Hungarian FM in the European Parliament: “We Follow the Will of the Hungarian People”

The video below shows Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártő speaking yesterday to the European Parliament’s LIBE Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs about the recent general election in Hungary.

Many thanks to CrossWare for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:18   Mr. Chairman, and members of the European Parliament: first of all
00:22   I would like to express my appreciation for the opportunity provided by my invitation
00:26   to today’s debate. That was a
00:30   very appropriate and intelligent decision,
00:34   to allow me to present the only
00:38   institution, which has the exclusive right to speak for
00:42   the Hungarian people. So please,
00:46   allow me to use my mother tongue
00:50   for the rest of my speech…
00:54   Respected ladies and gentlemen,
00:58   Allow me first to give you a brief summary.
01:02   Two and a half week ago Hungary had a general election.
01:06   In the election process we had numerous
01:10   attempts at foreign influence. Many external
01:14   actors tried to weaken the government’s position,
01:18   and from the inside of the respectable walls of this building,
01:22   many also tried to influence the results
01:26   of the general election. Moreover, from
01:30   this city, using leaked information,
01:34   they continuously attempted to help the Hungarian opposition.
01:38   So I think it is correct to do some reckoning with the results.
01:42   In the election we had almost record participation.
01:46   It was very close to a record, it was almost 70%.
01:50   Of all the votes for all parties, 49.6%
01:54   went to the governing party [Fidesz-KDNP].
01:58   49.6 percent! The governing Fidesz
02:02   received 2,820,000 votes,
02:06   that is 1,730,000 MORE than
02:10   received by the party in second place! And it is 330,000 MORE than
02:14   ALL the parties who got into the Parliament received ALTOGETHER!
02:18   So the Hungarian people — that you wish to protect,
02:22   I am not sure from whom — expressed their opinion
02:26   about the last eight years in Hungary.
02:30   They drew a little bit different conclusion than you did.
02:34   And the Hungarian people set the course for the coming years.
02:38   That is why I warn everyone here in the European Parliament
02:42   to respect the democratic decision of the Hungarian people!
02:46   And I call you upon you not to question and not to second-guess
02:50   the clear will of the people. Of course
02:54   I know that you disagree with the decision
02:58   made by the Hungarian people two weeks ago. And we understand
03:02   exactly that you feel hurt and frustrated by
03:06   this decision. But there is an important difference!
03:10   The Hungarian people are in the Hungarian electoral register and you are NOT!
03:14   We may conclude from that fact that the Hungarian people can make decisions about
03:18   the future of Hungary, and you CANNOT! However,
03:22   two weeks ago, the Hungarian people had before them
03:26   a clear opportunity to make a decision. Because the safety of the Hungarian people
03:30   was placed as the first priority, there was a government position against mass migration,
03:34   and they could choose those parties, or they could pick the migration-supporting
03:38   opposition parties, who were supported by NGOs and other
03:42   foreign organizations. And the Hungarian people made
03:46   a clear decision. And from this clear decision comes a clear
03:50   plan of action, too. Hungary will NOT BECOME
03:54   a migration-supporting country! Respected representative ladies
03:58   and gentleman: consequently, I am prepared
04:02   that a ruthless debate about mass migration will remain on the agenda
04:06   between the Hungarian people and your committee. We will continue
04:10   to stand face to face with you! Based on the decision of the Hungarian people
04:14   — respected ladies and gentlemen — the Hungarian government will stand by
04:18   the principle that ONLY the Hungarian people can make decisions about who can enter Hungary.
04:22   And the Hungarian people exclusively can make decisions
04:26   on who can live with us in our own homeland. And we insist
04:30   that we will defend our borders, and with that we will defend our homeland
04:34   and the safety of our own citizens. We will NEVER accept
04:38   the mandatory settlement quotas, and
04:42   we also do not accept that a multicultural society — for some unknown reason —
04:46   would be more valuable than a homogeneous, unified society.
04:50   And respected representative ladies and gentlemen, please
04:54   be prepared: that WE WILL KEEP Hungary Hungarian!
04:58   If you will allow me, Mr. President and representative members,
05:02   I would like to say a couple of words about the report that lies in front of you.
05:06   This report is the collection of qualified LIES! The author
05:10   has very clearly taken into account everything, when piecing together this report,
05:14   EXCEPT the FACTS and REALITY! This document would be good for
05:18   a conceptual procedure. You claim in this report that
05:22   in Hungary there is no freedom of the press. That is a blatant lie!
05:26   In Hungary the media is much more colorful than in many other
05:30   Western European countries. In Hungary it would be impossible
05:34   to keep secret for weeks that people who illegally reside in the country
05:38   are committing violent crimes against the
05:42   citizens of that specific country. In Hungary,
05:46   among the major television channels
05:50   that carry political content, exactly the same number
05:54   are critical of the Hungarian government as those that support it.
05:58   Moreover, the most-watched television channel
06:02   [German owned RTL Club] is one of the fiercest critics of the
06:06   Hungarian government. On the internet, there are portals
06:10   which are obviously very critical of the work
06:14   of the government. The most read internet portal is also among
06:18   the media which formulate some of the harshest criticism against the work of the government.
06:22   In the election campaign — partly based on documents
06:26   leaked from this city — they drew up daily slanders,
06:30   vicious lies and accusations against leading
06:34   government officials. On the day of the election,
06:38   the majority of the Hungarian media celebrated as a holiday of democracy
06:42   the continuously increasing attendance;
06:46   they celebrated the democracy, and announced the defeat of the government’s side.
06:50   Respected ladies and gentlemen, the report in front of you states
06:54   that civilian organizations are being suppressed in Hungary.
06:58   THAT IS A LIE! In Hungary there are 65,000 civilian organizations.
07:02   Sixty-five thousand! And a couple of them are indeed complaining.
07:06   Those are the ones who have openly become political actors in Hungary,
07:10   who openly participated in the campaign, and who openly
07:14   encouraged voting against the Hungarian government. And certainly, respected representative ladies
07:18   and gentleman, these few NGOs receive
07:22   very significant financial funding from abroad. And I believe
07:26   that the Hungarian people indeed have the right to know whose interests
07:30   these NGOs — which are financed from abroad — represent?! If they want to influence
07:34   the decisions of the Hungarian electorate. You are in the European
07:38   Parliament and the NGOs — with which you in a tight alliance —
07:42   always demand full transparency!
07:46   So why so secretive now? Why they are so ashamed to reveal where their resources come from?
07:50   Why so afraid to admit where the financial funding came from?
07:54   If they are ashamed, that is not the fault of the law!
07:58   Respected ladies and gentlemen, now I would like to turn to the gravest issue.
08:02   In the report you dare to state that in Hungary, anti-Semitism is a serious problem.
08:06   This is the gravest accusation.
08:10   Hereby, I reject this accusation and resent it!
08:14   And the reality is that not a single European country did as much
08:18   against anti-Semitism than Hungary. Because it is not Hungary and not Budapest
08:22   where young Jews are attacked in the streets,
08:26   not in Hungary and not in Budapest where old Jewish people are attacked in their own homes,
08:30   And contrary to that, in Hungary, where Europe’s largest
08:34   Jewish community lives, the Israeli Prime Minister said that
08:38   “it is living its own renaissance”. And from Hungarian budget resources,
08:42   not only in Hungary, but outside of our borders, we renovate all the synagogues.
08:46   In 2019, we will host the Maccabiah Games [Jewish Olympics].
08:50   In our penal code we have serious
08:54   punishment for denial of the Holocaust!
08:58   Respected ladies and gentlemen, respected representatives
09:02   of the European Parliament, these were only a couple of examples picked out
09:06   from what was written down in this report, what accusations
09:10   were drawn up there, and to compare with that, what is the truth!
09:14   Of course, we understand completely the motivation,
09:18   and we can see that you seriously represent
09:22   radical migrant-supporting policies, and when you
09:26   criticize Hungary, you do it because we are in your way.
09:30   And because of us you can’t move forward with your
09:34   radical migrant-supporting plans, and can’t accomplish them.
09:38   And, respected ladies and gentlemen and representatives, I have bad news
09:42   for you. Of course this is bad news for you.
09:46   We follow the will of the Hungarian people.
09:50   We will not allow you to execute your migration plans:
09:54   The Soros plan. And with this we not only defend Hungary
09:58   and the Hungarian people, but also Europe, European culture and European history, too.
10:02   Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to come here
10:06   and talk about Hungary.

