In the European Parliament: A Motion to Fund NGOs That Will Undermine Hungary and Poland

The following video was recorded yesterday (April 17) in the European Parliament. It’s part of a debate on a “ [m]otion for a resolution on the need to establish a European Values Instrument to support civil society organisations which promote fundamental values within the European Union at local and national level”.

The speaker is Krisztina Morvai, an independent Hungarian MEP who supports Fidesz. She was originally elected on a Jobbik ticket, but ended her association when Jobbik joined up with the Progressives and Communists, and formed an alliance with George Soros.

This issue demands more context, but first let’s watch the video. Many thanks to CrossWare for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Two of the clauses in the EP motion are worth noting. First, the motion’s supporters want to interfere in member states’ internal affairs — especially, one would assume, those of the Visegrad Four — using CSOs:

Calls for the EU to set up a dedicated funding instrument — which could be called the European Values Instrument — for the promotion and protection of the values enshrined in Article 2 of the TEU, especially democracy, the rule of law and fundamental rights, within the EU budget under the next, post-2020 multiannual financial framework (MFF), with a funding level corresponding to at least that of the European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights, which serves similar purposes beyond the Union’s borders; recommends that this instrument’s structural priority should be to create a healthy and sustainable CSO sector at national and local level with the capacity to fulfil its role in safeguarding these values;…

And they intend to spread globalist propaganda using EU funding:

Considers that the instrument should specifically target projects and initiatives promoting European values at local and national level, such as civic participation projects and advocacy and other watchdog activities, and that transnational projects and initiatives should play only a subsidiary role; believes that particular emphasis should be placed on building the capacity of CSOs to engage with the general public so as to increase its understanding of pluralistic and participatory democracy, the rule of law and fundamental rights;…

The context for Ms. Morvai’s call-out to the “People’s Party”: She is referring to the membership of Fidesz and KDNP in the European People’s Party group, which is the traditional group for Christian Democrats and similar parties. However, the other “Islamophobes” (Geert Wilders, Marine Le Pen, the Lega, etc.) in the EP have moved over to the ENF (Europe of Nations and Freedom).

It’s not unreasonable to surmise that if the EPP doesn’t come out against this motion — and it includes members of the CDU, Angela Merkel’s party, so it might not — the Hungarians may well decide to leave the EPP and join the ENF. That would significantly augment the latter.

One final thought: Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and Fidesz-KDNP now have a super-majority in Parliament, and can pass laws targeting NGOs that receive funding from certain foreign entities or governments. However, I’m not sure if they can legally restrict or forbid NGOs funded by the EU — it may be a violation of the treaty that made Hungary a member of the EU. If so, it could explain why Soros and his allies chose to route their pushback through the European Parliament.

Momentous decision-points may lie directly ahead. For instance: If it comes down to a choice between allowing these EU-funded CSOs and leaving the EU, which one will Mr. Orbán choose?

Video transcript:

0:10   Thank you very much. I would like to
0:14   request that European taxpayers immediately
0:18   protest against this outrageous
0:22   proposal, which essence is the following:
0:26   they want to destabilize Poland
0:30   and Hungary to such an extent that they provide
0:34   funds from the European Union to non-governmental
0:38   organizations with that obvious goal,
0:42   to undermine the democratically-elected
0:46   governments, smash them; this is what we can see in Hungary, too.
0:50   The other target group, the “civilian” organizations
0:54   that support mass migration, will also be
0:58   getting money. We must protest! And I would like
1:02   to ask the representatives of the People’s Party, if they are able to hear what
1:06   I am saying, to look up and make eye-contact with me.
1:10   How will the People’s Party [European People’s Party group] vote on this issue?
1:14   The whole of Europe is watching your future.
1:18   This will determine it, and we are very curious
1:22   whether the People’s Party will vote for this ignominy?!
1:26   Whether they will protest against it? I am asking that you do so! Thank you!

8 thoughts on “In the European Parliament: A Motion to Fund NGOs That Will Undermine Hungary and Poland

  1. By definition, a multi-national organization will not be a representative organization. There is no chance whatsoever of representing widely-divergent peoples and nations. But, the EU receives its money from national bureaucracies, largely unaccountable, and is itself totally unaccountable to anyone.

