The End Times of Albion

Prompted in part by UKIP’s devastating losses in last Thursday’s local elections, Seneca III sends these thoughts on the current gloomy state of affairs in the United Kingdom.

The End Times of Albion

by Seneca III

There is a time to live and a time to die; a time to let live and a time to kill. Just as the rhythms of the seasons and the tides of great waters rise and fall, the seasons and tides of human affairs do likewise, and they do indeed try men’s souls.

In the UK contempt and abject hatred have, in the mind of the indigenous majority, replaced a naïve belief that probity, public safety and our continued existence as an homogenous culture are the defining hallmarks of our nation’s institutions. Consequently, all trust in our Legislative and its Executive arms has been lost.

Starting in Parliament and descending through several layers to the corrupted Rotten Boroughs in the Occupied Territories a malignant ideological cancer has taken hold and spread far beyond the point where the mechanisms of democratically elected governance can excise it. Democracy, combined with mass immigration and pathological altruism, has become the God that failed.

In quasi-private organisations which are fully or partly funded from taxpayer’s pockets, either directly or indirectly, this cancer has found other homes… take English Heritage, the National Trust and Oxfam as examples, as well as the BBC.

The police, the judiciary and the legal profession as a whole no longer possess anything resembling a moral compass nor any conception of the abiding necessity to sustain a British homeland for long-heritage British people.

In the education sector learning has been cast aside and replaced by indoctrination. Generations of children will now grow to maturity without a functional and enquiring mind of their own, and thus their future will be defined by a modern form of feudalism wherein they will be the serfs.

Feudalism arises when a civilisation begins to decline or collapse, when the central authority is no longer able to maintain order, and local power centres emerge to control specific areas and their inhabitants. It is a return to a default position such as we now see in a variant form in the no-go areas and their adjacent epicentres of large-scale criminality unrestrained by central authority, for example in Tower Hamlets, Bradford, Rotherham, Telford et al., and in the general anarchy that is now so much a part of life in areas of London and other major cities.

Inevitably, wherever one looks, brushfires are smoldering, and should a single spark ignite but any one of them it will rapidly spread to others and become a wildfire of unpredictable magnitude. Thus, we need some serious firebreaks, we need them now, we won’t find them in what was once the Mother of Parliaments and certainly not in the EU*, so we will have to create them for ourselves from scratch…

…or kiss our children’s future goodbye and condemn them to nothing but a short, brutal existence in their now culturally enriched lives:


*   1st January 1973 — The first devious machinations of an embryonic Euro-Empire, corrupt to begin with and corrupt to the end, began to take effect under the guise of a free trade organization ingenuously presented as the EEC. Sailor Heath and his Political, Big Business, Banking and Civil Service fellow travelers, who could spot a taxpayer-funded honey pot ripe for the taking when they saw one, manipulated us and lied to us with gleeful alacrity.

— Seneca III, cold beer in hand as Middle England teeters on the edge of oblivion, this 4th day of May 2018.

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31 thoughts on “The End Times of Albion

  1. Everyone afraid to vote for UKIP. Vote for UKIP and the authorities will break down your door and haul you and your family away for re-education.

  2. The Western economic system is debt based. It is also based on continual expansion in order to service that debt. In a finite world, expansion can’t be forever. The bankers know this. The conglomeration of big banks create money out of thin air and lend it to governments at interest. The powers-that-be don’t want anything that gets in the way of “free trade” like countries being self-sufficient. The international financiers through debt have huge leverage over governments and dictate policies. The independent, sovereign nation state is anathema to them. Eventually their new world system will greatly resemble communism. Letting in culturally incompatible people who have an agenda to transform society into the dystopia that they came from is diabolical in intent and will mean totalitarian controls over society to contain terrorism. That’s what the globalists want, deconstruction of Christian principles so they can have unrestricted abortion, euthanasia, sterilisation and rationing for the “plebs” and luxury for themselves.

    • ” That’s what the globalists want, deconstruction of Christian principles so they can have unrestricted abortion, euthanasia, sterilisation and rationing for the “plebs” and luxury for themselves.”