7 thoughts on “Hungarian FM in the European Parliament: “We Follow the Will of the Hungarian People”

  1. What a welcome light Hungary shines in an otherwise dark world. None have spoken so clearly and forthrightly about saving their nation.

    I do hope they carefully consider all requests to settle within its boundaries.

  2. I wish I were Hungarian.Hungary is brave bold honest ,forthright and the only hope Europe has for the preservation of human rights ,European culture , liberal democracy and European civilization.

    Any decent human being can only admire Hungary her leaders and her people and wish they had the courage to emulate her.

    • Do not worry, we are continuously beaten for it…
      We have a saying: “Tell the truth, they will break your head!”
      Its true, but you are right, I rather be beaten and hunted, than well fed but a slave.

  3. The EU is between a rock and a hard place.

    The problem for the EU is that by countering Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártő’s argument it can’t help but draw attention to its own, which is looking increasingly threadbare.

  4. Bravo for the Foreign Minister!
    Since the time of Hunyadi János in the late 1400’s, except for a few decades Hungary was ruled by foreign powers. The Ottomans, then the Hapsburgs, the Germans, the Communists all ruled favoring their own interests over those of the Magyars, who were essentially second class citizens in their own country.

    I see little difference between those 400 years of oppression and the way the EU is trying to lay this migrant yoke on Hungary’s neck.

    Someone should remind the EU elites that Hungary has already had experience with ‘forced resettlement of Middle Easterners’ and it took 150 years and untold Hungarian lives lost to drive them out.

    Why the hell would we want to let them in now?

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