The No-Go Zones of Malmö, From a Russian Perspective

A Russian TV outfit sent a reporter and a cameraman to the Swedish city of Malmö to see what they could learn, and the result is the video below.

“Oh noes!” you cry. “Russian propaganda! Fake news!”

But it’s not. Everything in this report is accurate, to my knowledge. I’ve seen the same incidents and figures in Swedish samizdat, Danish sources, and outfits such as Breitbart. Nobody is making anything up; this really is what’s happening in Malmö. I was in that parking lot in Rosengård nine years ago, and it seems to have gotten a lot worse since then.

Many thanks to six45 for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   The Swedish city of Malmö, one of the biggest European centers
00:03   for accepting refugees from the East. The fate of this old city
00:06   serves as a warning: this is what may happen to the whole of Europe.
00:11   Currently, in this third-largest city in Sweden, with a population
00:14   of over 300,000 people, Muslim migrants constitute more than 43 per cent of the total.
00:18   In practical terms, this segment of the town’s population already has a full control of the city.
00:21   Local Jews were the first ones to “feel” that control upon themselves.
00:25   The Swedish reporter Peter Ljunggren conducted an experiment:
00:28   he wore a kippah on his head, pretending to be Jewish, and started walking across the city.
00:33   He received multiple insults from all directions; somebody hit him in the face,
00:37   and when he walked into a Muslim neighborhood, he was pelted with eggs.
00:41   To avoid being hit with something heavier, the reporter just ran away.
00:45   But Peter Ljunggren is not Jewish — he can simply remove the kippah.
00:50   And what should real Jews do? How do they consider this new Swedish “humanism”?
00:55   What about Christians or atheists? How would they consider such “humanism”,
00:58   when they start receiving the same treatment,
01:01   without being asked if they are liberal or not, and what their attitude toward refugees is?
01:06   And later on, the killings will start, too… regardless of any Multiculturalism.
01:12   Malmö is becoming a symbol of failure for the politics of Multiculturalism.
01:15   Please watch a special by Timur Siraziev: from the formerly quiet city (of Malmö),
01:20   where drugs and crossfire (between gangs) are now part of daily life.
01:33   Timur S., Malmö, Sweden: There are NO safe places here. This is a parking lot by a big supermarket.
01:37   This is what a car looks like, after it was “treated” (vandalized)
01:40   by the hooligans. And this is not an isolated case —
01:43   right next to it stands another car with broken windows.
01:48   A guy on the street explains: —A guy came by and shot the car with a handgun.
01:51   This is like Chicago. —No one in the city is surprised by gunshots:
01:55   this place is not ruled by law anymore, but by a prison code.
01:58   A guy on the street explains: “I can’t kill you just like that, without any reason. I may only
02:02   kill you if you give me a reason for that.” Without any reason they burn cars here.
02:06   Security cameras and the word “Police” on the cars are no deterrent.
02:12   In 2016, there were 50 murders and 80 attempted murders in Malmö.
02:16   This is as many as for the previous five years combined.
02:19   In the past, locals only heard about victims of the armed robberies from the news.
02:22   Now they themselves are the victims. This footage is from
02:25   a store security camera: the perpetrators were wearing masks, carried knives, and injured
02:29   a salesperson. The store person explains: “Three guys ran into the store and took the money.
02:33   It all happened very fast, but I remember it clearly —
02:36   I still see everything before my eyes. Last week they robbed an electronics store
02:39   and a gas station. The gas station was robbed twice.
02:42   Yesterday’s laid-back and cozy city is now a danger zone.
02:47   Annette Holmen lives in an upscale neighborhood. Her house was robbed recently, as were 12 others.
02:52   It feels like some sort of war, but we don’t know of which kind… They burglarize apartments,
02:57   and the police show up after two or three hours, because that is not a priority for them,
03:01   and no one says anything, everybody keeps silent because they are afraid.
03:04   They are afraid that crimes will be repeated. Olof now always carries tear-gas spray with him.
03:08   He agreed to an interview only if he’s filmed from behind: people who assaulted him live nearby.
03:13   Olof: “They shot at me, beat me with baseball bats, threatened to kill me.
03:18   And my upstairs neighbor was robbed at gunpoint; she’s a 64-year-old woman.
03:23   All of this was done by Arab migrants.”
03:27   This wave of criminality engulfed Malmö after the city became
03:31   a place of refuge for a whole army of refugees.
03:34   In the center of Malmö there’s a neighborhood called “Little Baghdad”:
03:37   a single street there has dozens of stores and
03:40   cafes with Arabic names. The Swedish province has become a magnet for people from Middle East.
03:47   Officially, 43 per cent of the population in the city are migrants.
03:52   Out of a population of 322,000 inhabitants, 138,000 are migrants. And when the newcomers
03:56   decided to be heard, they held a demonstration. Their march stretched for many kilometers.
