“What is the Problem With Pork?”

The following brief clip from French TV quotes the reaction of the mayor of Beaucaire, Julien Sanchez (Front National) to a demand that public schools stop serving pork, out of deference to their Muslim students.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   I’m not afraid of anybody
00:04   and I don’t want to exclude anyone.
00:08   I am only saying: what is the problem with pork? Is there a particular allergy?
00:12   If there were a medical problem I could understand it, but there is no medical problem. It’s only
00:16   an intrusion of a religious fact in the school space. And for me the school is a sanctuary.
00:20   One shouldn’t make religious matters enter the school space;
00:24   and therefore no substitution meals.

20 thoughts on ““What is the Problem With Pork?”

  1. Depends what he means by “no substitution meals”. It’s common to provide an alternative for vegetarians, which should be acceptable to Muslims and observant Jews. The first and third groups (generally) don’t try to impose their beliefs on others.

    • The problem isn’t the pork, but ‘haram’. If you would serve veggies with a sauce containing pork, alcohol or something else with cooties on it that is also forbidden. Supposing this vegetarian compromise would be done, mohammedans would start complaining their special meals are in the same container or space as regular pork meals, so they are contaminated. Haram and cooties are the same concept.

  2. Edgar Cayce said not to eat pork, because it contained a type of bacteria that was not friendly to the gut and it was not killed off by cooking the pork.

  3. “What is the problem with pork ?”
    As a vegetarian, I am happy for the pigs !
    Here in the Netherlands the pigs have an atroci0us life !
    (In small cages) !

    • Not eating the meat doesn’t help anyone though. What does help however is buying quality produce from small farmers. That is what actively ensures a better life for farm animals, not boycotting but showing the farmers what quality you demand.

      And on that note: have you ever seen how most vegetables are produces? It’s not like those plants are kept in natural habitats either. Many of them never touch soil. But would you stop eating vegetables because of that?
      Obviously not. Instead you’d go and buy the, perhaps slightly more expensive, field kind.

  4. Yes, it’s sad that we meat eaters have to kill a lot of cute looking innocent animals to be satisfied. I could not watch a slaughter I admit it. But, why then did God plan it that way?
    One of my former Irish priests told me back in Ireland his order only ate fish day in and day out until the ban on meat was finally lifted. He told me this while we were in a restaurant, and explained why he chose the meat-because he had eaten fish only for 40 years.
    Of course, a fish is a cute and living thing too-and does not deserve to die.

    • I don’t like these double standards, because to eat means to kill, whether it’s an animal or a plant. Unless you wanna go the Haiti way and eat mud cookies.
      Plants were shown to have feelings during experiments and I’m pretty sure that carrot in that stew you had the other day didn’t choose to become part of it.
      See how nonsensical that sounds?
      Just make sure you buy from farmers that raise their animals (and plants) well and we done with it.

  5. Where I live, the observant Jews send their kids to parochial schools, pay huge tuition AND taxes. They don’t expect anybody to pay for them, although they would like fair share of state funding for non-educational expenses like security, which all schools get.
    In that way they control their kids’ diet and do not impose it on nobody.
    Let the Muslims do the same and PAY for their own.

    • I would say that’s because Jews generally want to be part of the society they live in, despite having their own subculture, while muslims think of themselves as superior to anyone and expect the unbelievers to make sure they’re pleased. Which obviously isn’t how it works. (And also where the UK, etc. made a mistake back in the 70’s or so.)

    • But Zackthefrench, that is not the point. Muslims want everyone in all aspects of their life to submit to Islam. They don’t want to pay for their own Muslim schools because that would not be a means to their end, so to speak. The point is to force Islam in the public square in non-Islamic countries until these countries finally submit and become Islamic. Islam teaches that once the whole world is Islamic then mankind will finally have peace.

      That peace cannot be accomplished by forming Muslim only schools. The idea is to make public schools give in little by little to Sharia until it is no longer a school for others but rather a Muslim school where all non-Muslims have to bow down and submit to Islam and Sharia.

      The West needs play the game by enforcing its own laws which are already in place. If Muslims don’t want to play they can move on elsewhere.

      • It is just like I don’t have a problem with them finding pork offensive. But I do find it a problem when I realized that they want us to submit to Islam via labeling all types of food, with the exception of pork and alcohol, as halal.

        By the way this submitting to Islam nonsense happened in a so-called multicultural societies dominated by a slight Muslim majority.

  6. They find eating pork offensive just as many of us find their endless imposition of their mega mosques in Europe offensive.

    Perhaps, we should all stop eating pork and they all stop building mosques in Europe or stop migrating to Europe altogether.

    • Islam is not – of its own accord – going to stop building mosques or migrating: both are part of Islam’s mission. Europe is Dar al Harb, the Realm of War. The war is slow motion and multi-faceted. The public in Europe are kept in the dark by their leaders and media, and are hardly aware there is a war. The leaders fail to recognise it publicly. The damage will continue.

      • But they must recognise it privately. These people are not stupid.

        This has always been the question for me. Do these people really believe what they tell the public – are they really totally brainwashed and cannot think their way out of a paper bag?

        Which would not be good, because that’s who we’re depending on to defend our countries and our cultures from yet another Islamic invasion.

        Or are they in some way in league with the Mohammedans? Or are they using the Mohammedans to serve another purpose?

        I mean, what is the name of the game here?

        • And if they are that stupid, how do they manage to get re-elected over and over again? At that level of imbecility they should never be able to be elected to anything, not even to the city council.

          No, one must conclude they know exactly what they are doing. It’s just hard to see how they think this will all turn out over the long run. Many of them don’t have children, but some of them do. What do they think life will be like for their grandchildren — especially their granddaughters — in forty years’ time?

          • I wonder about being an animal in a species that is vulnerable to mass psychosis all the time. How would we survive in a real crisis if we are periodically so looney? Asteroid?Yellowstone caldera eruption? WWI seems as if it may have originated in a time of Homo psychotica….a time of mass craziness in Europe and Russia. BTW, we now seem unequivocally nuts….duh.

      • To be fair, halal food, labeled or otherwise, which is being constantly being pushed onto us is also equally offensive.

        The problem is those halal brigades tend to be overly aggressive and obsessive in their quest to profit from us who are nonbelievers and thus dominate us infidels with more nonsense.

        They are also known to label vegetarian food as halal! Just hope all these madness would end soon.

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