoman on the left and the male police officer fourth from the left.

The expression on the young policewoman’s face could be interpreted as apprehension, perhaps shaded with a sense of unease bordering on fear, understandable in those circumstances, particularly for the first time…

…but that on the face of the male officer fourth from the left is entirely different.

Here we see quiet, calm confidence coupled with an acute awareness of that is going on; observation and analysis in process, possibly the result of experience and thus higher ranking than the officers around him. Furthermore, his yellow vest is different from that of the policewoman on his left (ignoring the rather shambolic manner in which she is wearing it) and from the rest of the officers in that cordon/reaction force.

I was only able to spot one other vest of this type in the background, but not being a copper and having steered well clear of Cesspit-on-Thames for many years now, I am unaware of the significance, if any. Perhaps there are readers out there who could enlighten me…?

However, there was one other variation of uniform around that day, but it was not found in the general cordon — the non-headgear equipped wearers of those virtually all-black outfits who were moving around within the crowd of protestors in a manner reminiscent of snatch squads I have seen operating in other police states around the world.

One of them first appeared at on-camera at 0:27.

I was immediately taken by his menacing general demeanour, that of physically large men in positions of power and authority which so often leads to an attitude of “I’m untouchable and big enough and smart enough to do whatever I want, peasants.”

And, sure enough, that is exactly what he tried to do shortly thereafter when he moved deeper into the crowd and attempted to arrest someone at random.

The crowd, until then noisy but non-aggressive towards the Police, did not like this and reacted accordingly.

That caught him rather by surprise…

…and caused his colleagues to have to move in en masse to extract him.

Thank you so much for the reminder of what your Service offers when it thinks it can get away with it, Constable Wilkinson.

A previous example of this type of attitude occurred on a large scale back in 2004. The Countryside Alliance were peacefully protesting Prime Minister Tony Blair’s hunting ban outside Parliament. Despite their non-violence, the STAPO waded in and proceeded to beat them to a pulp — men, women and young people, none of whom were trying to fight them and were simply trapped at the front of the demo.

Look closely at the lead photo in this Daily Mail article and observe the sadistic glee of the police thugs as they wield their batons… having first removed their badges and identities, of course.

Now, next time around, there could be fully armed state thugs there as well, so should we not look at where the ultimate power lies and those who wield that power, the puppet masters of the Police and all they survey — the politicians and their apparatchiks in the ideologically corrupted Civil Service?…

…The denizens of Westminster.

Simples, really, and it doesn’t take much explaining. Power is their narcotic of choice. Self-preservation and enrichment their way of life. Duplicity is their means. Hubris and an overwhelming sense of immunity their crumbling foundation built on shifting sands.

This is the way it always has been and always will be until the wrath of the downtrodden finally descends upon them, and there will indeed be rivers of blood before the whole inevitable process comes full circle and begins again.

All generations, oppressors and oppressed alike, must learn that you cannot enslave a man or woman who is prepared to die in the fight for freedom. Tyrannies always give birth to such people, and time and time again tyrants have to learn the meaning of fear, so that they will begin to understand that they and theirs are nothing but ephemera adrift on the winds of time.

As usual, the establishment’s understanding of this truism will come too late to save them. That is also the way of things. So be it.


And now to the Judiciary

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, I worked on a refurbishment project at the Law Society headquarters at 113 Chancery Lane, London. In those days mobile phones were a thing of the future, and to communicate with the office I had to use one of two old-style red telephone boxes which were located just around the corner on Carey Street past Belly Yard on the left almost opposite The Seven Stars Pub.

As was the way in those days, the professionals of the metropolitan sex industry used those boxes for their advertising by sticking up their calling cards and contact details in every available space. What was most apparent was that roughly 90% of them at the Law Society were for services of a sado-masochistic nature offered by Dominatrices of both genders. Those professionals of the night really understood their market.

Around the front on Chancery Lane itself, between the pavement and the building and separated by railings, was a deep, open well behind which was a basement, probably the servants’ area, wherein resided a dozen or more large garbage bins. Most mornings they were filled with empty champagne bottles.

That is all anyone ever needs to know about these robed and bewigged paragons of virtue that sit in judgement on us all.

— Seneca III, in a disturbed Middle England where there has come a time for all things under the sun, this 31st day of May 2018

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21 thoughts on “The End Times of Albion: Downing Street, Saturday 26th May 2018 — Know Your Enemies

  1. The faces of ALL the cops that I’ve seen in the coverage of Tommy’s arrest, are positively terrifying. They are not human. They have no souls. They are clearly sociopaths who have been given permission and weapons to carry out their unspeakable orders.

    I too fear for Tommy’s life and I have no idea what’s going on with his legal team and supporters. I live in the NY City area and cannot find ANY demonstrations in support of the #FREETOMMY movement. I have been looking on Google but of course any listings of events, if there were any, have been scrubbed.

    If anyone on Gates of Vienna can tell us about demonstrations in support of Tommy that are going to be held in the USA, please let us know.

    I have been reading about events in Great Britain for many years and just when you think things can’t get any worse, you get the Dynamic Duo of Sadiq Khan and this guy Javid.

    I find it incredible that our “mother country” has turned into a lawless dictatorship run by people who want to destroy the native Brits.

    Many of us hope and pray that our President Trump will grant Tommy political asylum. If anyone needs it, it’s him.

    YOu are all in our prayers.

    • Vlad said there was a #FreeTommy demo in NYC last weekend, but I don’t know much about it.

      • I believe there was another small one in Toronto and also in Sydney or melbourne.