04:01   Newcomers now occupy whole neighborhoods. One of those is Rosengård.
04:06   Eight out of ten people who live here are migrants. 63 per cent are unemployed.
04:09   You won’t see Swedes in the local supermarkets here.
04:12   And this is a school in another neighborhood, where kids use Arabic to talk to each other.
04:16   …Everyone in my class is from a foreign country. —Everyone?! —Everyone.
04:20   —How many are there in your class? —We are 24.
04:24   What, all? And not a single Swede? —I think maybe one… or two…
04:29   A fairy-tale city, city of dreams… Refugees do not come by chance to this remote corner of Sweden.
04:34   They know they will be welcomed here.
04:38   This village is 80 km away from Malmö. In this place alone,
04:41   there are four centers for accepting refugees.
04:44   One of those centers is in this old mansion. Previously it housed a school.
04:49   Now, it houses 100 migrants.
04:55   Signs everywhere: “No drugs inside”, “No weapons”, “1-2 persons per room”.
05:00   The overall conditions are very comfortable. Migrants receive full assistance from the government.
05:04   I heard from everyone that Sweden is a good place for migrants.
05:09   The best of all, even. Swedes like everyone.
05:12   Dialy Diabate immigrated to Sweden in the ’60s. He’s a boxing coach.
05:15   Most of his trainees are migrants. He teaches them to block punches, to survive, helps them adapt.
05:20   Those who showed up recently do not accept the laws and customs of their new country,
05:24   and this is the root of all problems, believes Dialy.
05:27   Dialy Diabate: “They got here to escape the war. And instead of forgetting the war, they start it …
05:33   against those people who met them with open arms.”
05:39   The situation has spiraled out of control, acknowledges an MP from a conservative party,
05:43   and demands that martial law be introduced in the city.
05:46   The citizens agree, but the question of whether the police can protect you has a single answer:
05:50   A local woman: “I don’t believe they can. The police can do nothing.
05:54   We told the police many times: there are drug addicts in our yard. They replied that it’s good they
05:58   were there, since now we know where the drug addicts congregate.”
06:01   Police are rarely seen in places where the drug dealers are.
06:04   This is a no-go zone, as the police themselves refer to the place.
06:09   Meaning, they have acknowledged officially that here anything may happen to you,
06:13   and no one will save you. —Do you consider this a ghetto?
06:17   Sometimes, I think so. —Why?
06:20   Because the government does nothing to integrate those people.
06:26   They just give them housing here. It’s awful. —Any non-locals here are spotted right away.
06:32   Hey, you, put away that camera. Don’t film!
06:36   If you film again, there will be problems. Quick! Go away from here!
06:40   The Swedish interior minister has tried to calm people down. He visited the place on Monday and
06:44   promised to restore order. —We are going to punish gang leaders for
06:48   knowing about planned crimes, and not reporting those to the authorities.
06:52   Courts in Malmö will be working 24 hours a day,
06:55   and the special task force will eavesdrop on the phone calls of the criminals,
06:58   and read their WhatsApp and Telegram messages.
07:01   The minister’s subordinates are blaming the authorities for everything. Cops are posting
07:05   on social media that they are forced to hide from the public the crimes perpetrated by migrants,
07:08   and that to legally punish the migrants is practically impossible.
07:12   Peter Springare’s FB post: This is what I was investigating in the past week: rape, aggravated
07:16   rape, racketeering, violence against police, drugs.
07:19   Suspect names: Ali Mohammad, Mahmud, Mohammed, Mohammed Ali, and so on…
07:24   Half of the suspects have no documents, which most often means they are lying about themselves.
07:28   Investigating those crimes takes up 100 per cent of our time.
07:32   For his post the officer was accused of racism, and authorities have opened a criminal investigation
07:36   against him. However, this week the Prosecutor in Malmö brought out a shocking revelation:
07:40   In this city, an underground legal system exists. There is information that in Malmö,
07:45   a suspect can pay a witness 500,000 Kroner, or about €55,000,
07:51   to avoid being punished for murder.
07:56   Violence begat more violence: a migrant was killed in Malmö.
07:59   He was suspected of raping a Swedish girl, but was released for the lack of evidence.
08:03   He was killed in broad daylight, but the perpetrator has not been found so far.
08:07   As a rule, they kill criminals. I don’t have any sympathies towards them and what they did.
08:10   Of course, a loss of life is tragic…
08:14   but I can understand why some people consider it good when a person is killed.
08:19   The problems are escalating. A private electric company has refused to service Malmö,
08:23   due to safety concerns for the lives of their workers.
08:26   Whoever is able to is leaving the city. In the evenings, people remain inside their homes.
08:30   Welcoming hosts became hostages of their own guests.
08:33   By Timur Siraziev, Yuri Sholomov, and others for the 1st Channel, Malmö, Sweden.

