Some Hatreds Are More Equal Than Others

A young Jewish man in who wore a kippa on the street in Berlin today drew the attention of a culture-enricher, who attacked him with a belt. The victim recorded the assault with his phone and posted the video on YouTube.

He said: “I was attacked today by two people, simply because I wanted to walk the street with a kippa. I wasn’t expecting anything that bad… particularly not in Berlin!!”

Many thanks to Egri Nök for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

[Update: YouTube took down this clip, so I’ve replaced the YT embed with the BitChute version.]

A Berlin court will probably throw the book at the young miscreant. I expect him to get at least three weeks of probation.

Also from Egri Nök:

Die Zeit, Germany’s leading liberal newspaper, tweeted this out today:”

Can “Muslim” anti-Semitism be seen as more justified than Christian anti-Semitism? Yes, argues David Ranan. Tomasz Kurian reviews his book “Muslim Anti-Semitism”

Video transcript:

00:00   [Arabic]
00:02   I’m filming you. I’m filming you.
00:07   [Arabic: Yahudi xyz]
00:12   Call the police, call the police!
00:15   I’ll call the police!
00:19   [unintelligible]
00:21   We will see. — F*** off! — You will see!
00:25   Jew or not! You have to accept that!
00:29   You have to accept that! — You are sons of bitches!
00:44   Sally? Call the police.

5 thoughts on “Some Hatreds Are More Equal Than Others

  1. I’ll post my reply over at Vlad Tepes Blog:

    Can Muslim’ Antisemitism be seen as more justified than Christian antisemitism? Yes, argues David Ranan.”

    This appears to be a barely concealed attempt at rationalizing Antisemitism in general. As in, neither group is entitled to publicly promote genocidal doctrine. Ergo, there is a basis for assessing (and dismissing) the rectitude or merit of Ranan’s pro-Islamic spewing.

    Without being able to read his book, I’m still willing to bet that Ranan uses the Arab–Israeli conflict as his rationale—strictly because of how many “Palestinians” have been on the losing end of their unilateral engagements with the IDF. If anyone knows otherwise, please correct me. Otherwise, this looks like nothing more than an attempt to glorify genocidal “Palestinian” Antisemitism.

    What Ranan seems to ignore is that, throughout the 12th and 13th centuries, Christians killed a lot more Muslims than the Jews ever have in all history. I also seem to recall a little kerfuffle with Christians at the gates of Vienna. Why else do so many Muslims refer to Westerners as “crusaders”.

    If someone is able to translate this pro-Islamic twaddle and let me know what Ranan’s core justification is, I’d be grateful.

  2. I read the the review of Ranan’s book at
    He is a Jewish political scientist.
    He apparently says that rapprochement between Jews and Muslism is damaged if any anti Israel statement is classed as antisemitic.
    He interviewed 70 Muslims who has grown up in Germany and are at least high school if not university graduates.
    He describes them as believing, among other things, that little Israel could not have swallowed up (einverleiben) Palestine if great powerfulness had not been at work.

    [Comment by Reconquista: NB: these interviewees are atypical of Islam in Germany for 2 reasons:
    1. I suspect they will likely be Turks not recent Syrians or Iraqis
    2. they are highly over-educated as Muslims in Germany go, and at 10,000 asylum seekers per month and secret inward night flights admitted by the Feds recently, they are getting more atypical by the day.]

    The book reviewer is generally negative towards the book.
    It has made enough waves to get noticed by the main mass market tabloid, BILD, as well.

    • Thank you for the insights, Reconquista.

      While your offerings do not totally confirm my suspicions, neither do they contradict the conjectures I’ve made. The Arab–Israeli crisis certainly does seem to play a part in his overall scheme.

  3. When the left dumps the Jews from its progressive place in the politically correct order of the races, I’m going to laugh. Everything is temporary in leftism, except its sole ruler: the narrative.

  4. I daresay some Jews will laugh too, with bitter irony.

    In the item above, Dr Raddatz refers to the German Enlightenment writer Lessing; he was a friend of the Jewish philosopher Moses Mendelssohn (grandfather of the composer Felix). They and others encouraged the secularisation of European Jews, which worked quite well for a century or so, with an explosion of achievement in finance, science and the arts, especially in Germany and France; then came the resentment and scapegoating, with the horrific results we all know.

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