A Movement to Resist the Great Replacement

“Europe is the first continent that is paying for its own colonization.”

                  — Renaud Camus

Many thanks to Ava Lon for translating this essay from Polémia:

Renaud Camus has a right to free expression!

Read this text carefully. Renaud Camus announces the founding of the National Council of European Resistance. This is an opinion. In a free country freedom of expression is protected. Not in France, the new West Korea. At the request of subsidized “anti-racist” and pro-immigrant organizations (LICRA, [=International League Against Racism], DILCRAH [= Inter-ministerial Delegation to Fight Racism, Anti-Semitism and Anti-LGBT Hatred], SOS-Racisme), the public prosecutor’s office initiated proceedings against the thinker of the Great Replacement.

Should this text be forbidden? Everyone can judge the state of freedoms in France by reading it; and understand the need to repeal the liberticidal laws beginning with the Pleven law [1972 law against racial and religious defamation and provocation to hatred].

— Polémia

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by Renaud Camus
April 13, 2018

Immigration has become invasion, invasion — a migratory flood. France and Europe are now being a hundred times more colonized, and more seriously, than they have ever colonized. An irreversible colonization is a demographic colonization, by population transfer.

Some say there is no colonization because there is no military conquest. They are wrong. The conquering army is constituted by delinquents large and small, all those who make life impossible for the French by harming them in every way imaginable, from the famous incivilities to terrorism (which is only the continuation of the former). All the perpetrators of attacks have made their debut in common-law delinquency. There are no terrorists. There is an occupier who, from time to time, executes a few hostages — us — as all the occupiers have always done. I name as “occupiers” all those who declare themselves as such, or show themselves as such by their behavior.

The switching of people, ethnic substitution, the Great Replacement, — this is the most important event in the history of our country, from the very beginning, since with another people, the history, if it continues, will not be that of France. France has always wonderfully assimilated individuals who desired to be assimilated, but it can not assimilate entire peoples, let alone hostile, vindictive, even hateful and conquering peoples. It requires an incredible vanity, and a total ignorance of what a people is, to imagine that with a changed population France would still be France. All the words are liars, but the most lying of all is the word “French”, alas. There are no French jihadists, for example. If they are jihadists, they are not French.

To believe that there are only Frenchmen in France is a total illusion. There are invaders and those invaded, colonizers and colonized, occupiers and occupied.

You don’t put an end to a colonization without the departure of the settler: Algeria in her time showed us enough, alas — a good opportunity for us to emphasize, moreover, the difference civilization makes.

An occupation is not terminated without the departure of the occupier. There is no other way out than remigration. The same people who declare it impracticable want to bring forty million migrants to Europe, if not a full two hundred million. They proclaim that man has entered an era of general migration. He should migrate and re-migrate, then. What is possible in one direction must also be in the other, with more means and gentleness.

The time for politics, for elections, for parties is over. 2022 is too far away; the change of peoples will be too advanced then, the substitutes will be the arbiters of the situation, if not entirely its masters. And there is in any case no chance of ever winning a game in which your opponent has all the cards and where he has set all the rules. The government, its banks, its judges and its media want ethnic substitution. They don’t protect us from it; they organize it and promote it. They have drugged the people to accept it, through the teaching of forgetfulness, through de-culturation, censorship, repression and permanent injections of self-hatred. They don’t import workers, especially since there are no jobs and there will be even fewer later on. They’re importing future consumers; they don’t even bother to pretend that these are refugees, because the vast majority of these migrants come from countries where there is no war: orphans, sick, adventurous or conquerors young people, teenagers who have quarreled with their parents or who have been in trouble with the police, merchants who have failed in business.

You say that these future consumers do not have money. Think again: tomorrow they will have yours, because these so-called social transfers are, in truth, nothing other than ethnic transfers. Europe is the first continent that is paying for its own colonization.

A specter haunts Europe and the world. It’s “replace-ism”, the tendency to replace everything by its normalized, standardized, interchangeable double: the original by its copy, the authentic by its imitation, the true by the false, the mothers by the surrogates, the culture by leisure and entertainment, knowledge by diplomas, the countryside and the city by the universal suburbs, the autochthon by the allochthon, Europe by Africa, the man by the woman, the man and the woman by robots, peoples by other peoples, humanity by a haggard post-humanity: undifferentiated, standardized, interchangeable at will.

Of all the genetic manipulations the Great Replacement, a sort of GPA [surrogate motherhood] applied to the entire planet, is the worst. The genocide by substitution, according to the expression of Aimé Césaire, is the crime against humanity of the 21st century. It is also very strange that the ecologists stop their praiseworthy concern for biodiversity where it comes to man.

