Hamburg: It Started With One Woman

The following report by Egri Nök was published earlier today at Vlad Tepes in a slightly different form. Visit Vlad’s place to see more photos, and a video.

Uta Ogilvie, protesting in Hamburg

Hamburg: It Started With One Woman

by Egri Nök

It all started three weeks ago Monday. That Monday evening Uta Ogilvie, an ordinary woman from the suburbs of Hamburg, went downtown, to the posh Hamburg shopping street Jungfernstieg. She held a pink sign, “Merkel must go”, and just walked the street in silence. She was all on her own.

Uta Ogilvie has no political affiliations; she is a practicing Buddhist, and no organization whatsoever was involved in this. It was just one woman’s personal protest.

After a while, some passers-by joined her.

The next Monday, two weeks ago, about sixty people joined her in silence.

From then on Uta started receiving threats. She asked police for protection of her house, which was denied.

In the early morning hours of this — the third — Monday, she and her family woke up to their house being vandalized.

[Photo, not shown: Threat, spray-painted on the house facade: “There’ll be trouble today”.]

Antifa called for an attack on the next, third, protest, and called for a counter-protest. Police were there with a massive presence of 1,200 officers to protect the approximately 150 protesters against 500 Antifa.

The conservative catholic German author Matthias Matussek joined the protest and took these photos:

Signs: “Merkel must go!” and “Without Merkel”. Photo: Matthias Matussek

[Sign (not shown): “Merkel Jihad — Germany 2018”.]

Matussek recalls on Tichys Einblick:

There is no getting through, and I am already too late. The city of Hamburg is in lockdown. Blue lights, police cars, large deployments with batons. Why? Because two weeks ago a lady from the suburbs started walking Hamburg’s Jungfernstieg with a sign. Her pink sign said “Merkel must go”. Last week, about sixty people joined her. Tonight this is the estimate when I arrive, it is about 200. Blue lights flashing around the Inner Alster. Familiar faces in this group of winter coats and anoraks that gathered here.

A photographer that I know from the gospel service in St. Pauli. A university professor, a psychotherapist and his wife, a lawyer with a silk scarf. They surround the petite woman with large brown eyes, who initiated this. Uta Ogilvie, she is with her old father.

She is nervous, and with good reason. Last night her house was attacked, slogans were spray-painted, a stone came through the window of the children’s bedroom. Tonight her husband is taking care of the kids, a security company has been hired, and she is protesting.

There are yelling chants from beyond the police cordon. Antifa has mobilized. Shortly before, I hear, the [leftist] activists stormed the Social Democrats’ building at the Berlin Gate and hung a banner with the slogan “Blood on your hands”. This isn’t fiction, this is reality, a police spokesman confirms to me.

Uta Ogilvie tells me that she and her father had to run the gauntlet, when the anti-fascist battle troops saw her and her old father with the poster. “Merkel must go” — clearly, a Nazi slogan. They fled.

While we are standing there, at the level of the Nivea flagship store, someone passes the headline of the Hamburger Morgenpost around. It says, in all seriousness, addicted to violence, inhaling and slurping violence: “Troubles today in Hamburg? 300 Leftists peacefully protest — right-wingers about to start soon.”

This is German reality: a woman is unhappy with the government and protests by holding up a sign. Then, the leftist goon squads show up, who are subsidized via several anti-right funds by different ministries, with their hoodies, and riot-loving stupidity in their empty stares. And the boulevard paper MoPo’s headline that has the audacity to speak of “peaceful leftists” and “right-wingers” and “Neo-Nazis”…

If I had not been there first-hand, I would not believe it. This whole thing is such a brazen twisting of the truth, such an unashamed lie, that the term Lügenpresse is not enough. This is almost an incitement to violence. […] Why is the boulevard paper lying so shamelessly? What drives their editors? What is in it for them, for the twisting of truth? To have their world view reaffirmed? A pat on the shoulder from the head of department? And what is his ideology?

(The full text, in German, at Tichys Einblick).

29 thoughts on “Hamburg: It Started With One Woman

  1. This is the new reality across Germany and UK etc. PM May is demanding curbs on those who criticise her regime. EU is actually a “Trotskyite” beast, Leon’s “Third Way” parroted by the creature Blair. This creature is still active trying to prevent “Brexit”-(How I hate this term). Merkel was simply a DDR “sleeper” who then gained the reins of power- as planned over a decade ago. She lie all the rst of the “Swamp Mob” is an “International Socialist”. Stalin was far from daft and treated his version of Socialism as a Russian only system. Trotsky was expelled because Stalin saw the madness and impracticability of Trotsky’s aims (read megalomania). It is important to understand the distinction from Stalinist Marxism. Blair like Cameron (Dauod Kamerov) was also a Trotkyite Third Way aculturalist. Stalin valued Russian history and culture. Go see the “Hermitage” in St Petersburg- rebuilt in its original splendour by Stalin and co.

  2. Germany is now in the hands of Trotskyite Merkel- a DDR “Sleeper”. Socialists never change. They still dream of the an international Soviet global state. Blair too was Trotsyite “Third Way” Socialist. Stalin expelled Leon Trotsky because he saw the unpredictable dangers of Trotkyist. Stalin was only interested in a Russian version. Stalin also admired Russian culture, unlike our own modern nihilists.

    • Totally agree! Would just like to comment on the quiet dignity and
      Courage this woman has shown though.

      It is just a pity that more people haven’t joined though, easy to say
      I know but they musn’t be so easily dissuaded from protest by
      The rabid frothings of the left wing hate mobs.

      Only the German people can save their country now, their
      Quisling government has, and will continue, to betray them!

  3. It appears Germany is regressing to the era before and during WW2. I must say I am not surprised as this is the result of the century old experiment with Marxist thinking.

