“We Will be the Armenians in 20 Years!”

Here’s another lively free-for-all from Italian talk radio. In this one, which aired on April 10, 2017, the two hosts talk to an irascible guest caller about Islam, Christianity, and the pope.

Many thanks to Elle Bowlly for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:02   OK. Donato from Varese. Go. Big return of Donato from Varese. Go ahead.
00:07   [Sigh] Hi Giuseppe. So. —David, are you ready or not? David!? —I noticed
00:13   that in these last 48 hours there hasn’t been any major outrage. I want to see until what point…
00:19   About what? —About our brothers in Egypt. They were blown up. —What happened in Egypt?
00:26   There was an attack. —Look… believe me… the fact that some Christians are praying
00:31   in a church and then..—Ah, yes. —the sons of Allah come to blow them up… —Yes.
00:35   Is there still a freaking wretched communist swine out there… —What’s he talking about?
00:40   who claims… They’re still claiming this isn’t a religious war.
00:44   What the f*** else needs to happen… —What’s he even saying? —for them to realize that
00:48   this is a religious war? Firstly, moderate Islam (that is, an Islam that wouldn’t hunt me down
00:52   to kill me where I am) doesn’t exist! Even Erdogan said it! He said “Moderate Islam doesn’t
01:01   exist! There’s only ISLAM.”… I’d like to… look… don’t you believe me? I’d rather talk about pussy,
01:09   but I don’t think… —What do you mean? —You’re not an expert on that either.
01:13   I’d like to talk about many wonderful things. —You’re not an expert on that either!
01:16   I’d rather talk about wonderful things. —You’re only acquainted with mental illness.
01:19   I’d also like to send a message to Sgarbi. —To Sgarbi? —Listen, moron. I’d like to send a…
01:23   You only know about mental illness. The only department… —Vittorio Sgarbi, whom I met many
01:27   years ago, by the way. —in which you succeed. —Shut up, cretin! —Believe me, believe me
01:33   I met Sgarbi. —It’s not your day, believe me. —He’s a cantor of art. —Believe me.
01:38   He’s a cantor of art. Of Donatello, —And? —Michelangelo and all these great sculptors
01:43   Does Sgarbi know that in 20 years (when he probably won’t be here anymore) all these
01:49   artworks will be demolished? —By whom? —Does Sgarbi know? —What’s he saying?
01:54   Does he? Does he know that? —Demolished by whom? —Does he want to fight or not!?
01:58   Does he want to fight? —Do you want to take your… —They’ll all be demolished!
02:02   —evening pills or not? Your 8PM pills?
02:06   We must stop Islam! —Alas, you forgot to take your usual 8PM pill!
02:09   This s***ty a**hole… look. —One at 7AM. —You seem to be a Zionist.
02:13   One at 1PM. —But of the truly disgusting kind! —One at 8PM. You forgot to take the pill!
02:19   We have to stop Islam! —Who’s we? —Islam must not exist in Italy! —Come on, stop what?
02:24   Let’s stop your Alzheimer’s! —If not, all our artworks will go to s***! —Artworks? —TO S**T!
02:31   Artworks? —Churches get destroyed worldwide because they have images. —Where?
02:35   ISIS will get to Italy, thanks to the Parenzos [of the world]. —But… —Thanks to that Prodi swine.
02:40   Here… —That Prodi… —Prodi? —Why? —Again with Prodi? —He’s Italy’s #1 enemy
02:46   He was one of the greatest Prime Ministers of Italy. —#1 enemy! As for all these bandits
02:49   who get into our homes… —What about the pope? And the pope? —who has… what?
02:53   And the pope? —There, you’re charging him up. “What!? What!?”
02:56   The pope? The pope is a s***ty man! —STOP IT!!! Unbelievable. —Who is he anyway?
03:02   You’re an idiot! Unbelievable. —Who is the pope? I am Christ! —You’re mentally ill!
03:09   I am the representative of Christ after departure! —No. —You’re deranged. —How…
03:13   Someone needs to help you shut it… —I’m a better man than the pope! —when you talk that way.
03:17   Tell me what the f*** the pope does better than me! —Shut
03:21   your mouth, freeze your vocal chords!
03:24   The pope doesn’t represent Christ. —You’re disgusting! —Because Christ didn’t sit
03:27   with his a** on gold! OK!? —Disgusting! —His a** wasn’t sat on gold!
03:32   I am better than the pope… —Blasphemer! —because the pope should defend the Vatican!
03:39   Because in a just a bit, Islam will go down there and split his heart!
03:43   This is a mathematical certainty!!! —You’re disgusting. —This is what’ll happen shortly.
03:46   WAKE UP! —I didn’t get it. —Disgusting! —WAKE UP YOU F***ERS! WAKE UP!
03:53   You said shameful things… —I’m not mad at Islam. Islam should pack its little bags up…
03:58   Disgusting things. —and it should go back to where it came from! I want the Italy
04:03   of the ’60s back! I want the Italy of the ’60s! OK? —I didn’t get this one thing though…
04:10   Couldn’t someone take him to a specialized department right away? —I didn’t get why…
04:14   Worm! Shut up, you worm! —You said disgusting things. —You are disgusting! Filthy!
04:19   Disgusting! Human dumpster! Empty sack! Demented! Queer! What more do I need to call you?
04:26   I didn’t get this… —You are the exasperation of nothingness! —Donato? I didn’t get…
04:30   You are good for nothing! —Why… —My s*** ennobles you! You s***! —I didn’t get this:
04:36   why on earth are you the representative of Christ on earth? Why? —Because he’s deranged
04:40   Because I’m a better man than the pope. —No, come on. —Because I love Christ…
04:44   Don’t be silly. —while the pope rejects him! He doesn’t love Christ! —Stop the silliness!
04:48   Stop blaspheming! —You love Christ and the pope doesn’t? Come on!
04:51   Who the f*** nominated him… So, so, the pope is just a little old man… —You’re stupid.
04:57   who was called in to replace… —Not my religion!
05:01   He’s saying he’s the true representative of Christ. —He’s a little old man,
