Revealing Muslim Jew-Hatred in Germany Violates YouTube’s Community Guidelines

Last night we posted a video of a young Jewish boy in Berlin being beaten by a Muslim for wearing his kippa. YouTube took Vlad’s video down shortly after I posted it, so I replaced the old embed with his BitChute version.

Strangely enough, however, RT posted a version of the same video on YouTube this morning.

Here’s what Egri and Vlad had to say today:

When Vlad published this video on YouTube last night, YouTube immediately took it down, for “violating their guidelines”. So Vlad re-uploaded it to Bitchute. We are aware that Bitchute is not as convenient and popular yet as YouTube, but please take the moment to watch. Also, the more we use Bitchute, the more user-friendly it will get.

The Daily Mail posted the entire video on its site as well!

There is something particularly odd about YouTube’s decision to remove this video. Much like the way they leave up videos of imams preaching supremacy and hatred but remove the videos of the same when translated to show that they are indeed saying these things.

Even if there is an innocent explanation, its wrong from the ground on down. We must be allowed to expose the reality of enemy propaganda for the home crowd, and we MUST be allowed to show the EFFECTS of that propaganda, which this video most certainly does.

Without imams constantly preaching that Jews should be attacked, this just wouldn’t happen. So not to remove videos showing imams saying such things, and then to remove videos showing Muslims following these instructions, makes YouTube APPEAR to be in league with them, whether they are or are not.

4 thoughts on “Revealing Muslim Jew-Hatred in Germany Violates YouTube’s Community Guidelines

  1. It gets even weirder because I just read the guy is in fact no Jew himself. He describes himself as ‘an Israeli Arab’. Who did not believe that Jews in Germany are not safe anymore and tried to put this to the test by wearing a yarmulke himself.

    I suppose we can safely say that with a name like Adam Armoush this ‘Israeli Arab’ is not a muslim. So he’s in all likelihood a Christian Israeli Arab.

    And if that is so, he’s amazingly naive.

  2. I admit it. YouTube is very convenient, and you can get a lot of valuable information through it. In particular, Stefan Molyneux and Ramzpaul have a lot of videos.

    But, I am a subscriber to Ramzpaul on Patreon, and would be willing to go to another provider for videos. YouTube employs what psychologists call a partial reinforcement schedule. Sometimes your videos come through and sometimes they don’t. This is the type of reinforcement that keeps the victim…ah, the customer, coming back for the longest times.

    So, it’s going to be inconvenient to dump the mega-corps like YouTube, Google, Facebook, Twitter and Amazon. But, they make us too vulnerable. And I don’t feel better knowing the government might jump in. That’s exactly what I look forward to: the mega-corps hook us on the convenience of all-in-one, and when they get too partisan, the government reigns them in and continues to increasingly hook us on single providers. All of a sudden, all our social and information media is completely dependent not only on the good graces of maga-corp owners and managers, but on government regulatory bureaucrats.

  3. Perhaps I am naive, but I do have faith in the free market (as long as the market is allowed to be free!). Important videos will migrate from YouTube to other platforms, and the market will follow — as long as the government follows through on its obligation to prevent anti-competitive behavior by search engines, etc.

    Unfortunately, this is not always the case, though. My default search engine is (because of its reputation (valid or not) of not tracking you), but I see that in video searches ONLY YouTube videos are indexed. There is the question of why this is, and whether or not this is defined as anti-competitive.

    YouTube tracks what you view (which makes me nervous, because I view politically incorrect videos that could get me into trouble if criminalization of political videos advances in the US as it has in Canada, England, Germany, etc.), so while DuckDuckGo might not track my searches, I only get trackable (video) results. Google tracks what you search and what you click on, so my politically-incorrect viewing habits are tracked there as well. At present, I know of no way to search and view politically incorrect material (truth about the effects of Islamification of Europe, etc.) without Big Brother watching.

    (Wow — 10 years ago that last statement might have sounded over-the-top tin-hat paranoid. How did we end up in a society where it is not?)

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