    • Indeed. It does seem Germany has returned to what it knows. And many Germans seem to be against this return but do nothing to stop it. The national symbol must be the ostrich.

      • A two headed ostrich at that.
        Germany has never had true democracy, it became “democratic” twice, each time after a major war and each time at the point of foreign guns.
        It doesn’t get the concept that you can have different opinions without being the enemy.

    • Marxist thinking is the bane of Western culture. It infects everything including churches, education, ‘entertainment’, all the way down to the excessive and twisted ways we demand “tolerance” for the most depraved, twisted thinking, behavior, and language.

  4. Whilst this woman is brave and doing the right thing, at the same time the problem is way deeper than Merkel. Germans voted for her. The culpability lies with Germany. The culpability lies with left-wing ideology. You want to get rid of Merkel, but she is a symptom, the problem lies deeper, the cause is left-wing ideology, its innate destructiveness, that warps everything. You get rid of Merkel, but keep Liberalism effectively (or what passes for it), and nothing will change.

    • Before anything could happen, Germany must review its own past, must face with the 70 year long brainwashing, where they were named guilty, as a part of their group identity.

  5. What should we do, we who definitely don’t agree with leftist, pseudo-humanitarian, pro-Islamic, anti-western, politics? Must we remain silent, in order to be left in peace? That doesn’t look like an option; if we do that, not only will we be failing to do our duty, but also we will not be left alone by other, militant leftist people….
    Yes, we are living now, perhaps more than ever, under “Die spirale de Schweigens”. It is difficult sometimes to see a possible way to break it.
    In my opinion, we should, whenever and wherever possible, make our opinion known, respectfully of course. We should be tolerant, but let us remember that tolerance is not the same as approval…We should express clearly to people we can influence that we don’t share PC opinions (most of them are stupid!). We should read good articles (like most of found in GoV, JihadWatch, Pamela Geller, Vlad Tepes blog,…). And, last but not least, we should pray to God to help us every day to do the right things.
    Thank you,

  6. It’s a bit weird that the antifas and other left wing thugs don’t realise that they are themselves the nazi brown shirts of the EU.

      • a psychologist present along with Mr. Matussek stated that the antifas are retarded on the level of 4 year olds. I confirm this, having witnessed a failed squat of a neighbouring house. They were surrounded by police and white-hot screaming like a child whose toy has been taken away.
        No surprise though.

      • When you look at the historic nazis, and commies too, they happily switched “sides” depending who was in power. It was only those at the top who were got rid of.
        Thugs will behave like thugs regardless of the name of the organisation.

  7. I thought i was reading an excerpt from a news report of Russian goings on dated from the 50s. No one can now even say ” I disagree and dislike the current government” without death threats and the usual antifa bully-boys. How did we come to this? We slept walked our way, each increment was felt to be wrong, but tolerated. Tolerated. Tolerated. RIP Freiheit.

  8. Folks – the discussion on here almost sounds like it’s turning pro-Stalin :-).

    I agree on closet Trotskyites and fellow travellers, though. I’ve met people who think sort-of like Merkel. The distressing thing is that their core beliefs can remain unchanged even as they become nominal conservatives and so on. It really does seem like an incurable form of mental illness, sort-of like anti-semitism.

  9. The same leftist hypocrites work the same methods here in the United States,they have the same playbook,gangs are raping,mutilating,pillaging,and burning,literally,in the streets,labeling anyone who wants peace and security as rascist,fascist,homophobic,etc.,etc.,etc.. The brainwashed,uninformed masses,who get all their education off the lying,bought and paid for media,the wacko politicians like maxin waters who love to incite and place her radical,hate,and get rich from her corruption humanists who love to keep stirring the pot of discord and disunity,laughing all the way to the bank.

  10. M first reaction to this story: PEGIDA comes to the West. One woman with courage can be a dangerous threat to the new brown shirts. If they can’t intimidate her, they will try to destroy her reputation or her life. An example from “neutral” Wikipedia, which tells us that “Lutz Bachmann is a German criminal and the founder of the PEGIDA movement…”

    Some attempts to bring PEGIDA to the West have had limited success. Maybe a “native-born” movement has a greater chance of success, but the risks are great. Let all good people pray for her safety.

  11. The big problem in the west is that there are no longer so many citizens. They are tax payers. As citizen you also must defend the land, family, language and culture. As tax payer, you just need to pay your taxes. And that’s all.

    • Interesting comment, in the light of the Left’s efforts to destroy all semblance of loyalty to “land, family, language and culture”.

  12. When I first came in west Europe, I discovered things I did not understand. If you are invited at birthday party, you bring your own drinks. If you are invited at restaurant, you pay what you eat and drink. If you invite your girlfriend to restaurant, same thing, she must pay her share. In other words, everything is reduced to money. Even in the family husband is borrowing money from wife or the opposite.
    More and more the young generation from my native country is learning this kind of “friendship” and family rules. And I can’t believe it. There is no longer true friendship, there is no longer true love, there is no longer sacrifice spirit for those you care and love. There are money and only money. This is the new human in development. Until we don’t remember the true meaning of friendship, love and sacrifice, there is no chance.

    • As a Eastern European I would have never stayed in Western Europe
      They are as you describe a bunch of robots dominated by rules and cold like stones
      The vast ocean is far far a better barrier

    • BYOB?I have done this when I was at teen- age, half a century ago.
      As for catering nowadays, it is always perfect at parties.
      But sometimes, people should choose their hosts better.
      You are partly right,Stefan. Some ” friends” like by coincidence always meet people with holiday homes on the Mediterranean where they get invited to and so see you less and less.When young and without means, you were good enough as companion.This is called ” social climbing”, which can only be avoided by being yourself part of the upper crust.

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