    The move to fund globalist, pro-migration groups is a natural consequence of the existence of a multi-national, unaccountable body with unlimited funds and regulatory and legislative authority.

    I can see countries like Hungary and Poland going to the natural consequence of the situation, and declaring EU officials and the officials of the NGOs and CSOs (Civil Society Organizations) to be persona non gratis in their countries. Any downside would be far outweighed by the elimination of the dangers these organizations pose to the self-aware nations.

  2. In the European Parliament: A Motion to Fund NGOs That Will Undermine Hungary and Poland

    This is flagrant subversion and sedition. When carried out by a foreign entity, such activities usually are regarded as acts of war. What other way is there to interpret such actions? There are no plausible alternative explanations.

    Resolving this could get rather nasty. Should the EU continue to pursue this stated course of destabilizing neighboring sovereign nations, Hungary and Poland would certainly seem to be entitled to implement—let me put this delicately—countermeasures (covert or otherwise).

    The EU Parliament’s monumental hubris in even suggesting this absolutely reeks of, “We know what’s best for you!” and “This is for your own good!”. Both of the foregoing catchphrases are (for those who can fog a mirror) flashing neon signs that say, “Run away! Run away!”.

    If they keep up this reckless bullying, the EU’s top officers may wish to start looking over their shoulders and even consider investing in Dragon Skin (stock).

  3. Now that Fidesz/KDNP have a supermajority, what is to stop them from modifying the Constitution to prohibit forced resettlement of immigrants/migrants, etc.,? It was tried in 2016 but fell short when Jobbik refused to support it as it did not address the sale of residency permits.
    If the Constitution now were to be amended in ways which could conceivably be seen as limiting the influence of outside elements on internal affairs of sovereign Hungary, be it quotas or NGOs or what have you, what would happen?

    Then there is this: (taken from the proposal)

    whereas the shared European fundamental values enshrined in Article 2 of the TEU, namely respect for human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, the rule of law and respect for human rights, including the rights of persons belonging to minorities, and the principles of pluralism, non-discrimination, tolerance, justice, solidarity and equality between women and men, cannot be taken for granted and need to be continuously cultivated and protected, as their deterioration in any Member State can have detrimental effects for the EU as a whole;

    REALLY?? Have they looked at what is going on in the Western EU countries? Almost all of these noble ideals have gone down the toilet since the coming of migrants. Have they looked at what they themselves do? A case can be made that the EU itself does not uphold its own ‘shared values’.

    This entire idea is just to punish and manipulate any country which has the audacity to think for itself and speak out honestly.
    If this proposal passes I would not be surprised to see more National Consultations put before the populace by the government.

    • Dublin 4 is the real threat. They want to pass EU-wide regs that EU will fund the migrants in the sense of equalizing the bennies they get. So far, the relative poverty of eastern Europe protected it. Not after Dublin.

      Quitting EU is the real answer, but many countries are divided because so many people are making a living off (often very questionable) grants and other monies connected with EU or flowing directly from Brussels.

  4. Choices for Hungary? When it comes to the EU Mr Orban please choose HEXIT.
    It has a nice ring about it and you will be shot of your troubles.

  5. It’s an outrageous notion for the EU to fund opposition to a government of a EU member country. Meddling in the internal politics of member states will gain the EU bureaucrats few friends and could well end badly for them.

  6. #Hexit

    And once those exits have taken place, the Visegrad 4 should start their own union, the VU.

    • Great idea! Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Roumania and Bulgaria will join too. Next step is joining by Finland, Denmark, the UK and Ireland, and non-EU countries like f.e.x Norway, Iceland, Switzerland, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Ukraine, Belarus and Moldowa. Splitting of Bavaria and the former eastern Bundeslaender from Germany and Padania, Venice and South-Tirol from Italy, who wil join too. Associative cooperation with Russia and Israel. In the end only Brussles will survive as the last bastion of the EU, only to be uinhabited by EU-bureaucrats and “culture enrichers”. We will then build a huge wall around Brussels, and let these bureaucrats live their corrupted lives in the company of those “culture enrichers” they proclaimed were so great tolive with. Problem solved.

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