      • Thank you Baron Bodissey. Sadly, I don’t know much about it either even though I live in near proximity to the Belly of the Beast. Also, I try to read Vlad’s blog every day if at all possible.

        Once thing for sure- the fascist Main Stream Media is not doing anything to help the cause or to spread information among Tommy’s many supporters here in the USA.

        Do you have any idea how it’s going in the UK? Can you tell us the best place to go to donate money for Tommy’s defense fund? Is there any chance that his legal team will be able to get him out of that hell hole before he gets murdered by the followers of the Prophet?

        Many thanks for all that you do for Freedom and Liberty.

  2. I took part in a small, peaceful demo outside the Law Society a few years ago, protesting their decision to offer guidelines to solicitors on how to advise clients involved in cases heard by Sharia Courts. They changed their minds soon afterwards (champagne notwithstanding), so we do win some battles. The outcome of the conflict remains to be seen…

    • I’m something of a failed lawyer myself.

      I don’t drink. I don’t do drugs.

      I’m pretty sure that failure as a lawyer is somewhat connected to the above.

      It’s not work that normal humans can do without chemical assistance.

  3. Yep saw that live. Saw at least two in the crowd trying to manufacture an arrest.

  4. Police provocateur is a real job. Czech police does it too, there are several videos of demonstrations where police ‘operatives’ move unmarked with the crowd and call for greater uniformed police into the crowd to arrest people from within the crowd. It’s been done like that for hundred years or more, sometimes it gets pretty violent when it gets down to ‘use any force necessary’.

  5. Auckland New Zealand. Short notice and was held on the 29th of May.

    Click on the link “FreeTommy Silent Vigil Auckland event page”, that will take you through to further information of the past event.

    A future one is planned and its arrangements for Saturday 9th June 12.00pm, and further information of this coming event is there.

    Thank you Baron & Dymphna for keeping many of us informed, and trust it is ok to repeat this notice.

  6. Now, next time around, there could be fully armed state thugs there as well, so should we not look at where the ultimate power lies and those who wield that power, the puppet masters of the Police and all they survey — the politicians and their apparatchiks in the ideologically corrupted Civil Service?…

    Unfortunately, once you have a tenured (that is, unaccountable) civil service bureaucracy, you’ve basically lost the battle for responsive and limited government. It’s far better to have a political government than a supposedly “non-partisan” government. In other words, the elected official gets to hire or fire anyone in government. This can lead to abuses, but the ultimate limitation is the election. With bureaucracies, unaccountable by their nature, there is no natural limitation to their power and funding. A president might be able to pry someone out of his position, but handling even one case takes a great deal of time and attention, and there are tens of thousands of bureaucrats in positions of authority.

    Chuck Yeager, the famous fighter pilot and test pilot, in his book talked about flying fighter protections for bombers based in Britain. The bombers and their escorts returned after 5 pm, meaning they couldn’t get a hot meal. The “civil service” mess hall employees left at 5 pm on the dot, even though they knew the airmen would be returning later. These are the airmen to whom Churchill referred when he said “never before in history have so many owed so much to so few”. But, the debt didn’t extend to the tenured civil servants staying an hour or two after quitting time to serve dinner to their defenders.

    The beginning of any return to freedom will be to totally dissolve all tenured bureaucracies, including tenured professors.

    • Excellent post and you are 100% correct about the disgusting bureaucrats. As we say here in the States, when it comes to anyone who works for The Government- there is no reward for success nor penalty for failure.

    • Yeah, you see this with the police especially. How Chief Constables are almost completely unaccountable. A law unto themselves.

      Hence the Police and Crime Commissioners but as democracy is not how things are done in the UK they were watered down almost to pointlessness.

  7. I had a look around at police badge numbers out of interest, no links but to summarise:

    Should be visible always, many police admit not wearing them on occasions.

    The badge number is different from the wsrrant number. The warrant number is unique and allocated upon joining the force. The badge number is an individual number within a department. Wiki has a list of meanings.

    Mr. Unpleasant above has CW 3791 , CW is Westminster constabulary, 3791 is his individual number. Usually four digits means special unit, except CW as they have over a thousand police. Apparently any member of any part of the police is also a constable, and so it is possible Mr. Unpleasant is also part of a special unit but going as constable.

    Under freedom of information supposedly you have right to access full details, but some of the petitions I read were rejected or attempted to be used by the police to investigate the petitioner.

    Some of the police had U badges which are TSG (riot police).

  8. Thanks, Anon, I had my suspicions something like this would be tyhe case and that is why I asked. S III.

  9. The protesters took it easy on the police, this time. The police were far outnumbered.

    And, to point out the obvious, some were quite over-matched as well. Should the little woman officer attempt to strong arm or arrest many of the average or large men in such circumstances it would not go well for her.

    We saw this over and over again in Detroit, when the police decided (based on some idiot judge) that all new police officers had to go into the patrol units, including women. Small woman officers simply are not able to subdue your average sized black man who has no compunction about fighting the police, and by age 30 had likely been in quite a few fights.

    Scale that up and you understand (if you have ever watched the entire video) that it really did take 6 cops with clubs to subdue one very large drunk and disorderly Rodney King in LA.

    In the USA the police are up-armored to a tremendous degree. Not just helmets, but joint protection, ballistic vests, googles, large shields and billy clubs. And, behind them are police with increasingly powerful weapons, which in the USA ends with near-military SWAT teams.

    The UK police don’t instill much fear, just looking at them. I suspect they are going to have to start acting more like the USA police as the social contract continues to break down.

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