24 thoughts on “The No-Go Zones of Malmö, From a Russian Perspective

  1. Strict truth-lovers and revelers! Let them tell what is happening in Russia.
    The topic of ethno-and migrant crime in the country is banned.

    Autumn was the case, a group of Dagestanis at the age of 20 beaten 13-15 year-old schoolchildren in the KFC in Moscow. Resonance was only in social networks and in the forbidden resource “Sputnik and Pogrom.” The father of one of the battered children then wrote to me privately that the parents wanted to make a noise about this, but they were not allowed to do this. True, Dagestani offenders were caught and very severely punished. But again, this was not written anywhere.

    • Interesting comment. Russia has a growing issue with an increasing muslim population that will vex and trouble the country. Denying the existence of the problem (as the Swedes do), never works in the long term.

      • I think they are just waiting for the right moment. Their notes and comments on social networks are horrifying.
        The only plus is that our young men are not sick with tolerance.

    • This is weird. I wanted to write the word “whistleblowers,” and turned
      “Разоблачитель” – who removes the cover of lies, turned into the one who who undressing .
      I twist the phrase back and forth in two online translators, and still some nonsense turns out.

  2. Now London is the new Malmo! Even rush hour commuters are being attacked at random.

  3. Ten years ago people talked in whispers about this issue. Now wherever I go I overhear conversations about the problem.

    • A similar discussion between a local public school employee and customers in a waiting room took place. This PS employee remarked about the sudden rise in number of disciplinary issues arising from the middle eastern type male students in elementary school. The young boys do not respect their teachers, do not recognize authority and are physically confrontational with students and faculty. The following article in a local paper reveals more:

      No. 28 Arlington (Dutchess County) has an English-speaking population of 2,888 (73.7 percent). Arlington’s most-spoken non-English language is Arabic, by more than 5 percent of its residents.

    • Did these People evergreen arrivederci to a y Solution yet, or are the just continue to talk a out it?

  4. Think about the complete and utter illogic of fleeing your country for ANY reason and then vandalizing the host country–biting, no tearing off the hand that feeds you.

    Are these people truly so stupid as to not realize that without a functioning society they won’t HAVE a livelihood at the hands of others? Without their Swedish hosts working, there won’t BE a welfare system to support them.

    • Plum-

      Yes, they are that stupid and unable to plan that far into the future. Or rather, they are so programmed by Islam, that when the welfare system collapses they will simply ascribe it to the will of Allah.

  5. Local Jews were the first ones to “feel” that control upon themselves.
    The Swedish reporter Peter Ljunggren conducted an experiment:
    he wore a kippah on his head, pretending to be Jewish, and started walking across the city.
    He received multiple insults from all directions; somebody hit him in the face,
    and when he walked into a Muslim neighborhood, he was pelted with eggs.
    To avoid being hit with something heavier, the reporter just ran away.

    In response to President Trump’s executive order barring entry to the United States for refugees, immigrants and others from several majority-Muslim countries, the leaders of the Union for Reform Judaism, the Central Conference of American Rabbis and the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism, issued the following statement on behalf of the Reform Jewish Movement:

    “The Reform Movement denounces in the strongest terms the horrifying executive order on immigration and refugees issued late Friday evening by President Trump.

    • Many of my fellow Jews are idiots, I’m quite happy to acknowledge that.

      There are fewer idiots among Israeli Jews and among religious Jews. The rate of idiocy among secular North American Jews is sickening. They’re too busy fighting the last war to realize that the next one is upon them.

      • You are quite right…. However, should we feel sorry for a people or a race of people who willingly saw off their own legs to appease their oppressors? Is the whole of western Europe suffering from Stockholm Syndrome?

        I used to feel empathy, frustration and anxiety for plight of Western Europe and the indigenous Europeans of these countries…. not anymore. These [redacted] defenders of Islam deserve what is coming to them, not because they are the victims but because they are the facilitators of their own demise at the hands of a parasitic ideology they have chosen to let breed and devour their own from within.