“Replace-ism” considers itself already strong enough to take direct control of human capital without intermediary. In France, Emmanuel Macron, who is in the world, with Justin Trudeau, its most accomplished representative, has already neutralized the microcosm, sent back to their homes the main actors of French political life for thirty years, populated the Assembly with puppets he pays, constructed a makeshift government, broke all the major parties. He doesn’t govern; he manages, as he would manage a bank or a limited public company.

He comes out of politics through economics, finance and business management. We want to get out of it through history. The question of the independence or enslavement of a great nation, of the survival or disappearance of a great civilization, is not politics, it’s history. Charles de Gaulle — whom we are celebrating today near his grave, on the anniversary of his death — Charles de Gaulle in London wasn’t politics. Jean Moulin in Lyon wasn’t politics. Neither was Joan of Arc in Chinon, nor Gandhi in Calcutta, nor any of those, who rose for the independence of their country and for the dignity of their people.

What we need today is not a new party, not even a union of the [political] right: the rejection of a substitute totalitarianism is no less the domain of the left than of the right. What we need is the gathering of all those who oppose their great NO against Islamization and African conquest. What is needed is a National Council of Resistance, of the European resistance, because all the European nations are invited to stand side-by-side with us to lead the fight for the salvation of our common civilization, Celtic, Slavic, Germanic, Greco-Latin, Judeo-Christian and free-thinking.

My friend Karim Ouchikh, president of the SIEL, [Souveraineté, Identité, et Liberté party allied to FN, with objective of defending the French, France and her civilization] and I, Renaud Camus, have decided to form precisely this, a CNR [Conseil National de la Résistance — referring to a council of several resistance groups that emerged after the German occupation of France in WW2] or CNRE [Conseil National de la Résistance Européenne]. We will publicly invite to join us all the personalities who seem to be animated by the same desire to save our country; and we will thus expand our committee by co-optation. But all French people and all Europeans who think like us are invited to get in touch with us and to support us. Ideally, the goal is to build a force of such magnitude that it would be pointless to use it.

That said, if by any misfortune it happened that the only alternative left to us was submission or war, then war, a hundred times. There would be nothing civil about it, despite the number of collaborators and traitors. It would rather be part of the great tradition of fighting for the right of peoples to self-determination, for the liberation of territory and for decolonization. We must finally come out of the colonial era, about which our colonizers tell us so many bad things, all the while colonizing us. We must stop once and for all, if possible on the other side of the Mediterranean, the crazy pendulum of colonization and counter-colonization.

Long live free France. Long live European civilization.

  Renaud Camus
    April 13, 2018

41 thoughts on “A Movement to Resist the Great Replacement

  1. the only question, is it too late for France and the rest of Western Europe?

    • A wonderful speech. But saying it openly, shouting it from the rooftops, may be unwise. This should circulate in France, in Europe as a treasured samizdat, from hand to hand, out of the eye of the censors. This is a guerrilla war, and charging full speed ahead and getting slaughtered is not the way to win it. My two cents.

      • So we are back to the samizdat era – repeat of the 70s and 80s? Oh no …

        But in many way it is a repeat. I recall a conversation with an old communist in the late 80s – he said “we are not going to give up easily” to my point that the time is ripe for a change.

        They eventually did – because they themselves did not believe in that communist nonsense, it was all about power and manipulation.

        No different than now. Or is it?

        • …”because they themselves did not believe in that communist nonsense, it was all about power and manipulation”..
          Precisely !!!
          So call “communist ideology” was for them as is today for “Democrats or Liberals” just metaphorical “fig leaf” to legitimize theirs criminal intent and practices over whole Nations….Exactly as is happening today just under different banners.Particularly one in Blue colors with Golden David stars …

  2. No, not too late by any means but certainly too late for a soft landing.

    • Indeed – no embryonic Police State like the EU/NWO is going to hand us the information and means to halt and reverse its progress. Those things we must acquire for ourselves, and soon, because once it becomes a fully-fledged Police State, which is not far off, it will become nigh on impregnable.

      Furthermore, if that Police State is an Islamic one then its survival timeline is indeterminate, and our lives will be short and brutal down all our generations.

      • Already in progress…
        Brussels, 17 April 2018
        ..”Making biometric data mandatory for those countries with ID cards: EU citizens’ ID cards (older than 12 years) and non-EU family members’ residence cards will now include biometric data, namely fingerprints and facial images, stored on a chip in the cards. This will be accompanied with stronger safeguards on who can access the biometrics “…


  3. We must fight our own leaders…………….

    But………..we can’t even say that now, can we? Racist, and all that…………….

    Pussified, craven, sitzpinklers…………all of us.

  4. Great manifesto, vive la France. But questions have to be asked – namely this one: why on earth you guys in France voted for Macron ? (when clear voice of Mrs. Le Pen was heard even over the Pond?)

