Katie Hopkins in Molenbeek: “The Jihad Capital of Europe”

Katie Hopkins is a popular and outspoken British columnist and TV personality who has caused controversy with her reports on immigration, Islamization, and white genocide in South Africa, among other things.

Ms. Hopkins recently visited Molenbeek, a notoriously culturally enriched district of Brussels. While she was there she confronted the mayoress, and also caused outrage among the bien-pensants by referring to Molenbeek as the “jihad capital of Europe”

Many thanks to Ava Lon for translating this Belgian TV report, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Below is the accompanying article, also translated by Ava Lon:

Belgium: Molenbeek “capital of jihad”, controversial report on Fox News

In a highly biased report, the ultra-conservative US channel Fox News presents the Brussels municipality of Molenbeek as the “capital of jihad in Europe”, provoking the anger of the mayor, Françoise Schepmans.

May 14th 2018

“Have you been warned that Salah Abdelsalam (the only survivor of commandos of the November 13 bombings in Paris) was suspected of terrorism?” The tone is set from the outset. The columnist Katie Hopkins, who is reporting in Molenbeek, calls on Françoise Schepmans (Reform Movement), the mayor of the Brussels district.

The latter is trying to explain that it’s not some simple local police officers who follow these kinds of individuals, to no avail: in her commentary live on the American Fox News, Katie Hopkins very calmly explains that the mayor didn’t do her job because she worries more about the votes of her constituents.

“Politicians turn a blind eye because they depend on the Muslim vote. This is why attacks have been planned in Belgium.”

Katie Hopkins, columnist on Fox News

The “worst bitch in the UK”

Katie Hopkins is not at her first rodeo. A former columnist for the English tabloid Sun, she has published numerous more-than-questionable outbursts about the obese (“lazy” according to her), redheads, the poor, and even migrants, whom she compares to “cockroaches”. The former British reality TV hostess has made hate a real business. So much so that she has been dubbed “the worst bitch in the UK”. An entire program…

This time, during her three days in Molenbeek, she explains that she was asked to wear the burqa. Katie Hopkins then buys a full veil on camera and changes in a quiet place. She doesn’t hesitate to explain that if Molenbeek is the “capital of jihad in Europe” it’s because the municipality has no fewer than 22 mosques. Islam, terrorism… follow her gaze…

After the report was broadcast, Mayor Françoise Schepmans reacted strongly. According to her, Katie Hopkins did not introduce herself as a journalist and the elected [official] swears that she didn’t realize that another person was filming her. Her interlocutor “had a well-planned scenario: she was in Molenbeek to demolish the town”.

More influential than a real journalist, still, Katie Hopkins is being followed by half a million subscribers on Twitter.

Video transcript:

00:00   The focus on Belgium on the stage of the American news channel Fox News.
00:04   The guest — a controversial British columnist
00:08   who went to Molenbeek. Here are the pictures from her reportage,
00:12   during which she accidentally runs into the mayor.
00:16   Were you told that Salah Abdelsalam
00:20   was a suspected terrorist in Molenbeek? Were you given that list?
00:24   It wasn’t the job of the local police
00:28   to follow those people. It was the job of the federal police.
00:32   In the studio of the American channel she doesn’t mince her words.
00:36   She said it was not my job. It was not my duty
00:40   to do something. It’s a part of problem in the jihad capital of Europe.
00:44   The politicians turn a blind eye, because they’re depending on voters who are Muslim.
00:52   Today Françoise Schepmans admits feeling entrapped.
00:56   She didn’t know the columnist’s intentions.
01:00   In front of the church St. John the Baptist I met a lady who wanted to ask
01:04   me a couple of questions, but never presented herself as a journalist.
01:08   And suggesting taking a picture with me. I noticed,
01:12   of course, during the interview that she had a
01:16   very well-planned scenario, and that she was in Molenbeek
01:20   in order to ‘demolish the town’, to demonstrate that finally,
01:24   after more than two years, Molenbeek was still
01:29   a rat hole, the way it was described, in particular, in the United States.
01:33   Katie Hopkins spent three days in Molenbeek.
01:37   She says that all the women were wearing burkas except for her, and then she makes a spectacle of
01:41   herself and she goes even further, ending in tears.
01:45   I don’t understand that they say that all is well, while it’s not well.
01:49   She said that she understood that people were angry.
01:53   If someone kills your child you’ll always be
01:57   angry. Additionally, when I see the drama she makes
02:01   at the end of this reportage, I find it really extremely shocking.
02:05   Katie Hopkins was rejected by several media outlets
02:09   for her controversial points of view. But with this type of publicity,
02:13   Molenbeek is at no risk of improving its image across the pond.

11 thoughts on “Katie Hopkins in Molenbeek: “The Jihad Capital of Europe”

  1. More influential than a real journalist…

    Well, duh. I call those MSM mealy-mouths “jornolists” because they’ve long since ceased to report news. You can read them if you want, but be aware that they have as big an agenda as Fox News, or RT, or any other outlet they ridicule.

    The difference between the MSM and the rest is that everyone knows the agenda of both the “real” and the rest. The latter admit their bias up front. The others think we’re stupid enough to believe they’re not biased.

  2. “This video was translated from the French, we did not use the English because we are attempting to show the extent of the good faith of the translation into French, and the honesty with which this counter-punch of Katie Hopkins’ visit to Belgium was done.”

    This introductory message from the video presenter is confusing. In “we did not use the English”, what English are you referring to? What is the role of the Fox News interviewer Tucker Carlson (the man on the left) in this video? Was his show, which was broadcast in English in the U.S., dubbed into French and broadcast in Belgium? How can “the extent of the good faith of the translation [of Katie Hopkins’ spoken English?] into French” be assessed unless we have both the English and the French wording (and know both languages)? Was some of her speech mistranslated? Examples, please.

  3. This is what the Left looks like when they lose grip on their false narrative to a Right that smells the blood of a losing Left. More to come.

  4. As far as I make out the mayor is center right social liberal, whatever that means.

    Anyway, she is planning to sue


    In spite of herself admittung her own failure


    So I guess k.h. is going to join other reporters


    in spite of the mayor being slightly amenable to that reporter.

    A lot of work for a mayor, which is reason enough to be nominated world mayor?


    She already holds title of Bruxellian of the year or something….. I would not be surprised if it is considered an insult to win that title.

  5. As the French commentator Eric Zemmour notoriously said: “It’s not Raqaa that needs to be bombed, it’s Molenbeek.”

  6. A very convenient arrangement. The EU and the caliphate’s management can efficiently communicate with each other. After all they are working on the same project together.

  7. Brussels is nearly one half foreign. The seedy station areas teem with Africans and Arabs. The metro trains are policed by pairs of cops with guns. Cops with guns also patrol public squares etc. In Schaerbeek, East European prostitutes sit in knocking-shop windows. Used to be a decent city. Now whole swathes of it are no longer Belgian except for the buildings. The Berlaymont area, where the EU is based, is of course nicer and less enriched.

  8. Belgium… majority Muslim by 2028 I recall, the first European country to fall to the invaders in this attack. It will be fascinating to see where the fleeing whites will go. The surrounding countries do not have a strong future in Western civilisation either. Katy Hopkins, as an ex MSM journalist, is one of the few that has bothered to look at this invasion and had tried to highlight the reality for the coming generations.

  9. I’d believe Hopkins over EU drones like this mayor in a heartbeat. Most of Europe’s political class simply have no interest in the survival of their own nations. They believe nationalism is the new Nazism & must be swept away. Only to get something far worse.

  10. Katie’s not exactly unbiased, but is a very courageous exposer of uncomfortable truths.

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