        • I don’t think it’s a matter of “feeling sorry for”. I think both Mike and myself feel an extreme sense of frustration on having a strong affection for Jews and seeing them heading so strongly in the direction of self-destruction. The more Muslims a country imports, the more hostile the situation becomes for the Jews living there.

          Furthermore, while Israel should not expect US military protection and, in my opinion, should not be receiving US foreign aid, the US stands between Israel and the organized condemnations and boycotts that the UN and EU would impose in a second if it were not for the declared opposition of the US to such measures.

          There is also the problem that the strong proclivity of some Jews to encourage Muslim immigration dictates that Jews, and others, applying for immigration to the US be screened for their views on protecting the national identity as it is.

  6. They tell us about the horrors of the West. And in Russia itself, such news has long become commonplace:
    Uzbek raped and killed an elderly woman who collected mushrooms in the forest (this is our national hobby, even wealthy people do it for pleasure). Then he stole her car, putting the corpse in the trunk. The husband and son of the woman, worried, went on her quest. And when they saw the migrant, who was leaving on her car, they rushed to the chase. Then the migrant arranged an accident with six cars. When he was detained by the police, the Uzbek invented such a story: That in the forest he met Tajik (Tajiks and Uzbeks do not like each other), who, under the threat of death, forced him to rape this elderly lady.
    video can be watch here

  7. Visited Russia last August. Wonderful energetic and hospitable people. Only difficulty was when we used taxi cabs driven by Muslim cabbies. They put our goods in trunk of taxi and charged twice or more than the regular fare before releasing our property. Russia also has a problem with low IQ people from a warlike, primitive culture identified as Islamic. Stupidity will cure itself. The pushback against the savage primitives who act as parasites and enemies of civilized peoples will start with” Christian Russia ” whose people are probably the toughest and most tenacious in the world.

    • I think Russia’s great hope is the Russian Orthodox Church.

      First, unlike Western denominations, she takes her faith seriously. No clergyman in Russia would recognise that Islam is as good as Christianity. Nobody would suggest to take the crosses out of a church for fear of insulting Muslims. Any attempt to desecrate a church will be met with strong resistance. And Muslims respect this seriousness. Many of them have real deference towards Orthodox churches and clergy.

      Second, quite a few Muslims convert to Orthodox Christianity. I know of Tatars, Uzbeks, Tajiks, Kazakhs and Bashkirs becoming Orthodox in Russia (and sometimes even back in their own countries). I have even heard about Orthodox Chechens, though have yet seen any of them. Just look at pictures by Aliya Nurakisheva, a Kazakh woman with Muslim ancestry: to see how fascinated she is with Orthodox spirituality. Another striking example of the late Soviet and early post-Soviet times was the Azeri Onegin Gajikasimov, a popular songwriter who was received in the Orthodox Church and became a monk.

      Third, the Orthodox Church promotes traditional family and encourages her faithful to have as many children as they can, thus increasing the share of Christians among the population.

      Fourth, although the percentage of regular churchgoers in Russia is very small, the cultural influence of the Church in Russia is much greater than you would think and even many atheists and agnostics subscribe to certain Christian values. Migrants have to adopt to them too.

      • You are not sufficiently informed. The second person of the patriarchate, Metropolitan Hilarion, speaks of respect for Islam and stands for hijabs. Pop (priest) Smirnov, the confessor of Rogozin, says that we should take an example from Muslims. And there are plenty of such priests who admire Islam. There are examples of Orthodox priests who converted to Islam.
        The only one who spoke loudly against Islam was Pop (priest) Sysoev. He was killed by a Muslim. (You can find information on this topic in the network). Now I only know one such priest who is at war with a Muslims in the social network VKontakte.

        But seriously, Orthodoxy is not my theme. I just note when the Orthodox clergy comes up with pro-Islamic commentaries.

        • Russian priests are not at war with Islam. Their job is to maintain and spread the light of Christian faith which is the best defence against islamisation. As for priests “admiring Islam”, they do not admire Islam as such, but its good points – like respect for traditional rfamily, sobriety, etc.

          Christianity is the only alternative for Islam in Russia. Secularism is weak and leads to a suicide of the nation.

  8. you won’t like this comment but oil and water do not mix, makes either one unusable.
    you see why Chaka Zulu ordered that no enemy be left behind.
    this was also God’s order to the Hebrews when they entered the land of milk and honey.
    if you will go against human nature suffering will follow.
    that is what is wrong with socialists. they don’t accept reality and think that nature should bend to their will, instead of understanding nature and working with it.
    working with nature is also known as common sense.

    • I completely agree with your comment. I believe it was Lao Tze who said that you will never succeed if you go, or work, against Tao (Nature).

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