    I have always had feelings for France: for me, she represented the quintessence of West. American Founders were in many ways intellectually rooted in Enlightenment.

    I just feel great sadness. As both European and American, and now Texan at that, I say the obvious: lock and load.

    • The elections are fixed. Independent polls show that the population is more opposed to globalism than election results would suggest – why is that? These people believe they have the right to rule, why wouldn’t they fix elections?

  5. Yes, it’s too late for the French. He has to befriend Karim Ouchikh to rescue his country because all the poncey French males are wandering around the parks looking for someone to scratch their derrière. They had to think 200 years ago when they were yearning to be a new Rome. To follow in the footsteps of that psychotic bastard Caesar.

    You know, Roman lowlifes like Caesar could not content themselves with simple lives, a chubby wife and sharp kids skating to gymnasium. That’s too good and boring. They had to conquer the world, kill, destroy, take slaves, seek golden hermaphrodite and especially fight over a gaunt stinking Egyptian queen with a magic nose, long enough to scratch Caesar’s poncey derrière. This is what the French fancied and that’s what they get.

    Good luck French! Everyone’s watching your fight-back. Your ancestors were brave people but you are merely a joke today. Pierre and Erik have their heads pressed in the closet, let’s see what Karim and Abdul will do for you.

    • Congratulations! A man who can still get his nose out of joint over Cleopatra and Caesar takes a long, long view.

    • Aux armes, citoyens,
      Formez vos bataillons,
      Marchons, marchons!
      Qu’un sang impur
      Abreuve nos sillons!

  6. He says: “They’re importing future consumers.”
    I agree they are not importing them to be workers; the whole idea is preposterous. But if they wanted them as consumers, they could have kept them where they were and funneled some money their way. In today’s capitalism, it does not matter where you are buying, as long as you are buying. No… I think this Frenchman hasn’t dug deep enough.

    • Yes, really. If they’re not workers, how on earth are they going to be consumers?

        • In other words, workers’ money, in the form of taxes, passes through the gut of the government bureaucracy (where it loses a lot to pay the bureaucrats), and out into the waiting hands of the “oppressed” welfare recipients.

          • Sometimes I think I don’t make myself clear. Of COURSE it is through taxes paid by workers, but there has to be a sufficient pool of workers for that to work, and a prolonged willingness on the part of the workers to be the breadwinners for their non-working neighbors. That system is ultimately unsustainable. We all know Margaret Thatcher’s quip re that scenario.

    • They are importing supporters of their project – they are gerrymandering in other words.

  7. Renaud.

    Who is the enemy ?

    We have already witnessed one country turning blatantly on its influential minority, it happens to now be one that is most multikulti around.

    What happens after the overthrow and nationalism, that potent but also poison endeavour, is fully unleashed. You cannot control it, you cannot pretend to be able to control it , it has to have its seat prepared for it, or else it will prove as frustrating, or more so even, when it no longer has a presentable foe.

    So who is the enemy ?

    It isn’t the immigrants, they are useful pawns only, invited by….?

    By your politicians, by law.

    You are not likely to change your politicians to those that are stricter, I don’t think that will happen without a public revolt, and a revolution is not likely – people still fear to lose what they have left, are sold into accepting degradation before destruction.

    So that leaves your laws.

    If you want a French identity, you have to start defining it apart from the migrant paradigm, and before or outside of any direct confrontation.

    Your laws are peculiar. Firstly you accept that the state owns you for purpose of nationality. Once a frenchman always a frenchman, the irrevocability of french nationality ( now except between 16 and 18 yrs only if you hold another) makes you a possession. These laws were designed to secure a fighting force in times of shifting loyalty, but now you are slaves to a new kind of state. There are even foreigners challenging not being able to undo their nationality ( e.g. Algerians) . This is very twisted.

    Add to this the laws which encourage naturalisation, and the near automatic granting of nationality by birth in France, and you can see where the mixture leads.

    As an example of pacific alternative, you might choose to set up a parallel unofficial French nationality.

    What would this mean ?

    An association of French that registers and documents itself based on a law that is considered more fitting, for example those considered French would have to have a continuous line of French nationality, on one side or the other, stretching back so many generations.

    This base would legally be able to interact and support its own. There would be no political ideology attached beyond moving an agenda, via members of any political party, of having that new version of French nationality enshrined in law.

    This would allow a transition. Due to those excluded should it become law, means would be granted to ensure that those who would otherwise become stateless could legally continue in France, but without a secured outlook . Naturalisation would become much more difficult, support would not be offered to encourage that – disuasion with a minimum of humanitarian relief. Obviously it would entail reordering the international status quo to some degree, for example border controls and right of return.

    Maybe France ( and co.) could stop messing up other countries – might help too. :-\ .