05:04   a Jesuit who was called in to replace… —He’s the representative of the deranged!
05:07   Ratzinger! Because Ratzinger didn’t shy away from telling Islam:
05:13   “Dear Islam…” —He’s even read the Regensburg speech. —“what about the million and a half
05:17   Armenians you deliberately murdered?” But WE will be the Armenians in 20 years!
05:26   Don’t you worry, fortunately… —Filth! Protect your kids, who are better than you!
05:30   Protect them! —the Lord will take you into his arms soon. Don’t worry.
05:34   Protect your kids! What the f*** are you doing for Italy? You s***!
05:39   You sit there doing what? —Mamma mia. —What do you think of mosques?
05:45   What a disgusting person. —About mosques in Italy? —Mosques shouldn’t exist.
05:50   They shouldn’t. —Europe is in the hands of Islam! Islam is in charge in Europe!
05:55   You’re nuts. —Islam has nothing to do with Christianity! —You’re worse off than I thought.
05:59   Christianity is the true God! Christianity is the true God!
06:02   It has f*** all to do with that other thing! They need to be dragged out of Europe!
06:07   Do you know… —This isn’t their land! They tried to take Austria a few centuries ago. —Yes.
06:12   They tried with the Lepanto wars. Now after 1,500 years… —Battles of Lepanto?
06:17   they’re succeeding! With their full wombs! Have you heard what Erdogan said?
06:22   Do you know… —Erdogan said: if you f*** with me there’s no place on earth…
06:27   Properly quoted. —where you’ll find shelter! Explicit message.
06:32   Do you know Mr. Siddiq Nur Alam. —A very good person. —The Bangladeshi who’s
06:37   often on TV, do you know him? —Put him on. —Mr. Siddiq Nur Alam
06:43   Put him on. —Why? —That voice though. —These people are our executioners.
06:47   Come on! —Mamma mia. —They’re our executioners!
06:50   As soon as the phone rings you need to tell him: you are our executioner; word for word.
06:55   Well then, put him on the line. I’m not afraid. In the name of truth.
06:58   “You are our executioner”. —I’m not afraid of any imam, because the imam knows…
07:01   He’s just an average Bangladeshi. —I know. He’s very calm. —he knows what lies in his heart,
07:05   that is: to send us… —Wait. —To see our death. —Stay there.
07:18   Donato, wait a minute. There’s Siddiq. —Yeah, yeah. —Mr. Siddiq Nur Alam.
07:28   What the f*** is he doing at this hour? —He’s probably working. It’s not like he’s available
07:31   Come on, he doesn’t do s***! He just goes on TV to talk often.
07:37   Siddiq Nur Alam… I like saying Siddiq… —Why are you mocking?
07:42   Donato, do you like Siddiq Nur Alam as a name? [Answering machine]
07:47   I respect it, but the name sucks in my opinion. —Why? —And what kind of name is Donato from Varese?
07:52   I’m sorry but these Arabic names disgust me. —YOU are disgusting. —They suck.
07:56   You suck: Donato? —I grew up with Pasquale, Carmela, Maria, Giacomo…
08:01   His name is Siddiq. —Get used to it! —not with kkhhohhohah
08:04   I don’t give a f***! These people must stay… —You have a [type of mushy cheese] brain.
08:09   Squacquerone e rucola. —in those lands that they stole with machetes!
08:13   Because Islam wasn’t at 1.7 billion! They killed… look at Egypt! —Get used to it.
08:18   The world will be full of Ching Chongs, Ahmeds. —Only a few centuries ago it belonged
08:22   to Coptics! They’re all being decimated, holy God! They’re killing all of them off!
08:26   Mamma mia, what a disgusting person! Filth!
08:29   Shame on you, dog! Goddamned dog! Shame on you!
08:32   Dog isn’t a bad insult. —Shame on you! Servant of Satan!
08:35   What? —Parenzo is a servant of Satan! Remember! —Of whom?
08:39   You’re a servant of Satan! —What’s Satan got to do with this? Come on!
08:43   It has, because Satan exists! If not we wouldn’t have a world full of wars!
08:48   Come on, forget Satan. Wait. —If I exist, how the f*** does Satan not exist?
08:53   He’s deranged. —Are you Christ? I don’t get it. —He’s deranged.
08:57   No, but if I exist as a terrestrial being, Satan must exist, too. Or not?
09:00   [Voicemail] —Why do you consider yourself the representative of Christ on earth?
09:05   Because he’s nuts. —Because I wouldn’t open my arms to Islam.
09:09   Disturbed. —Islam has its own god. —He’s a disturbed individual!
09:13   You would do better than the pope? —That scoundrel of the pope.
09:16   That scoundrel should deal with me! That scumbag! —With you?
09:19   He doesn’t know you! —That scoundrel… —You are the scoundrel. —should open his arms
09:22   to Christians! NOT TO ISLAM! That scumbag!
09:26   Those people have a different god! —I hope someone takes action against him as
09:30   he’s saying serious stuff. —Islam opens its arms to their god: Allah. I open my arms
09:33   to the God of the Bible instead… —He’s offended the pope and millions of believers.
09:36   as I was taught who the God of the Bible is. —He’s offended millions of believers.
09:39   Well, goodbye, Donato. —No! I didn’t! It’s you who are offending Italians
09:43   and want them dead! —Moron. —YOU want them dead! —Millions of believers.
09:47   It’s you who wants Italians dead! —I hope they take you away. —You want the whole of Africa
09:50   inside your house! Goddamned son of a b***h! —I hope they take you away.
09:53   You want the devil inside your house! If you found yourself in front of an old Italian lady
09:56   dying of hunger, you’d [perform unspeakable acts on her]! —No! What? —Yet you shout to defend gypsies!
10:00   Because you are Satan! A scumbag! —Mamma mia. —A con-man! A deceiver!
10:07   A loony! —Who’s he talking about? —You. —Mental invalid!
10:10   You’re worth nothing! And do you know what Satan is doing? He’s making sure you stay on this show,
10:15   because you must promote evil! You must promote hell!
10:21   Asmodeus! —Because the Donato from Vareses of the world can’t have
10:25   a voice the way you the criminal do! —Asmodeus!