      I’ll throw this gasoline on the raging fire: you’ve got to have sterilization for the population to maintain its genetic quality. The worst agency in the world to make the decision concerning sterilization is the government, particularly a national government. My own concept is that the billionaire techopolists will offer a lifetime support, in relative comfort, of anyone submitting to permanent sterilization. No need to have welfare babies. Also, anyone could avoid the pressure to get sterilized by having a job, taking out unemployment insurance, or finding another techopolist billionaire who agrees your genetic line should be continued and will support you unconditionally.

      • Let me throw a bit more of gas on these fires, Ronald … my uncle Stano is a simple man – a bricklayer, but he is definitely “street-smart” and lack of education is not preventing him from seeing things clearly as they are, not as they are deemed to be.

        When he landed in London for the first time and walked through the main areas of the “inner London”, his judgment was something like this (I am paraphrasing but preserving the message): “Look at all the wealth and luxury … came from all their colonies: stolen from those countries when the Empire once had ruled them. Now the tables turned – the Empire is succumbing to a re-colonization. What an irony – or perhaps expected and deserved payback.”

        I refrain from my own judgment of his statements – for it would be highly biased (family, you know …).

        Perhaps unrelated to your line of thought but might bear some relevancy to the “Times of Albion” …

        • The industrial revolution had nothing whatsoever to do with colonialism. Neither did the founding of the Royal Society and the scientific genius that sprang from it. Neither did the Royal Navy. They were the pillars upon which Britain became Great.

      • The increase in the population of internal enemies can be stopped or reversed in four ways: denial of entry, violent removal, killing, and/or sterilization. Failure to resort to the first plus one of the other three means conquest, slavery, humiliation and/or death.

        Any “moral” objection to the methods is a “moral” argument the results of civilization also failure. In fact, “moral” objections ARE civilizational failure.

        • Oops.

          Any “moral” objection to the methods is a “moral” argument that results in civilizational failure. In fact, these “moral” objections ARE civilizational failure.

          Westerners want not to be mean more than they want to think clearly and act to save themselves.

  3. …”That’s what the globalists want, deconstruction of Christian principles so they can have unrestricted abortion, euthanasia, sterilisation and rationing for the “plebs” and luxury for themselves “…
    Different Time ,décor and actors..the same theater and screen play.. Played century after century…
    History of Mankind in one sentence…Few privileged and many slaves..

      • I remember attending a Britain First march a few years ago, I am not nor ever have been a member but I thought I’d lend my support nevertheless. Much to my surprise there were a couple of Black faces amongst the throng, plus a number of Poles, some of whom were attractive young women. Now that’s the kind of European Union that I would favour.

      • Caught between Germany and Russia both of whom dream of world conquest,have forged some amazing freedom loving people.
        The Polish people.

    • I have been watching Anne Marie Waters from Australia for a while now and she seems to have been making real progress. Her party For Britain is not single issue like UKIP which has won its battle and lost its raison d’être. For the first time Islam is tackled head on. The party has only been going weeks but I am informed by a tweet that for a first outing it has done well. The Brits at long last have someone they can vote for. That said, my son who was in the UK recently agrees with the post.

  4. I can only hope that England’s lovely scenery hasn’t been despoiled as well.

    • I’ve got bad news for you.
      Over the last few decades, Britain has taken in at least 7 million foreigners (official figures, ignoring uncounted million or so illegals). As a result, every town and many villages are sprouting massive housing estates on their edges, which eat into the countryside and fill the country roads with traffic. There is one good side to this: the crisis is being brought into the front gardens of the affluent idiots in the shires who go on voting for the pro-immigration mainstream parties, thinking the downside will be confined to the city centres. They are getting a shock now, especially around London.

  5. I did say in my first comment that Simon had nailed it but I have not seen that comment show up, though my second one did, to Seneca III.

    I have gotten started reading all the archives for Seneca III from 2007. He has been getting it right for a very long time. As have many of his commenters long before me. His article on Star Chambers has not been accessible to me, but so far the others have been.

