Does This Drone Make Me Look Fat?

If you’re an impresario who wants to stage a fashion show in Saudi Arabia, you obviously can’t have any of those lascivious harlots parading down the runway in skimpy attire in front of men who are not their fathers, brothers, uncles, or sons. So what to do?

A Saudi entrepreneur has found an ingenious solution: use special-purposed drones to carry the garments through the room above the heads of the audience, creating what Vlad calls “Ghost Wives”.

This would have seemed a far-fetched gag if it appeared in a late-night TV spoof. Yet here it is — you definitely can’t make this excrement up:

Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.

3 thoughts on “Does This Drone Make Me Look Fat?

  1. In an ironic sense, perhaps these bearded gender slave masters’ have one up on us less discerning Kuffars. At least they don’t have to sit there looking at vacuous stick insects perambulating down a runway in outrageously over-priced bits of curtain material designed by the aesthetically brain dead for the benefit of equally aesthetically brain dead poseurs with more money that they can usefully employ.

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