It’s “Bismillah” for Everyone at UConn

A University of Connecticut professor named Felix Coe demands that all visitors who enter his office, Muslim and non-Muslim alike, remove their shoes and say “bismillah” (“in the name of Allah”) before they are allowed to enter. If they refuse, they are curtly ordered to get out.

Many thanks to Jihad Watch for producing this video, and to Vlad Tepes for the editing:

12 thoughts on “It’s “Bismillah” for Everyone at UConn

  1. Hmmm. A religious test to enter a public university space. Sorry, that’s going to be unconstitutional.

    • At the rate our corrupt “universities” are descending into leftist multi-cult irrelevance, I could see some of them making religious tests mandatory. They’d fly it under the guise of helping the disadvantaged, just as they do now in California, barring the more academically eligible Asians and Caucasians and males in favor of the “disadvantaged” and women.

      By mid-century the vast and corrupt university system will have collapsed under its own administrative weight and dumb decisions. And mighty will be their fall. Not to mention welcome.

      Many years ago I read a treatise on what might happen if women came to dominate a field (as they do now in many of the ghetto feminist endeavors like sociology). The author proposed that men would quietly desert the field. And that is what’s happening, except for some of the STEM disciplines.

      • “men would quietly desert the field”
        This goes beyond universities. Look at the growing MGTOW movement.

    • He needs reminding that students only need to submit coursework, not submit to the 7th century’s version of Scientology.

  2. Has this muslim been fired? Or at least reprimanded? Are there any protests planned against him? Will there be a boycott of his lectures until he apologises and stops his wickedness?

  3. I just received a note from the Univ. Of Conn… a response to my question about this matter. That video was made in 2017.
    The Arabic phrase was removed immediately after the video became available. The prof. has retired.

    To which I say “good riddance to bad rubbish.”

  4. Here is the timely reply from Univ. Of Conn.

    President Susan Herbst’s office, which is copied here, forwarded me your message. Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us with your concerns.

    The video in question dates to late 2017, when the incident was brought to our attention. UConn promptly resolved the issue in a manner that respects the rights of all involved, and affirms the University’s values of civility and inclusivity.

    UConn strives to provide respectful intellectual spaces in which people from many backgrounds can learn with and from each other.

    Regarding this instance, the sign that had directed guests to precede their conversations with a specific Arabic phrase was immediately removed at the University’s direction. Other rooms are also provided there and at all of our campuses in which faculty can meet with students and other guests when the gathering does not occur in their office.

    That particular faculty member has retired in the time since this video was taken last year.

    I hope this addresses your concerns, and thanks again for being in touch.


  5. Doesn’t anyone know, to say simply: “Lan Astaslem”! (“I do not/will not submit/surrender”)? That of course assumes, unlike with Justin Trudeau, you have […] (courage) or the equivalent in a female, and brains (leadership potential) (both in extremely short supply, in the young, these times), to stand up for ALL that is good and right in this existence, and in our precious America!

    And while the video-audio-unimpeachable witness (perhaps a bodyguard-LEO) is present and turned on, you might tell him he will “burn in the “lake of fire” because he broke an American founding principle and the Constitution! I think that might get that morbidly fat [ ] imperialist nazi’s attention!!!!!

    He is used to dealing with weak, deeply uneducated spoiled brainwashed American youth and even “all growed” ups, and likely has only limited imperialist (“best of people”) patience, which might bring his islam hatred out in Colonel Jessup fashion.

  6. The “prof” should have been fired so that he cannot collect his pension.

    • He’ll claim “discrimination” and collect 10 times his pension!

      If this was the UK he’d claim his sacking was “a hate crime” and get 100 times his pension AND the people who refused to take shoes off would get fined.

  7. I wonder how many complied/submitted to this professor’s demands and for how long this went on before it was reported and stopped.

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