    Overall, the situation is worse now than it was then I suppose, but we have had the Brexit vote and the election of Donald J Trump. I note that the entenched powers are fighting both of these tooth and nail. These may be the fights that determine what other leaders in western Europe will do, until these are resolved, other leaders may cower in fear that democracy means nothing, or work to ensure that it means nothing.

  6. The demise of UKIP is not entirely surprising given for years their reason to exist was exit from the EU and the EU laws and regulations. With BREXIT won and some indication it may eventuate, many who supported UKIP may now believe there is no further need for the party. They certainly seemed to have no plan of what they represented post BREXIT.
    There were more than one political missteps which also likely damaged their credibility and the brand. Self inflicted wounds.

    • Britain may indeed exit from the EU, but the current “leaders” give every indication of subjecting the British to the EU regulations, including those on open immigration of EU “citizens”.

      The model is Switzerland, which true to its sensible past, has avoided EU membership, but whose bankers push obedience to the EU diktats for the sake of the EU money. The Swiss are very driven by the whiff of money, which has its benefits, but also its massive liabilities.

      So far, Hungary is one of the very few European governments to actually value its sovereignty enough to keeps its financial affairs in order without unlimited loans from German and international bankers. The Swiss could easily be financially independent, even with EU sanctions, but it would cost them money. Will they eventually choose nationalism, or instead, a well-financed suicide?

    • Exactly so, Anonymous. Like many Brits (though maybe not so much here!), I’ve always voted Liberal or Labour, but switched to UKIP to force a referendum- I’m first and foremost a democrat, so anti-EU.

      We had the referendum, though the result looks like being more honoured in the breach than the observance, so UKIP has served its purpose.

  7. I refuse to live in a feudal society. I refuse to bow down before a foreign, malicious and barbaric ideology. My family is not fodder for foreign invaders and we will make no effort whatsoever to integrate with the immigrants – it is their duty to integrate into our society, failing which they should be returned to their homes. These are not ‘electoral options’, they are life and death issues. If European governments want to insist on our genocide they must incarcerate or kill tens of millions of us first. Otherwise, when that spark ignites, and I pray it comes sooner rather than later, I shall be the first volunteer, on the front line, to take on our home grown traitors. As the Hellenes used to say, ‘Liberty, or Death’.

    • Yes, and after they’ve incarcerated or killed tens of millions of us, who’s going to invent the cool [refuse] that elites like to own and which they’re quite dependent on? The day when brute, unthinking labor could create luxury is over. Only people with intelligence are going to be able to maintain the infrastructure for cell phones, computers, etc. These things are the new pyramids.

  8. What’s the problem with English Heritage that I am not aware?

  9. It was almost twenty years ago when I first set foot in England. The scenery, the cool, crisp weather and most of the English people that I encountered were lovely.

    The churches were beautiful. I thought it would be a place where I can start a new life and live forever happily there. At that time, I didn’t know that massive multiculturalism and Islamization was already creeping into England.
    Twenty years later, I see the full picture and I think it is sad that it is mainly the working class and the poorer native White inhabitants that are suffering while most of the richer class or the wealthy elites seems to be less affected and thus appear to be either ignorant or unable or unwilling to do anything to reverse the situation.

    • i have been in south london for 1 month work/study holiday back in year 2000, almost 20 years ago. The situation was already a shocking ghetto, where I used to stay (near stockwell station) they were all from central africa. They said it was the bright future of progressive ideology. It was already all written and nobody without a minimum of brain could not see it happening. Now the mayor of london is a lawyer famous for defending islamic terrorists. And they want to export this multicultural experiment gone wrong to all of europe. I mean the IMF/ECB continue to repeat the same mantra with no stop “bring in more migrants, invert demographic rate, and economy will be much much better”. The question is: better for who? But the today “brits” people (whoever they are now and if they really still exist today) deserve all of it, to wake up, that the nightmere is real and is not going to stop by itself.

  10. The failure of UKIP is down to one thing only – the extreme terrifying fear of Corbyn’s Labour. People voted Tory to keep Labour out, nothing else, while the seditious and subversive plus remainiacs voted Labour to thwart Brexit.

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