Halal in France is a Criminal Monopoly

The following video is an excerpt from another documentary by Zvi Yehezkeli, the Israeli journalist and filmmaker who is fluent in Arabic. In his latest undercover operation, Mr. Yehezkeli posed as a Palestinian in France. The segment below examines the French halal racket.

Many thanks to RL for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

34:21   This halal symbol, the sign of legal Muslim food, was very rare about 20 years ago.
34:26   Now it is proudly displayed in thousands of restaurants and supermarkets here.
34:32   It’s more than a technical marking. Rather, it’s a sign
34:35   of Islam’s domination, and Muslim society’s separation
34:38   from the general French society. Good evening, good evening, Salaamu Aleikum.
34:43   Is this halal? Halal! Praise Allah. I was in Paris ten years ago and didn’t see halal signs.
34:49   Today, “with no evil eye,” it is everywhere. Praise Allah!
34:53   We are in a country where there are lots of Muslims — did you understand?
34:57   Here it resembles a Muslim country. A Muslim country!
35:00   Do you want chicken? Soon I will return to get it. We are filming now….
35:04   Come back and I will give you — Allah willing.
35:08   Later, when we are back! You are welcome!
35:11   Salaam Aleikum (greeting) — how are you, brother?
35:14   Allah bless you!
35:17   The halal industry rolls up millions of euros a year.
35:21   It expands and increases by tenths of percentages each year.
35:24   There are many religious stamps on halal.
35:28   They have the HQC sign (halal supervision).
35:32   You have “Lemina Reiz” — which is well known,
35:35   Look, one two, three, four, five.
35:38   Five certificates? Why? It’s not easy to investigate this kind of money.
35:43   First, it’s cash, and then look how many certificates you need… Not just one.
35:49   This will be easier to investigate.
35:52   So, when a French guy buys meat, most of the time
35:55   he will buy it from a Muslim — not from French person,
35:58   which means — the money stays inside the Muslim community.
36:02   It’s not going into the pockets of the government.
36:06   Are you telling me that it’s a HUGE industry? Yes, it is a monopoly!
36:11   Yes, it’s a monopoly. Now the halal in France is more than meat.
36:17   Candies, candies,
36:20   yes, t-shirts, video games…
36:23   It’s crazy! The halal industries are owned almost entirely by organizations,
36:29   connected one way or another to the Muslim Brotherhood.
36:32   Whoever controls the halal monopoly, controls much more than that!
36:37   Dr. Dina Lisnyansky is a researcher on Islamic movements in Europe,
36:41   A world-renowned scholar on all issues connected with the Muslim Brotherhood movement.
36:46   In Belgium few years ago, they labeled an entire harbor halal;
36:50   a special harbor that is the only one of its kind in Europe.
36:54   It’s a halal Port — forbidding trade in supplies that are NOT halal.
36:58   The moment you own the monopoly and are in charge of a certain area, of course the money flows
37:02   directly into your hands. There are also more opportunities
37:05   for financial embezzlement, and for transferring
37:08   the money for other purposes… among them, some terror funds advance through the halal operation.

3 thoughts on “Halal in France is a Criminal Monopoly

  1. 34:57 Here it resembles a Muslim country. A Muslim country!

    The broader impact of jihad is not fully comprehended by 99% of people in the western world.If you own the economy, think production , supply chain , you control the flow of money and hence the influence of local government.Take control “bottom up ” destroy the enemy from in, this does not mean terrorists attacks , this means taking control of your economy by means of controling the supply chain.

    All over the world this is happening, the middle economy is being invaded by economic Jihad.Terror attacks is a terrible scurge but serves merely as a distraction to deflect the notion between “the radicals” and not all Muslims are terrorists.While the
    funded economic jihad (by Quatar , UAE , Muslim brotherhood, Iran, Saudi’s with oil money) take over of the economy is well under way by peaceful means “Islam is a religion of peace”.

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