17 thoughts on ““We Will be the Armenians in 20 Years!”

  1. Europe needs the EU – and the EU needs to unite the peoples of Europe under a common cause.

  2. Poor Italians have the Vatican. Perhaps they should ring the Vatican with refugee encampments.

  3. When I hear the italian guy (italian language is very close to romanian) I remember a joke:
    At a moment, there was a contest about swearing and dirty words, in order to evaluate the expressibility of few languages. And they invite an american, a russian and a romanian.
    First enter the american and he swear for about 3 hours.
    After enter the russian guy. He is able to swear without stop for about 6 hours.
    And then enter the romanian. And he starts. It was monday. Friday he takes a break to eat, sleep and drink. After that he go on stage and say: “OK guys…I will start now with letter B”.

    • But, if we eliminate the dirt from what he says, we get the essence. And there is truth.

    • Your joke brought to mind the U.S. Marines, who are infamous for their colorful language which can go on for a long time with scarcely a repetition. I learned words I’d never heard before. But good Golly, Miss Molly, they sure could make me laugh.

      That was back in the days of the universal draft in the U.S., and before the poisonous p.c. muffling of language.

      • After the fall of communism, 28 years ago, Romania and USA had many military exercises. Also, in almost all military operations in war areas, Romanian soldiers and American soldiers stick together. And this is how some new skills evolve.

      • I did participate in 2 military exercises with american troops. It was fun. At a moment, we were throwing stones in their uni-directional radio antenna in order to move it few degrees left or right, so they can’t communicate with the HQ. The idea was that with uni-directional antenna the chances to get your message intercepted is smaller, and you don’t need to use much power from batteries. We were using omni-directional antennas, custom ad-hoc encryption system and power generators, so we were not afraid of stones. We were talking about this with them during the dinner. From next day, they learned the lesson. Never saw uni-directional antenna mounted on their communication center again.

  4. sickening guy on the microphone–provoking and baiting the caller. Doesn’t in the least understand the frustration and truth of the caller. Cannot understand why these media people and elites and politicians are so enamored with their own death and causing the death of millions of others and the annihilation of Western civilization.

    • I think the guy on the microphone was intentionally talking over the speaker to reduce the impact.He never stopped to listen because the only intention was to create noise and erode the information .
      Listening to this I was almost jumping in the computer to slap that guy.
      It was disgusting
      They talk like it’s a comedy but it is maybe the biggest tragedy of 21 century.And it is only the beginning.

  5. Wish we had full scale anarchic talk radio in America. Most of it is [redacted] nonsensical crap. Maybe if we could curse and emote like a Cuban, slow burn like a Scotsman who’s been pick pocketed […], and lie and slander[…] maybe it would be worth listening too.

    Do I have to type SARC! Yes!

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