    Well it’s an idea at least.

    • Sounds like Chinese policy. China has no problem asserting its national self.

      oops, except China has no problem messing up other countries…

      • A lot of countries are much stricter than the west on nationality, some are good examples, some are not.

        Take middle eastern countries….how many westerners do you know who have taken a nationality of the region? Probably 0 .

        It isn’t that people don’t want a second or other nationality, it is that the rules are very strict.

        So somewhere like the U.A E. , a “success story” – the local population is completely outnumbered demographically, but the power, the vote, the organisation, remains in the hands of locals. They don’t give that away, instead they make the allowances that suit them, and they make sure it is known who has the last say.

        In France, it would be possible to move to a two tier system of nationals, and nationals pending for those that are recently naturalised who would be otherwise stateless. The pending group get full passport, basic minimal rights etc., but thet don’t get the national vote, and they don’t transmit pending nationality automatically to offspring except where good reason or no other option.

        The pending group would have to contribute and assimilate into French society for whatever number of generations is deemed to be suitable to claim French origin. Let would be nationals work towards the country, just as our ancestors slaved and fought to make them what they are (or is left of what they were) over centuries.

        Armchair legislating is easy, obviously, there are endless details to taking a direction like the above, the point being simply that it is (italics) a workable and humanely acceptable adjustment if chosen.

  8. I find it sad and amusing that Europe’s Elites think that people who do not farm, do not build, do not create, do not envision, or do not advance their own societies; are suddenly going to change because they start standing on magic dirt. Africa is a bloody, illiterate, and savage society because of the PEOPLE THERE. Those same people will not, and cannot change into some super industrious worker bees creating new ideas. They will simply change a prosperous and fertile Europe into the same muddy, desperate place that they left.

    • Yes. I have said on my Goodreads blog that “Opportunity doesn’t lie in the landscape but in the minds of those who inhabit it.”

      Émigrés to America seem to misunderstand this. This is a land of opportunity because of our civil society. Our laws enable prosperity if you work for it. Yet immigrants seem to think that it’s all an accident, that money grows on trees. This is why they do not understand the inherently destructive nature of bringing their culture with them.

      In a similar fashion, these idiotic European elites who have brought these people to their shores for God only knows what reason do not seem to realize that what makes La Belle France is not the “magic dirt” (although it might be so in Bordeaux) but French values that have taken centuries to develop.

      None of these migrants have any idea where they are. They’re not a mass of Peter Mayle wannabees, eager to soak up the glories of France (or England, or Germany, etc.). These barbarians don’t even know what those glories ARE.

    • It’s a puzzle isn’t it? Because even from their own point of view, I don’t really see how this population replacement can be seen as beneficial.

      Maybe there’s a clue in that Sherlock Holmes saying, “When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.”

      Maybe what we’re seeing is evil in action, Satan’s work?

    • O Dear…You are very mistaken. They have enormous assets. Nothing to lose. Put them into military uniforms, place an assault rifle in their hands, issue Marching Orders and they will prove their usefulness to the Masters.


  9. All I see is a lot of talk, and no action. It’s going to take a lot more than a couple VIVA LA FRANCE utterances to clear the Africans and muslims from your countries.

    • You got that right. Some fundamental French institution will have to be damaged before people shake themselves out of their torpor.

    • I agree. France blew its best chance by failing to elect Le Pen. Meetings in smokey cafes by intellectuals to form committees or add their names to letters of protest, will achieve very little. Political power is the only hope to slow or reverse Islamization.

  10. The moment that the Africans started pitching up their tents in Paris was the time for immediate action by the government. The main problem Europeans have is that they are treating these hordes with kindness and civility. Sweden is doing the very same thing and you can see what a disaster that has become. The only solution to this problem is to take a no-nonsense, aggressive approach to these people as that is the only method they are used to. Muslims represent anywhere from 5%-10% population of European countries and just look at the immense power they have and exert to the detriment of the indigenous people. (who are financing it)! When you are seeing burkha clad, Muslim women in small hamlets in England, you know that this is nothing less than a mission to spread themselves far and wide. Unlike their neighbors, they do not have to worry about expenses as this is all being met by the lovely taxpayers with whom they have absolutely nothing in common with and are more than happy to keep it that way.

  11. The organisation refered to is “Conseil National de la Résistance Européenne”

    its web site is https://www.cnre.eu/

    (only in French at the moment – hopefully it will have translations into other European Languages before long)

  12. Freedom and Liberty–as well as that well-known thingy “political power”–grow out from the BARREL of the GUN.
    (Pace Mao.)
    Were it not so.
    Too bad all those “they” peoples foolishly got rid of theirs. Coincidently —juuuuusst before the feces hit the fan (as it were).
    So–no ‘lock and load’ for THEM.

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